Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sweet nectar

my hands cuffed behind my back, on my knees, You pull me between Your thighs, wrapping them around my neck over my shoulders and pulling me closer and closer, my mouth open, my nostrils flairing as i smell Your scent, mouth watering and drooling as i am pulled closer and closer, until You stop and hold me, Your pussy just out of reach of my tongue, glistening, little droplets forming on Your lips, holding me there, breathing in Your scent, aching for Your taste, Your lips swollen and so pink, open and ready, my head held in Your iron grip, as You remind me i am Yours, You control me, i must obey, and then You pull me hard against You and say only one word, SUCK, and my tongue plunges deep into You, eager to please, Your wetness soaking into my beard, as i take Your lips and suck on the outer ones, trying to gather all of the moisture, sucking it into my mouth, rolling it on my tongue, filled with Your scent, Your taste, feeling Your lips grow as i suck, my tongue curling up inside You, reaching deep, wanting more, needing more, taking the other outer lip and sucking it in, feeling it swell to match its pair, opening more, as i pleasure You, and move to those beautiful pink inner lips, my tongue gliding over them now, licking and tasting, swirling, and sucking, so sweet, so warm, so wet. Then moving up to Your clit, already hard and peeking out, ready for my lips to take it, to suck it, hard, to run my tongue around it, around and around, then pull it deeper into my mouth, my teeth scrapping gently against it, sucking, sucking, working on it as i do a nipple, trying to suck out the milk, hoping You will spurt for me, feeding me Your juices, my beard totally soaked and fluid sliding down my neck, my nose pressed against You, each suck causing me to inhale deeply, drawing Your essence into my lungs, filling me with each breath, causing my cock to throb, down below there, feelling it drip, feeling the little droplets sliding down the shaft, never stopping in my sucking, wanting You to cum, wanting You to tighten those thighs, to feel the muscles stiffen, to feel You body tense, shiver and shake, to hear Your moans grow louder, and louder, urging me to suck more and more, pressing into You, my beard rubbing on Your inner thighs, releasing Your clit and plunging my tongue deeper into You, then taking it back again and sucking so hard, before repeating the thrust into Your pussy, feeling the roughness under my tongue as i curl my tongue up deep in You, sucking Your clit, thrusting, throbbing, feeling Your pulse against my tongue, until finally You cannot resist any longer and You relax and release, spurting, spurting, sop much to drink, such sweet nectar, my tongue continuing to circle Your clit as spasm after spasm takes You, slowing and licking more gently, drawing little after shocks from You, until You open You legs and push me away.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wash My hair

You ask me to wash Your hair and then dry it. Normally we would be in the shower, but this afternoon, You want only Your hair washed. Naked, of course, knowing water may still splash, i wrap a towel around Your shoulders, rubbing up against You every chance i get. As You lean Your head back, exposing Your neck, eyes closed, i gather Your hair, drawing it back,letting it hang down, feeling it slip through my fingers, so soft and silky, the palms of my hands sliding over Your skin, now so vulnerable. As i adjust the temperature of the water, my hard nipple brushes Your lips, and You latch onto it, giving it a quick hard suck and little bite. Naughty one, You say, behave. I let the warm water spread through Your hair, massaging Your scalp to ensure all is ready for the shampoo, my thumbs moving the water off Your brow, away from Your ears, my hands cupping Your head, wiping the drops away from the edge of Your eyes, gazing down at Your slightly open mouth, tracing them with my fingers, to be sure they are not to dry.

As i rub the shampoo in, working it to a deep rich lather, my fingers continue their massage, and a soft moan escapes Your lips , as Your head leans further back, Your long neck streched tightly, the pulse so clearly visible and i cannot resist, kissing it, just where it pulses, under Your ear, and lightly nippling the tendon, as You lean to the side giving me permission to continue, sucking, leaving a faint mark as my teeth nibble. i draw back and work the shampoo, ensuring all of Your hair is thoroughly cleaned, and begin to rinse. The warm water strewaming through Your hair, bright and shiny now in the light, as i lift it, pulling it away from Your head, and You follow the slight tug, allowing me to see how much You trust me to only please You.

As i lean further over You to turn off the water, my cock, slides over Your nipple, sticking out, just beneath the towel, feeling it grow harder as i wet it with the little droplet gathered on my head. You push my head down and say, lick it off, be good. I pull it deep into my mouth (just to be sure it is properly cleaned of course) and suck off the sweet taste gathered there, as i roll it around my tongue, before letting it reluctantly escape.

I pull the towel up to wrap it around Your head, and look down at the beautiful view of Your breasts, capped with their perky nipples, as i soak up the excess moisture before I reach for the dryer and the brush, stroking and drying, stroking and drying, gliding through Your hair, each stroke, causing me to throb, up and down, long slow strokes, giving the dryer time to do its work, pulling Your hair out from Your head, down Your back, spreading it over Your shoulders, Your eyes still closed as You bask in the attention, soft little sounds of pleasure slipping from between Your lips, and Your fingers move down to play with Your pussy, stroking in and out as i stroke Your hair, the sound of Your wetness, the smell of You beginning to fill the air, as i stroke, slowly, carefully, Your hair completely dry now and i continue to stroke, and brush, watching Your fingers glide in and out, again and again, circling Your clit and then dipping inside, stroking. stroking and i direct the dryer onto Your nipples, heat off so that the cool air blows over them, watching them tighten and Your body stiffen as You plunge Your fingers deep and Your body stiffens, a louder gasp escaping You, before You relax back into the chair, and Your eyes open and You push me away, laughing. Good boy.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Cheeky morning

i woke up, not sure how we had got into this position, my cheek resting on Your ass cheeks, so warm and comfortable, such a nice pillow for my head, the smell of Your skin, entering my nostrils with each breath, not wanting to awaken You, but just breathing in and out, savouring touching You, lying there curled up against You, Your head resting on my thigh, Your soft hair caressing my cock and balls. i start to kiss Your cheeks ever so softly, just brushing my lips on Your skin and feel my cock twitch as i think how close i am to Your pussy, so close to being able to kiss deep between Your cheeks, to lick and suck, to pleasure You. My cock grows, trapped under Your neck, sliding over that soft skin i love to kiss so much. My beard slides over Your cheeks, as i rub my face on You, the sensuous feel of Your firm muscles almost making me purr. My tongue creeps out and i let the tip trace little circles, slowly getting bigger, trying not to awaken You, just tasting You, around and around, until i feel You move under me, pressing back into me so my nipples press against Your back, hardening with the contact, wanting to rub and stretch and press them deeper into You, to feel Your skin slide over them, each touch arousing, each slide reminding me of their sensitivity, from Your play last night, from the pinching i love so much, which always leaves them begging for more, begging for Your fingers, for Your nails, for Your mouth and teeth, for that sweet ache which causes my hips to pump, which causes the waves of pleasure to sweep through me. i pull back a little allowing my tongue more room to lick, to caress, bigger circles over Your right cheek, then dipping down to trace the crease, that small part of the other cheek i can reach, my cock beginning to drip as i ache and wait for You to fully awaken and decide what will happen this morning, how i will serve You, whether i will give pleasure, whether i will be Your toy, whether i will be punished for being too forward, or rewarded for awakening You in a gentle, warm, soft way.

Sunday, February 25, 2007


You feed me Your nipple, Your large, beautiful breasts capped so wonderfully with that firm, juicy, lovely tasting nipple, holding them out to me, my hands cuffed behind my back. Suck my pet. I take it in between my lips, holding it, as i start to slide my tongue over it, feeling that familiar texture, feeling it grow as i suck and lick, feeling it press into my mouth deeper as i suck, feeling myself grow hard as i obey. Kneeling in front of You as You sit on the bed, between You open legs, my eyes on Yours as i suckle, my head pulling back to stretch the nibble out, never letting it leave my mouth, Your thighs pressing into my hips, the smooth silky skin, rubbing against me, as i twitch and try to press them into You, to feel the pressure on my cock, to rub gently, hoping You will not notice, sucking harder, and then You press Your thumb into my mouth and pull me off that nipple and move my mouth over to the other, waiting ,needy. I glance down briefly as Your swollen nipple pops out of my mouth, glistening, fat, hard, and then once again gaze deep into Your eyes as i latch onto the other, greedy for it, craving its feel, craving the breast against my face as i suck and suck, lick and lick, Your moans of pleasure, making me glow. Again and again, i pull it and stretch it, wanting it to be as red, as swollen, as hard as it's pair, wondering if i will be allowed to suck anything else this morning. ooohhh. mmmm.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I lie there beside You, my cock hard as i stroke and throb and watch You playing with him, pulling his mouth to Your breasts, seeing Your nipple pulled away from Your body, stretched as his teeth cling to it. i hear Your moans and his panting, watching his cock grow as You stroke him, Your eyes on me, matching Your strokes to mine, forcing me to slow to match Yours, as You control both of us. Then guiding him down to Your pussy, his tongue sliding over You as pull his head in closer, looking over his head, beckoning me to come closer, to watch His tongue sink inside, Your smooth, silky thighs begging for my touch, but You have not given me permission to touch, only to watch. Your toes, so pretty with the red nail polish, there in front of me, as i continue to stroke, imagining my mouth on them, sucking each one deep into my mouth, as he sucks You. i look deep into Your eyes as You use him, seeing You react to his tongue on Your clit, smelling the sweet smell of sex in the air, Your fingers sliding down to guide him, fingers pinching and circling as he tries to force his tongue between them. Then You move to Your hands and knees and push him behind You, Your legs open for him as You continue to look into my eyes. I sense him entering You but cannot look away, trapped by Your eyes, as i slowly stroke for You, droplets squeezing themselves out and sliding down over my fingers. Your mouth opens and forms into a kiss, and a wave of pleasure pours through me, knowing i am pleasing You by watching. You tell me to lie down, so i can watch his cock moving in and out of You, to continue stroking, and to match his rhythm, to ensure You can watch my fingers moving on my cock, throbbing and pulsing as I stroke for You. In and out he moves, in a slow, deliberate motion, deep into You, Your lips surrounding his cock, dragging over it, leaving it wet, glistening, coated with Your juices, clinging as You try to hold him in, Your muscles tight, squeezing, teasing him. You push back against him, beginning to force him to speed up, as he reaches around You and takes Your nipples between his fingers, His thighs slapping against Your cheeks as he toys with Your nipples and plunges harder into You. Faster and faster, as i stroke, Your eyes on my hand, on my cock, watching, smiling, as You see my efforts to please You. So hard, so aroused, watching his cock, so hard. Listening to Your moans, then seeing Your muscles tighten, as You cum, and pull Yourself off him, leaving him hard and aroused, throbbing, leaving me hard and aroused, throbbing.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Stretched out, lazing away the day, recovering from a rough night, You wait for me to rub Your back, to take away the tensions, to knead those tight muscles, thumbs digging into the hardness, pressing and softening. Up near Your neck, thumbs working into Your back, as I sit on Your cheeks, my thighs gripping You to hold me in place, Your warm skin, slipping over mine, as i work Your back. Up onto Your shoulders, pressing, searching for that spot, sensing the need, circling and probing, hearing Your moans with the easing of the pain, relaxing into me, into my touch, shoulders dropping down , then under the shoulder blades, near the bone, and along the spine, down, down, to the small of Your back, my palms working, my thumbs pressing, as You move under me, Your hips pressing up into me, pushing Your ass higher, feeling my cock, hard, rubbing on Your skin. Your legs open slightly, as You push me off, roll over and then pull me between Your legs, Pulling my face down to Your nipple, and shoving it into my mouth to suck, holding me there, pressed to You, my cock trapped between Your thighs, as Your fingers work inside You, spreading Your lips, gathering Your moisture, rubbing it onto my cock as You stroke me, in rhythm, each throb, matching Your inward thrust, stroke and throb, thrust and suck, over and over, until as You peak, You bite into my shoulder and squeeze one drop from me. Taking it onto Your finger You feed it to me, Your fingers probing deep into my mouth, Your flavour mingling with mine as I suck them clean , still throbbing against You, waiting for Your command.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sleep strokes

You were just lying there in Your big bed, the sheets had slipped off of You. Your nipples were hard in Your sleep and i wasn't sure if You were having a sexy dream or if You were cold, so i slipped into bed beside You, knowing i risked a spanking and tried not to wake You. Snuggling up beside You felt so good, as i let my head rest on Your soft breasts so close to the nipples, my breath drifted across them, my mouth watering with the ache to suck. My hands slid down over Your smooth skin, long soft strokes, restful strokes, down from Your shoulders, across Your tummy, over and over, soothing, safe, protected, and You sighed and turned over onto Your side, letting me snuggle into Your back, press up against Your cheeks, allowing my hand to stoke down Your side, down to Your ass, and onto Your thigh. the steady motion, long and slow.over and over, listening to You breath, smelling Your sweet scent, touching You, smiling softly as i watch over You. feeling that glow of pleasure i get as i keep You warm. Each stroke of Your body causes my cock to throb against Your skin, but i try to think only of You. i so want to put my arms around You and trace those nipples i love so much, so big when erect, so chewable and suckable, a little pinch causing You to moan. Instead i snuggle into Your neck, Your hair tickling my cheeks, and softly kiss the nape of Your neck, butterfly kisses, as my nipples press into Your back. You give a soft moan and Your eyes open, and You whisper, "you naughtyboy. you are so going to be spanked. But first come here and kiss Me properly. and then suck on My nipple, HARD, I need it. What have you been doing to Me while I sleep?"

Friday, February 16, 2007


You tell me to bend over, crawl onto the bed on my hands and knees, and position myself close to the edge. I wiggle backward as You guide me, blindfolded, back, trusting You, aching for You to take me. You have been playing with me for hours, pinching my nipples, giving me orgasm after orgasm with Your control, my breath coming in gasps with each fresh wave running through me. You squirt the lube down between my cheeks and push in with first one finger , then two, opening me. i hear You walk away and wait, not daring to move until You return, and after what seems at least fifteen minutes, You return and reaqching under me, take my nipples in Your nails as You press in to my ass with Your strap-on. It slides in quickly and i gasp as You press deep inside, Your thighs up against my cheeks, and as You start to move, in and out, with each movement You squeeze and release my nipples, timing Your motion to the pinches. Caught between the two senstions, the pressure inside of me, the flashes of light from the pinching of my oh so sensitive nipples have me in a constant state of arousal. All i can do is moan and give in to the pleasure You are giving me, forcing onto me, wanting it, revelling in Your hands, revelling to the slap of Your thighs on my ass, letting go, awash in the joy of submitting, being Yours. i begin to gasp for air and my heart is beating so loudly i am sure You can hear it, pulsing, and collapse onto the bed, knees too weak to support me, as You follow, never letting up, and i feel Your juices dripping down onto my cheeks, hot droplets seeping from You, around the strap- on as You continue Your relentless assault, knowing You will drag another orgasm out of me, until finally my body stiffens once more, my panting stops as i spasm for You, and then You sense i am drained and pull out of me, leaving me there, lying, unable to move.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


It's bitterly cold, wind chill of -35 and snow drifting and swirling about. After shovelling out, i came back in chilled to the bone, to find You lazing in front of the fire, warm and cosy, glass of wine in hand, with nothing but a smile on. As i stripped off my clothes, i stroked Your nipple with my freezing hands, watching it perk up with the cold as a shiver moved through Your body. i lay down beside You, snuggling into Your breasts and feeling You wrap Yourself around me, giving me Your warmth, holding me, Your nipples hard against my back as i slowly warm, Your fingers playing with my nipples, pulling on them and feeling my hips press back into You. Your smooth thighs rubbing on my cheeks, Your breath on my neck, Your hair tickling my ears, safe from the wind, warmed by Your heat. Then You turn me over and Your mouth descents on my nipple, sharp, hard, sucking, Your teeth biting in, and my body arches up, my cock instantly erect for You, ready to be used. and Your fingers reach down for it, stroking and feeling it throb, each bite, and each stroke, little droplets appear, and You collect them and feed them to me, my mouth open, as i gasp with the pleasure You are bestowing on me. Slowly, then faster You stroke and i throb, aching with need, my hips pushing up into Your hand, striving for more contact, my fingers reaching for Your pussy, so wet, and i try to pull You to my mouth , but You hold back, laughing as You toy with me, until i spurt over my chest, and You feed me my cum, each finger licked clean, my hips twitching slightly as the spasms continue through my body. And You ask, "are you warmed up enough now? Lick Me then."

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

pleasure and pleasing

But then, You reached out and with the water streaming down over me, took my nibbles between Your fingers and squeezed. My body immediately flipped back to where we were before the shower, as each squeeze caused pulses of pleasure to flow through me. You knew and smiled as You squeezed and pinched and pulled, watching my face, hearing my moans as You took me higher and higher, my hips moving involuntarily, my breath coming faster and faster, eyes closed, over come with the sensations, wanting to say stop, but not wanting it to end, You controlling me, You forcing me to react, You digging Your nails in deeper, the pain adding to the pleasure, my hands hanging limp as i give into You, let You take me, Yours. Orgasming but not cumming. My legs growing weaker, as I sink down, Your nails continuing their work on my nipples so that just the touch of the water, triggers more pleasure. Pressing my face against Your tummy, down onto my knees, kissing You, thanking You, as i rub my face against Your thighs, and You stroke my hair, soft caresses. I hope I have pleased You.

Monday, February 12, 2007


You take me into the shower, the hot water cascading down on us, my nipples still so sensitive from our earlier play, and tell me to wash You, everywhere, to make sure You are clean and ready to be kissed and licked. My soapy hands slide over Your shoulders and around Your neck, then down Your back, spreading the sweet smelling soap across Your blades and down, ever down, to Your cheeks, so firm and smooth, my hands circling, cleansing, caressing, as You push back into them. Then parting then i slide my fingers down between, over Your cute hole, then circling it , before dipping inside and wiggle my soap covered finger inside You. Kneeling down, i wash the back of Your thighs, down Your silky legs, to Your feet, each toe washed separately, massaged, before You turn and i look up at You, Your nipples hard, Your legs spread, Your pretty pussy there for my attention. i work my hands up Your legs making sure all of You is clean, closer and closer to Your thighs, as Your legs open wider, begging me to clean Your pussy, to slide my soapy fingers in between Your lips, slipping in and out, as i wash You, sliding over Your clit, cheating and lingering until You pull me away, reminding me that Your breasts need attention, that i am only supposed to be cleaning You, not playing, as You smack my butt to emphasize Your words. My hands slip upward and i stroke the soap over Your tummy. You giggle as i do, and You know i am deliberately tickling, hoping You will respond, before i move to Your full breasts, circling them, my fingers sliding over them, tweaking the nipples and pulling them as I massage the soap in, before moving up further to Your neck, under Your chin, around the sides of Your neck, under your earlobes, tracing the tendons, then rinsing You and checking to see that all of the soap is properly washed away, leaving You clean and sparkling, glowing in the heat of the water, waiting to be dried off, as I look deep into Your eyes. Mmmmm.

Friday, February 09, 2007


A quiet evening in front of the fire, the wind howling outside the door and whistling through the window opened just a tiny crack, gives an eerie feeling to the night. A night to cuddle and snuggle and kiss and hug, to protect and shelter, to gently massage and stroke, to share a glass of wine, perhaps a cookie or two, candles burning casting a warm glow and a peacefulness over us. Touching skin to skin, content to hold for the moment, knowing later, before we sleep, our bodies will entwine, be taken and take, give and receive.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Shower play

i was standing in the shower, the warm water cascading down over me, teasing my nipples as I do and then You opened the door and stepped in behind me, reaching around to pinch my nipples, Your wet skin rubbing against my back as You pressed into me, the dildo pressing up between my cheeks, so hard and all I could do was push my hips back into You, pumping as You pulled and twisted, my eyes closing with the sweet sensations pulsing through my body, little twitches, as I respond to Your attention. Bending over, I offer my ass to You, my arms stretched out, bracing me against the wall of the shower, waiting for You to push inside, to press deeper and deeper, to take what is Yours, my cock throbbing but untouched, until You are fully inside and then run Your nails up and down it, before dragging Your nails over my ass, leaving red lines in the path They trace. Now as You pump in and out of me, i detect Your sweet smell as Your arousal builds, the control of me excites You so. Pumping and stroking and pinching and twisting, throbbing with Your rhythm, the water streaming over us, as You rub Your nipples on my back, arched over me, as You thrust, again and again, until You reach Your peak and then allow me mine.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Afternoon break

She strokes and I throb. Her hand moving slowly up and down, as we kiss, tongues toying, lingering, tasting, lips sliding. We breath into each other, pressed together, Her lips so soft, swelling with passion, as She takes my lip in Her teeth, biting down, teasing it, worrying it, the slight pain mingled with the pleasure. Her nipples swelling against my chest, soft breasts teasing my nipples, so eager for attention, so ready to be pinched and pulled and twisted, my cock hard against Her thigh, between Her fingers, as She strokes it against Her clit, the wetness clinging and warming, slippery from Her, hard for Her, throbbing and pulsing, eager to please, as She uses me to pleasure Herself, rubbing me against Her clit, circling, dipping in and then out, harder and faster, as our teeth clash together, Her moans coming faster, my moans joining, around and around, so wet, so hot, throb, stroke, throb, stroke, press, pulse, feeling Her spasm against my cock, feeling me spurt onto Her skin, sliding down to lick Her clean, Her juices hot on my tongue.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Sweet cheeks

look up and She is standing over me, Her smooth, silky cheeks beckoning as She spreads Her thighs and lowers Herself towards me, my mouth watering as i smell Her arousal, and see the glistening moisture on Her lips, but she moves forward and lowers Her cheeeks for my attention. I begin to lick and kiss across Her cheeks, my tongue sliding over Her, but She wants more than that this morning. Nibble my pet, bite and suck, and i begin to take Her flesh between my teeth, biting gently at first, and sucking the skin in, leaving marks as i move across those luschious cheeks, gradually increasing the pressure of the bites and sucking harder as i move closer to the crease between them, spreading them so i can bite down between on the inner curves, Her moans telling me i can continue sucking and biting, turning Her skin purple under my mouth. She sinks down further, spreading Her cheeks and lowering Herself onto my mouth, my nose pressing up into the crease, my tongue circling Her now, opening Her, pressing my tongue inside Her, deeper inside, teasing the muscle, tightening my tongue and jabbing it into Her, wetting Her as her pussy juice flows down over my neck, Her fingers working on her clit, as i pleasure Her ass, my tongue fully inside Her, my cock begging for attention, as She takes Her pleasure from me. my fingers digging deep into her flesh. She rubs Herself against my beard, my nose, over my face, wetting it, smearing Her juices, before pressing back again and offering Her ass again to my tongue. The smell of Her skin, the taste of Her, the feel of Her skin on my face causes my cock to throb and pulse, little droplets leaking out and down, sliding slowly, teasingly down to my balls. And then she tenses, my tongue trapped, held, and she sinks down harder onto my face as She relaxes, before lifting up and letting Her hand reach over to my cock, Her long fingernails sliding up and down the shaft, teasing and then wrapping Her hand around and squeezing, once, twice, three times,rewarding me for Her pleasure, feeling me swell harder and throb and throb for Her. Stroke and another stroke and i cum, spurting over her fingers, and She giggles, turning and pushing Her fingers with my cum mingling with Her pussy juice into my mouth to lick and clean, before leaning over to kiss and share our joined flavours.