Thursday, July 29, 2010

on edge

It's been hours since she had attention - not more than a day but already needy, wanting, the memory of his tongue licking, teasing, sliding in and out around, stoking has her on edge, wet, anticipating the next visit. Only a little while more before he walks through the door, but she has already removed her sopping panties and her fingers slide over her smooth skin, her scent wafting up into her nostrils. Will she sit on his face tonight, feel his nose pressing into her clit, his tongue reaching deep inside, or should she make him wait keep him on the edge and tease herself, make him watch as she played, his hard cock dripping, not allowed to touch. Her mouth remembering the feel of him smooth warm and sweet, pushing deep as her tongue swirled sucking him in, tasting herself mingled with his scent. Wetness sliding down her thigh, she decides on a shower, a quick one since he might be at the door any minute, and she wants to be fresh, naked and dripping for him when he walk in. Hard nipples feel the beating of the water, her fingers tugging and twisting causing slight moans as she tries to focus. Her cheeks clench as she runs her nails over her cute ass, knowing the attention it will receive tonight if she allows it, perhaps a few spanks, a flogging she wonders, or should she tie him to the bed, force him to give her everything having no control, on edge for hours, pushing him harder and harder, his tongue used, his face covered with her juices, her tongue sliding up between her cheeks, probing, testing, seeking, then slipping down to suck and nibble- her needy clit getting what it deserves, her body spasming in delight. The doorbell rings ... who will cave - who will last on edge the longest. Grin.


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