Monday, July 31, 2006

later on the hike

We are walking down the trail and I see an old log lying on the side of the trail and I know you have not noticed it. Too busy looking to see if we can find a deer or a moose or perhaps a bear. I turn you to me and kiss you, our tongues playing and I feel your hard nipples pressing into my chest. I back you up and then turn you so that you fall over the log, you legs spread as you  try to keep your balance. You zipper popping open on the jeans, making it easy to pull them down, trapping your feet, as you go what are you doing, don’t do this. I spank your ass, once and then again ,my hand prints red against your white skin which has been hiding from the sun. Again and again, as you cry out no, no don’t. I push down my shorts and kneel behind you. Reaching under I find you wet and ready, no matter your cries and push into you. Hot and wet, dripping, my cock searching in you, reaching to find that spot as your cries turn to moans. Yes  I think. Now I have you where I want you. Under me, begging. Needing. Wetter and wetter as I push in and pull back, your nipples hard pressing against the log, feeling it scrape and scratch them. Squirt for me. You must. I am in control now. You are mine and you know it. I cum deep inside you as you shout out across the woods, not knowing whether there is someone near on the trail, not caring.

I lift you up and hold you  up against me, hugging, kissing you, licking your tears off your face. And sit you down on the log, rest my baby, and know I am here. Let me hold you safe and warm.


A new week begins and my thoughts turn to curling? nah – not yet- Sex? – hmmmmm. Sounds good.   Hiking in the woods , loose clothes on, no underwear for either of us. Looking around to see if anyone is near. Lift your top and let me see your hard nipples. They look like they need attention. Let me kiss them please? They get so hard and stick out so beautifully. Naughty girl, you are unzipping me. What do you think you are doing getting on your knees? Oh, that does feel so good, your mouth so hot and wet. Kiss me, let me taste myself on you. Now I want to taste you, to feel you on my tongue, to feel your clit grow harder in my mouth as I suck and lick. Here is a nice tree, lean back against it and let me pull off these jeans, Spread your legs, my dear and hold your hands over your head, hang onto that branch and don’t let go. No don’t move away, push into my tongue. Just like that. No one is around. You can moan all you want. I like to hear you and know I am causing that.  Good girl. So wet, wanting aren’t you? Should I tease or press really hard?  My hands holding your cheeks and pulling you into my face. My tongue sliding in and out of you. My cock throbbing, but I don’t want to put it in you right away. We have all day for our walk, and I like to tease and be teased. But now I want you to cum for me my pretty one. Cum on my tongue so I can kiss you and share your taste, my beard wet, and your lips open, inviting, soft. Let your tongue slide into my mouth. Taste and tease. Now pull up those jeans, and zip me back up, be careful though.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

You Are A Hornbeam Tree
You are a reserved person, looking in from the outside.Naturally attractive, you take good care of your looks.You are not egoistic, and you make life as comfortable as possible.You look for kindness in others - though you are seldom happy with yourself.A bit mistrusting and unsure, you dream of being swept away by someone unusual.

Another summer night

Another summer night, cloudy, humid, hot and thundershowers – what else is new. This is definitely not the summer for lots of sun. But walking around naked sure helps. And lots of showers  to wash away the grime and the sweat when you have to step outdoors. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny- may actually get to work on my tan. The butt has been missing the sun lately. And no one wants a glowing butt in the summer. Might turn into a target and you never know what would happen to it. But it’s s till possible to sit outside and feel the warm breeze after the sun has set, and  if you are really careful to sit outside naked, casually playing. The thought that someone just might happen to catch a glimpse adding to the picture.  Thinking of soft skin, sweet smelling hair, hands holding you and stroking, mouth sucking and wetness waiting to be licked. More fun on a picnic table but nevertheless still exciting. Slow strokes, moving up and down, in and out, wetness and hardness looking for each other, waiting to come together. Nipples aching, wanting to be teased. Lightning beginning to flash. Should we go slower and tease more or go faster and beat the rain. Maybe it will happen just as the thunder growls overhead. Hmmm.  

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Now this is awesome. What more is there to say. Read the text and see if you don’t agree. Smiles.

imagine what can be done with this lovely toy.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


It’s late. I should be abed. It’s storming outside. And I’m thinking of you. I’m naked here in front of the computer. Thoughts of you running through my head. We are so close in so many ways. I feel tingly when I think of  you. The thought of you lying next to me, my hands able to touch you, to tease you, to please you. Dangerous thoughts, yet I have them. To toy with your nipples, to let my fingers slide down and sneak inside you , to feel  you wet , hot, and wanting. To know you would sleep cuddled up against me. Warming you. Keeping you safe. To wake and find you there. To look at you and see you blush as your eyes open. Your reaction to  have felt my warm eyes on you. To know you love the touch of my tongue.  To take you into the shower and clean you everywhere and to feel your hands on me, cleaning me, teasing me,  then toying with  me. I will go off to sleep and dream. Be safe. And know I am dreaming, soft warm dreams.

Monday, July 24, 2006

a beauty

Now this is a beautiful device, nicely curved crystal, either end useable, depending on the mood. It can be heated in a bowl of warm water or chilled in ice water to produce different exciting sensations. Wouldn’t you like to feel that slipping up inside you while tied and blindfolded. No knowing whether it will be warm or ice cold but knowing it will be used. Would you like the bigger end ? It will slide in easily you are so wet and the curve is perfect for reaching that spot you like to have stroked. Imagine it sliding in and out, the cold making you contract, and your nipples harden. A tongue on your clit as it moves, licking softly, slowly, in tiny circles, teasing, only the tip touching you as it moves in deep and then almost out of you, your lips tensing and trying to hold it in.

such a lovely pattern swirling inside it.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

summer storms

The thunderstorms are over and the stars have come out. Holding someone while the lighting flashes and the thunders rolls is so nice but even better is holding someone after as the stars come out and you see them sparkle. The beach wet and waiting for you to walk along it. The cool breeze letting you snuggle and feel each others warmth. The crash of the waves and the lap as they lick the beach. The thoughts of crawling into bed, hearing the ocean and warming each other, Nipples on nipples and lips teasing as arms wrap around pulling you together. Skin on skin. Mouth on mouth. Hugging and toying, teasing and wanting, Soon you think, soon. Each reaching for the other. No worries, just taking comfort and feeling safe. Taking whatever happens and feeling, relaxing, climbing together, and then sleeping in each others arms, smiling and knowing, this is peace. This is good.  

Friday, July 21, 2006


Sharing a shower with a friend is always so sensual. The feel of hands sliding over soft skin, nipples hardening as they receive attention, openings waiting for fingers to reach inside, to stroke and clean, to excite and tease, the arch of your back as your legs get washed, long stokes, rubbing and touching, your ass as you turn, waiting for the hands which please, to reach up, and pull you towards my tongue, to taste the clean freshness of you, as the water streams down over my head, your nipples hard, and your hands holding me to you, wanting my tongue, wanting me to take you and lift you and make you spasm there in the shower, skin touching skin, before you  pull me up and turn me to face away so you can wash my ass and back before reaching around to take my nipples in your fingers, slippery with soap, teasing then and pulling and twisting, your skin pressed up against my back and ass, your fingers sliding down my stomach, lower, reaching to play, your other hand sliding down over my ass, between my cheeks to probe and tease. To enter and reach, to pull me back against you and push in deeper, to control my body, to hear me moan with pleasure as your play, as I let you play and just feel. Long strokes in, and long slow strokes of my cock, your skin rubbing against me, your hard nipples pressing into my back, your teeth on my neck, nibbling, waiting for me to ask you to bite, my hands playing with my nipples now as you smile and watch. Knowing you are doing this to me. Knowing you have made me want this. Knowing you will feel me pulse under your hand. Smiling. As the water continues to pour over us, warm, wet, water, slowly washing away the traces.  Turning me to kiss, tongues entwining as we hold each other. Knowing that we will move to the bed and your pleasure awaits.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

it's raining again

Okay –it’s raining and there are thunderstorms about. Hot and humid. Makes me think of hot and wet. Now where could that come from. Must be my perverted mind. The thought of you wet, soaked in the rain, nipples hard from the hard pounding they have received, drips of water running off your face, waiting to be licked. Your hair, dangling down around your neck, waiting to be lifted, to open your neck to my mouth, my teeth teasing, biting. Your nipples aching, waiting, wanting, expecting. Naughty girl. No panties under those jeans. So tight against you. The wet rain molding them to you. Your lips open catching the little drops, offering your tongue to me, hoping I will take it, the take you. Before you take me.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

sand and stars

I was standing outside looking up at the stars and thinking how much nice it would be to be lying on the sand, the waves crashing nearby, looking up. The moon not yet out so just the luminescence from the stars and the reflective glow from the ocean giving just enough light to see perky nipples pointing up, beckoning, waiting for a mouth to tease them, to suck them in and make them harder, to feel them between my lips, my teeth lightly scrapping them, pulling them in deeper, lifting them away , pulling the breasts with them, hands reaching over to stroke and hold as my mouth continues to tease and play. Soft, warm naked flesh , near me giving off it’s warmth, exciting me, the sweet scent of want, wafting gently towards me, making me grow harder, waiting for your hand to reach over and take me, pulling me toward you, taking my hand and placing it on me, showing me you want to watch, as your fingers slide down, to slip into your wet warm pussy,  then slide into my mouth, suck them you say, and  let me see you play. You mouth on my nipple now, teasing it, taking it between your teeth and biting gently, twisting it in your mouth, making me grow harder. You know I like that. Do what you are told or you will be spanked. You breath now teasing my cock as my hand strokes up and down, close to you, feeling your breath on me, knowing you are blowing gently on me as you watch, waiting, anticipating, knowing I am loving you watching, knowing, you are growing wetter as you watch, knowing you will ask me to lick you, and soak my beard in your juices, but only after I do as I am told. My cock harder , leaking as you watch. I know I will cum soon, and you bit my nipple harder, twisting the other one, telling me to cum for you, to show you, to lick my fingers after, to taste my cum and to them taste you, to watch as you settle over my face, the waves still pounding , as you demand my tongue. Deep into you, and  then sucking your clit, harder and then soft little licks around it, before pushing back up into you, reaching as deep as I can. Your thighs gripping my head, holding me, as you press down. Moaning above me, as you climb higher and higher. My cock hardening again as I feel your tension mount. You collapse to lie next to me, cuddling, your hard reaching down to stroke me gently as we breathe in the salt air, and listen to the shushing of the  waves, calming waves, warm breeze, sweet scents. Mmmmm.

Monday, July 17, 2006


It’s very hot and humid. But at least the sun is out for the moment although severe thunderstorms are forecast. Ideal weather for lying around naked. Whether that be in the living room or outdoors where the neighbours will not complain. Then again perhaps being naked will excite them enough so they will never think of complaining. Now would that not be an interesting event. All the neighbours walking around naked keeping as cool as they can. Perhaps sneaking peeks at others, eyes the nipples, the asses, the shoulders, the semi-erect cocks. Thinking of what they could do with them, considering the uses that could be put to them, getting wet or hard as the case may be. Openings starting to widen, anticipating. Mouth slightly parted, lips needing tongues to wet them as thoughts, lovely thoughts stir parts of the body. Fighting off the heat of the day, longing for other heat. Humidity disappearing in wetness, drips from heads, drips from lips. Sweet smells of bodies, attracting others, wondering about slippery interaction, to take the mind away from the weather, to focus on the physical, the mental, the softness of cuddling, the after glow. The memory of tastes waiting to be  renewed, the feel of hard nipples between lips, the touch of tongues stirring, exciting, loving, teasing, sipping, wanting. The feel of nipples on nipples, soft hair rubbing on breasts, necks being caressed, hair between the fingers, soft lips on lips, hard lips on lips, tongues entwining as bodies strive. Muscles tensing and cheeks clenching as hardness meets softness, as heat strokes and kindles heat, as minds overflow,  reaching, striving, taking and giving. Summer softness, and joy meeting together.


Friday, July 14, 2006

hedonism at its best

I remember when she tied me down to the bed. And toyed with me with the flogger. Teasing me and letting it slide over my body. Her panties over my face, smelling her, knowing I was in her hands, scared yet loving it. Waiting for her to sit on my face, to make me lick her and taste her and feel her juices flowing down my face to soak my beard. The thought makes me hard. Wanting her to push just that little bit further, to take me where she wanted to go. To know she was in control that my body was hers to play with. To feed me her nipples, her clit, her ass. To feel her react as my tongue worked on her.

And then to cuddle and sleep, snuggled together, safe and warm. My nipples still hard,
Feeling her soft skin against mine. Lying there as she sleeps, stroking her skin softly, letting her know I am there and she is safe. My smile there waiting for her to wake.

Her nipples crinkling waiting to be sucked.

Her shyness there as she sees me looking at her.

One weekend will never be enough.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

my friend

I had to be off line for a few days recently and I realized how much i miss some of the friends I have made online. One particular one I find so enticing. Her mind is so entrancing, her sexuality so enticing, her wit and humour  so similar to mine, her skin so soft  and waiting to be stroked, her cookies so good, her needs and mine so similar, my thoughts of her provoke hard reactions and soft thoughts. Nude beaches and warm fires sound very interesting when she crosses my mind. Yet I wish her all the best in finding what she wants and needs and just wish to share in her happiness and help her in any way I can. If that adds to her happiness so much the better. Hugs and kisses my friend.

Monday, July 03, 2006

sun and sand

Well it actually was sunny today- thunderstorms this evening of course but,  sun makes me think of beaches and lying on them, waiting for someone to play with. After all are not beaches for playing? Not building castles in the sand necessarily, but, maybe trying to build peaks and fill crevices. Hmmm.  A bottle of wine, little or no clothing, sun, sounds rather tempting to me.  And it being outside, smoking is allowed for any who wish to indulge. Listening to the waves crash, watching the sun set over the ocean, lying on a soft tummy, feeling the beat of a heart next to you, the warmth and comfort of having someone there next to you, to share and caress. To let fingers slide over smooth skin, warm skin, slip under clothes and probe and tease. To tickle or tease, to kiss and hug, to nibble and bite, to take and to give. To feel. To not worry. To just enjoy. And to know you are with someone who wants the same. Sigh.