Tuesday, February 21, 2006

curling and naked hmmm

Now where else could you get naked curling. I was at a reunion dinner on the weekend and there were people with photos from a few years back of bonspiels – those theme bonspiels – like super heroes or pajamas can turn into quite the party. Curling in boxers with fluorescent bunnies can be chilly, especially for the guys. Besides don’t want any drag on the ice.

Now then that reminds me – have you ever had ice cubes squeezed up inside you. Slowly melting and trying to hold the water inside? Tied up and someone slowly pushing in one, then two, then three and it gets colder and colder, while they play with your cock or pussy, Four, then five, and you begin to feel full and it is numbing. They pinch your nipples and pull and twist while you get hotter and hotter as the cold deep inside you melts. Someone sits on your face and you lick and lick, the moisture dripping out and down on you, Or a cock is pushed into your mouth and you suck and suck, dragging it in, holding it. Wanting it. While trying not to leak all over the bed.

Then feeling your nipples being sucked and bitten and your ass being spanked. The contrasts so great and the urge to cum mounting as you try to control and the cold keeps reminding you it is melting there inside you, waiting to escape, forcing you to clench, knowing if you cum you will let all of that water out.  Such sweet torture. How did you let yourself get into this. Finally there is no way to hold back the pressure. You let the water flow out and you spasm as it does. Again and again you feel your body tighten and arch up. So sweet and so, so out of your control.


Saturday, February 11, 2006

afternoon delight

You are tied, naked of course, over the couch, you beautiful ass forced up towards me, you legs spread so I can see the two pretty openings, available, needing attention. So ready and so wanting.

I need to kiss those beautiful cheeks, bite them , taste them, and then burrow in between, tasting all of you., my tongue seeking you and teasing you. While you can but gasp and moan,, waiting for me to do what I wish with you.

You smooth skin, so soft, so white, no sun for a while, so delicate looking,. My bites and sucks will show up so well. I imagine you squirming as I suck and lick. I need to taste you. I cannot wait. I need you now. I can smell you so hot and wet. My cock hard, knowing what it wants.

My lips on your back my fingers sliding down your sides, stroking you, readying you. Be calm. Your back so firm, the muscles so strong. Your ass there in front of me, as my lips work their way down your back, breathing you in. Such luschious cheeks, made to be worshipped, offered to me.    

My hands taking them, holding them for my mouth, my teeth. Little nibbles, leaving marks, as my tongue slides over all of them, licking and wetting, tasting. My teeth taking tiny little bites of your skin, feeling you move beneath me, hearing you moan with each touch, The sweet smell of you in the air, so hot and so wet.

My tongue slides down between your cheeks, seeking you, wanting to tease and push inside you, toying and  pressing. Your sweet ass open to me, as my tongue slides in slowly, forcing you open ever so firm and ever so ready. Leaving you open, ready, willing as my tongue moves lower, tasting the wetness coating your legs, licking it up as I move closer to your pussy. Your clit so hard there above my head as my tongue reaches and licks, your taste again on my tongue. Such a precious gift.  I suck your lips into my mouth, deep, and between my teeth, nibbling on them, rolling them in my mouth, my tongue playing, licking. My teeth holding each while my tongue probes and tastes. Letting them slide out so I can hold them open with my fingers and plunge inside of you, as I suck and lick and breathe you in.

I feel your clit pressing against my nose and let my tongue slide up to tease it, feeling it grow for me, feeling it pulse with each lick, knowing you are close.

I let my fingers slip into you as I continue to suck your clit, feeling it held between my teeth. My fingers curling up inside, pushing you into my mouth. Your clit continuing to pulse. MMMMM.

What better way is there to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Friday, February 03, 2006

tied concluded (for the moment)

She looks over her shoulder, a slightly worried look on her face as she feels me rubbing her ass. Then moving up to lift her hair and plant a kiss on the back of her neck, sucking in her skin. My hands firm on her back, and shoulders. Reaching under her as  I press against her, my cock hard trapped between us. My hands taking her breasts and squeezing as I bite into her shoulder, sucking her soft skin into my mouth and toying with my teeth.

Such a lovely mark.

My mouth moves down, to her ass and I bite into her, licking and tasting, parting her cheeks to allow my tongue full access to her. My tongue sliding down between, tasting her, licking and opening her. My hand slaps her ass. Spank, and then again, another and another. She moans and I spank harder. She has never been spanked as hard and is moaning louder with each spank. Her cheeks are turning a lovely red when I pause and reach for the paddle there beside us. Whap it makes as it lands, he ass flinches but she pushes back up inot it, welcoming it, needing it. Whap again and the skin turns redder. So lovely and hot. Ten more times I paddle her on each cheek. A constant wail is coming from her but when I reach under she is wetter than she has been so far tonight.

My mouth now is on her ass, soothing it, sucking her in to leave more marks, lovely and purple .And I let my cock slide down now to touch her pussy, to run over those wet lips and feel her heat. My arms around her again, my beard on her back, scratching and ticking as I push slowly into her. Her nipples in my hands, pinching as I thrust in deeper. Her hot red ass pressed up against me.

Again and again I drive into her, harder with each entry, forcing those cries from her, taking her, my mouth on her shoulder again, my teeth biting into her as I pinch and twist those hard nipples. My cock pulled out to press against her clit and then plunging back in. Until I feel her tighten on me, pulsing and gushing. My own cum sprays out of me. Deep inside her and I hold her as we climb. My fingers slide down to rub against her clit, to drag out another orgasm.

I reach up and release the ties, letting her roll to the side, still inside her, just holding now, cuddling and soft little  kisses on her neck. My chest hairs and beard ticking her skin, As we drift off to sleep.

tied part two

I push my fingers deeper into her and curl them inside, starting to stroke in and out, pressing into the inside of her. Feeling her heat on my fingers. My mouth on her lips now. Finally I taste her properly. Yes, and I know I will be back for more. I let my tongue tease her clit for a moment and then, with my beard wet, move to kiss her on the mouth. My beard rubbing on her face, our tongues tasting, the feel of her lips on mine, I suck her tongue into my mouth and hold it , teasing it,  my teeth toying with her as my fingers continue to play inside her. Then I plunge my tongue deep into her. Forcing her tongue back in as my tongue duels with her. My fingers sliding around her clit as she moans into my mouth. Pinching gently and then harder, pressing. My other hand running over her body, stroking her, reaching under to her ass. Holding her up into my fingers. Feeling her body spasm for the first time.

I hold her gently, while she recovers, my mouth watering at the thought of tasting her more. Her nipples need more attention I think. And take each one in turn in, sucking them and licking them, my tongue playing with them and my teeth biting them, bruising them. My mouth moving down her tummy, leaving little bite marks on her skin. Then licking her thighs, gathering all of that moisture, cleaning her as best I can. My mouth now on her pussy. My fingers holding her open. My beard rubbing on her thighs.

I let my tongue tease her, let it slip over her clit and down over her lips, pushing in a little, then back to her clit, sucking it into my mouth. Letting it out and pushing my tongue deeper into her, where my fingers had reached before. Her smell and her taste flood my senses. So sweet.  I hear her moaning as she can do nothing but let me take her higher and higher. I feel her body tensing up more, as my tongues plays in her. My hands slip under her again, to take those cheeks in hand, to open her further so my tongue can slide down and lick her other opening, teasing and pressing before moving back to her clit. I will return to that beautiful ass when I turn her over. I suck her clit in again and start tosuck on it hard. My teeth grasping it, biting while my tongue teases. Even as she spasms again, I do not stop. Not this time. I want to hear her scream. Again and again, until she collapses and can no longer move. My tongue driving into her time after time. Her clit swollen, red and hard. Her muscles aching.

Then and only then do I lie beside her and gently rub her shoulders and let her head rest on my chest for a while before we continue. Her ass is waiting for much needed attention.

While she is recovering, I release her bonds and turn her so that her ass is now available to me. Such lovely cheeks, waiting to turn red. I refasten the bonds.

Still more to cum.    



She is lying there bound, hers arms stretched out over her head and her legs spread wide, as I walk around her naked. My cock hard, and her eyes on it as she waits, wondering what I will do. Her nipples already hard.

Will I turn her over and spank her, or use that mouth?. The lips are slightly open, inviting. Or will I take her hard and fast? The thoughts  swirl in her head.

I look at her, taking her in, her hair, her soft skin, her rich lips, her eyes, her vulnerable neck, her shoulders, her strong legs, her toes curling as I look at them,  looking up to see between her legs, seeing her wetness starting to drip and run down her thighs. I look closer and watch as her nipples crinkle more. She feels my gaze and her eyes lift from my cock to my eyes. I smile as I see her want.

I lean over her, breathing in her smell. The warm richness of her hair, the sweet smell of her neck, the clean, fresh smell of her skin, near her breasts. She can feel my breath stroking her as I move downward on her body, determined to smell all of her, to make her part of me, forever in  my memories. Her pussy smells delicious and I almost let myself taste it. Mmmmmm. My breath floats across her thighs cooling where her wetness has reached. I blow softly on her pussy, watching her clit peek out, seeing the pulse of her and the liquid center, hot, so wet, and so ready. I move down her legs to her feet, and let my breath touch the bottoms, blowing a little harder to see the toes wiggle and her leg muscles tense.

As I sit down beside her on the bed, I reach out to touch her hair, to let my fingers run through it, softly and slowly, just grazing her scalp. My fingers behind her head, making little circles on her neck, just under the hair line, her skin soft beneath me. Slowly my fingers drift onto her face, the tips gently feeling her forehead, her cheeks, down around her chin and over those lips, the top one and then the bottom, feeling her mouth open more and try to reach for my finger. I let one finger slip in and feel her tongue probing it, her mouth sucking it in, hot and needy. As I pull it back out, she tries to keep it from escaping  and her head lifts up following it, opening her neck to my gaze. Such smooth skin, waiting to be massaged. My fingers pressing into the tendons, and up under the chin. Her shoulders beckon me and I continue to play my fingers over her. My tips trailing down over them and over the outside parts of her breasts, then under lifting them, stroking the inside and pushing them together, can I make the nipples rub each other. Hmmmmm. I press harder and let my fingers circle in to the nipples, taking them between my thumb and fingers, squeezing and twisting just a little to see her reaction. Did I hear a moan? Pulling them out and toward each other. Hard between my fingers, Stretching.

I release them and move quickly down to her feet, stroking the bottoms, tickling, teasing, before letting my hands move over those gorgeous legs, ever so slowly working up to her pussy, the inner thighs so wet under my hands. I spread her lips and let my fingers slip in for a moment, gathering wet which I offer to her, first taking a taste myself. Her mouth sucks my fingers again, giving me an inkling of her talents. I pull back again and return to her pussy, letting my fingers slip over her clit, my nail scratching it gently. This is as much torture for me as for her. I don’t know how much longer I will be able to resist. My cock is leaking little drops.

Part two cumming shortly.