Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sun bathing

She's lying out in her backyard tanning naked of course. How else to ensure that her tiny bikini shows no lines when she finally displays it on the beach. Her front door was open, and despite knocking she had not lifted her head, So here I was with a perfect view of her new tattoo, her smooth silky back and tight cheeks. Knowing I could be in trouble I decided to make the most of the opportunity, stripping off and crawling slowly out the patio door, growing hard as I anticipated running my tongue down her spine and over her slightly damp skin. As my tongue touched the back of her neck, she started up, pressing back into me, before allowing me to continue. As I reached her cheeks a soft moan escaped, and her legs slipped slightly apart ,giving me a glimpse of her waxed and ever so tasty lower lips. Fingertips slid down her back tracing soft patterns, goosebumps rising in response as a little shiver rushes through her. As my tongue works down the back of her thighs, I let my fingers tighten on her cheeks, pulling her legs further open, trailing down between to press briefly on her puckered hole before dipping to test the wetness appearing. Her sweet smell reaches my nostrils and I continue down to her toes, sucking each into my mouth, in and out and in and out, feeling her body responding, her breathing become heavier, deeper. She turns over, and looks down at me, stay on your knees, you look good down there, not lick back up here and put your mouth and tongue where they belong, hands behind your back. My tongue tracks up her calf, slowly higher, tracing her muscles, up her inner thigh where it pauses to taste the wetness sliding from her, her lips parted softly, welcoming, swollen, glistening with moisture, as she pulls my head in with her thighs, her legs locking behind my head , my tongue firmly implanted in her and my mouth pressed tightly against her smooth skin, no hint of bristle, just smooth tasty sun warmed pleasure. My tongue curls up inside her, stroking and sucking, rubbing that rough area and feeling her tense up, her moans growing louder, as she urges me on, my cock dripping, hard, aching for her.

I pull back to allow my mouth to take her clit in, to suck hard on it, feeling it swell, I disobey and grab her tight cheeks, kneading the muscles, aware this could earn me punishment later, but the reward was well worth it. My teeth slide over her clit, and I look up to see her pinching her nipples, pulling them out and twisting, her back arching up as she strives for her first of the day.

Pulling me up and onto my back, she plunges down onto my cock, driving it deep inside her and she scratches, her teeth clamping on my shoulder, biting and chewing, marking my as hers, as least for today. Her breasts rubbing against me, the hard nipples scraping mine, my need for her fingers on them showing, please pinch them, bite me harder, feel me grow inside. My teeth on her neck now, returning her bites, as she opens her neck to me, her mouth taking mine, her tongue thrusting in, dragging my tongue in between her teeth, sucking, and dancing, as our breath intertwines. As she peaks she pushes me back down, suck it again, taste me as i cum, swallow me.

Go away now. I will be sunbathing tomorrow. Do you think you can be good?