Monday, January 30, 2006

being watched

How often do you get to play with someone on line who loves watching and asks you to play for her. She had dared me to turn on my webcam so we sat and chatted for a while as she checked me out. Then out comes the following:

She asked me to stand up and since I had taken off my underwear she smiles. Then tells me to rub my hands all over my chest and belly, then my  ass and to pinch my nipples for her. Show me your cock she says , fondle it ,but no stroking. Yes, keep doing that. Does that turn you on? Would you like to stroke?

She wanted me to  play for her and let her watch. “Oh god, I love it, nice balls.”

She thinks me sensual and asks me to imagine her sucking my nipples  or kneeling in front of me sucking me off. I cum and splatter the table in front of the computer. Then I lick my fingers for her, and my beard gets wet from my cum on my fingers.

After we shut off, I played more and came twice more thinking of that. Rather a nice way to relax and to slip off into sleep.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Now that was a lovely chat, even if I was stuck at the office, unable to do anything about it. Fortunately traffic was bad, as it usually is Friday evening so I could pull out my cock and at least play with it – it was dark after all hehe.

The thought of having her from behind, bend there in front of me, her ass red from a spanking she could do nothing about because she was tied up, my fingers sliding into her, feeling the wetness, the lovely clit there to be pinched, my cock between her cheeks.


My fingers moving up to pinch her hard nipples while I slide my cock into her. Driving into her deep and hard. Taking her. Making her cum for me. My teeth in her neck, biting the side. Then biting those beautiful shoulders. Hard.  And feeling her spasm beneath me and scream.

Then turning her over and licking that delicious pussy. Sucking on the lips, taking them into my mouth and cleaning them. My tongue deep in her, my fingers in her ass. My nose pressing on her clit, my beard scratching her thighs. Her body arching up, straining, wanting, needing. My fingers taking her ass and squeezing it, my nails digging in where I left my bites, my marks.

Once again feeling her body tighten under me as I turn and push my cock into her mouth.
The feel of her soft tongue as it runs over my head. Stroking and sucking as she pulls it in. My tongue still in her. Her smell in the air. Her taste on my lips. Can I make her cum again? Yes.


Monday, January 16, 2006

cheering up

I had very nice online chat Saturday evening. A friend of mine needed comforting and cheering up. A little play seemed in order. Once she was properly naked she dug out her bag of plastic clothespins, and waited for my instructions as to where to place them and what to do. First though she tied her ankles together as instructed. Then clipped a pin on the outside of each breast and one on each upper thigh. Next she placed a pin on the inside of each breast and two just under her pussy lips. The next two were much closer to her nipples. She was starting to feel it and getting wetter as we chatted. But not ready to give in yet.

The next two, placed just above the clit on the soft tissue there, stung and she gasped, but wanted more. It hurt good. She was dripping by now and then she placed the next two just beside the nipple – just leaving space for one directly on it. I then ordered her to place one on each of her pussy lips and to pull them to open her lips and show me how wet she was. Her clit hard and wanting, there is  the open. When I told her to place the next ones near her nipples she did not want to let go of the pins pulling her lips. But did what she was told.

As punishment for her delay she had to next clip two on her clit, one on each side. That drew a long drawn out moan. And the next pins were directly on the nipples. That she really liked and loved the look of her breasts covered in pins.

When I told her to place three more on her tongue, she laughed saying that  was no punishment, she did it all the time.But did do it.

Next I started her playing with her clit, although she was not to cum until I gave her permission. As she pulled on the pins and twisted them, her moans got louder, and she was getting closer and closer. As I said you may, she squirted all over her hand.

She next pulled the pins on her lips apart to let me see her swollen clit and feel the light touch of my breath as I leaned closer to her. Imagining my mouth just in front her, my tongue reaching out to touch the pins attached to her clit, to taste her, to lick slowly over the lips and around the clit, teasing the pins. She begged to cum again and I let her and once again she squirted all over her bed, imagining that she squirted into my face and beard and left me dripping and licking my lips.

I let her remove the clips at this point and then we cuddled for a few minutes before it was time to say good night.

She had to change her sheets hehe.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

her fantasy continued

It’s 5 a.m. and I wake to find myself buried deep in her. Her fingers on my nipples, pulling, and pinching. She says this is where we were last night and I did not finish telling you my fantasy. Would you like to hear more.

Well, could I say no, as she sucked me into her wet, hot pussy?

She continued;

He was there watching me, my neck open like this, stretched back, available for a mouth that wants to bite, to suck, to leave marks on it, to show I am owned. Bite me while I tell you this. I want to go through the day feeling you. He is there, looking as my fingers drive into me, my lips open, two fingers starting to slide into my ass, as I toy with my clit, and push into myself. Just like that, aaahhhh. I cum, standing in front of him, my nipples hard, wanting to be touched.

Then he tells me to continue, but lying on the bed, with my legs wide spread as if tied open. Showing him everything, so open, so wet.  I want his touch, but he won’t. I see his cock hard in his pants. Will he let me see it? Can he resist, even as he watches. It looks so ready. I’d suck it if he took it out. He could shove it into my mouth. Let my tongue slide over the head, under and around it, pulling on the soft skin, licking the velvet purple, letting my teeth graze over it. My clit is so hard and I am so wet, can you feel it? Imagine him watching. Standing there. I feel his gaze,  I smell his scent. I need to cum again. Now.

And then he tells me to get on my hands and knees, to show him my ass, to spread my cheeks, to run my fingers down my crack, and push them into my ass. To show him, to let him see what I would give him, if he would take it. My mouth open, gasping , waiting, wanting.  I feel his breath on my ass. The faint stirring of the tiny hairs. I want him so much, my scent fills the air in the room . My breasts hanging down, the nipples rubbing on the carpet, as I wiggle them . He is in front of me. He has taken out his cock. He is stoking it there before my eyes. I reach for it with my mouth. He pulls back. It is not for you. Finger yourself and then suck your fingers. That is all that will be in your mouth tonight. Taste yourself. Let me see you suck. Now pinch your nipples and rub them hard on the carpet. Good girl. Let me see you play. Put your fingers in your ass again. Yes, like that. In and out, in and out. I moan as I do as I’m told. I want it so much. Please.

And I bite her neck and she spasms then and there, and triggers me. And we roll over and go back to sleep holding each other.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

little quiz

level 5
How Kinky do you like your sex?

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welcome home

I was reading a scorching letter from a friend while stuck in traffic and had been out of town for a week with little or no privacy. Now lying in bed, horny, she reached over and said I’m going to tell you a fantasy of mine:

I’m in a hotel room, and forgot to lock the door. A stranger walks in and orders me to strip slowly for him. Somewhat afraid, I do so, my skirts slips off, I under my top and let it fall to the floor, now in panties and bra, I stand. He orders me again to finish, bra soon follows, my nipples suddenly erect and then my panties, letting him see, all of me, naked, shaved. He then tells me he wants me to masturbate until I cum three times, once standing in front of him, once lying on the bed with my legs spread and the third time on my hands and knees. I am going to watch you.

He never touches me, but he tells me which part of my body to touch, which motion to make and walks around me watching, looking, seeing me. Caress your body, touch all of your skin, let your hands float over you. Show me your neck, your armpits, your cheeks, your legs, your feet, your breasts, -touch each part as I tell you, stroke your body, let your fingers slide over your skin.  

(While she is talking, her hand is moving on me, slowly stroking up and down. I must not touch her she says, just listen)

Let me see you open your lips, show me your tongue, touch it with your fingers, suck them, good. Now pinch your nipples, hard, then let your fingers slide down to feel your lower lips, wet them and let them slide over your lower hole, show me, spread your cheeks, let me see your finger pressing in there, now start playing with your clit, get it nice and moist. I want to smell you, I want to look into your eyes are you play. You want this, you know it. Now stop, stand here in front of me, as I walk around you. Hold your nipples up for me. Show me how hard they are. Offer them to me. I will not take them but you want me to don’t you. Turn and show me your lovely back, my hand there, near enough you can sense I am close, so close. You shiver for me. Lift your hair away from you neck, show me the back of your neck, bend forward, let me see it. You can feel my breathe can’t you. Now turn again and put your head back, I want to look at it open, vulnerable.

(Her hand is still stroking and I get harder as she stops and climbs on top of me. She slides down onto me, so wet and dripping. Her hands reach for my nipples pinching, as she slides up and down, knowing it’s been a week and it will not take long, her moans as my hard cock is taken by her, the scent of her, pushing me to the edge. I cum and she follows swiftly and we lie there, holding each other. She promises to continue her fantasy soon.)    

Monday, January 02, 2006

and this is only the first cheek

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or maybe more

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120 finally

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