Thursday, December 29, 2005

S has issued a challenge

S has issued a challenge. A few weeks ago I accepted to be spanked on her behalf (wound up with 70 on each cheek). Some of you may have seen the results. I am due my own birthday spanking, somewhat delayed by a variety of events which have interfered over the last weeks. She wants to know how many I can handle and I have agreed to add one for every comment or IM I get over the next two days, starting at 50 of course. So you are invited to comment or IM . I promise to count fairly. Be nice lol.  

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

curling & sex

Could not resist posting this hehe.

Top Reasons Why Curling is Better than Sex

In curling, you don’t have to fake it when you are not having a good time.

In curling, when it gets out of hand, you can quit.

It’s OK to curl on national TV in front of millions of people.

In curling, you can score up to 10 times in one night.

A really good curling game lasts two and a half hours.

In curling, size, looks and age are all irrelevant.

In curling, you don’t regret a mistake none months later.

When you’re finished curling, someone else has to clean the sheets.

In curling, you are expected to yell “Hurry, hurry, hard all the way”

In curling there are four positions to know, but you only have to be good at one of them.

Sunday, December 25, 2005


I had one of the most precious gifts I could ever have given to me this morning. And  a trip to the Canadian men’s championships for curling in Regina. A trip to the worlds near Boston caps it. WOW!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

A & B

Well I did get distracted last night and could not add any more to the upcoming visit. We had a three way chat with Anais in the middle and Bunny starting at the top and I starting at the bottom working toward the middle. Although Anais was not tied she was to hold still and let us play with her body – not allowed to touch anyone – not herself not me not bunny. Anais’s nipples were already hard having waited all day to chat, and the thought of having bunny play with her body had her dripping. She wanted so much to see Bunny’s nipples and touch them and to have Bunny’s tongue lick her and suck her. How could I not assist that? As I took her toes in my mouth, Bunny starting sucking on her fingers. Each time I pulled off so did she. Both moving in tandem, suck in, play, taste, let slip out. Then we starting moving to the palm and bottom of the foot. Tongues sliding over her skin, licking, tickling, tasting. Up her arm and leg to the elbow and the back of the knee, taking skin in and chewing, leaving faint marks, and hearing her moans.

Our tongues working their magic in her body. She asked to touch and was told no! Good girl. As Bunny’s tongue slid up to her shoulder and then her neck, I moved to her inner thighs, tasting the juices running down I pause. Looking up to see  her soft and open and shaved above me. Watching Bunny suck on her neck, her fingers holding her. I tell them to kiss and I lean back to watch. Bunny takes her head in her hands and brings her mouth to her. The lips soft and sliding, opening as Bunny takes possession of her. Her tongue pushing in. Anais receiving it. I smell her as her wetness grows. The moans making me hard, the lovely teasing so delicious, so hot.  Anais wants to suck Bunny’s nipples, those fat brown nipples needing it, waiting for it. Bunny has to slide back and take a deep breath and Anais mouth captures one. I see her working it. The tongue playing, her cheeks hollowing as she sucks, making it hard, stretching it, chewing it, Bunny starting to moan in turn.

Knowing she can make Bunny cum just from the nipple play she  continues on, her teeth biting . I start to bite her thighs, nibbling and sucking her sweet flesh. My hands reach up to cup Bunny’s ass, to open her cheeks and let my fingers slide down between, to touch her ass, feel her crinkles, try to push into her. As my mouth fills with Anais skin, the smell of her there just above me, the taste in my mouth of her, Bunny leaking down her legs, as Anais works her nipples.


Anais and Bunny have been friends for a long time. Recently Bunny moved away the east coast leaving Anais all alone on the west. They have continued their online contact and shared their exploits. So when Bunny announced she was planning to visit for a few days between Christmas and New Year’s, Anais was all excited thinking of having her to herself for at least one evening. Remembering some of the hints which had  been there, the possible interest in licking pussy and the vision of Bunny nipples dancing in her head. All they had done in the past was cuddle and share stories.

Bunny persuaded Anais to join IB and then Anais checked out Yafro and  I began to chat with each one of them. Both seemed interested and both were afraid of hurting the other. A little hint here and there and they started opening up. Two beauties wet and hot, ready to play.  And I was to be allowed to watch and perhaps join in if I was good. They needed someone to spank them and to push them so they could pretend they had no control and I was ever so ready to help out.

What an offer. Make them be naked in front of each other and make them look and touch. Then tie them together face to face, nipple to nipple , legs free to intertwine, arms hooked above their head so they are on their toes. And then free to touch and stroke and play with the necks, the smooth backs, the luscious ass cheeks, the beautiful legs.  Allowed to spank and squeeze and tease. I had to be naked though.

Blindfolding them they could only feel, the soft skin of each other, rubbing, sliding, the hard nubs of their nipples pressing into their skin, the breath on their cheeks, and the legs each rubbing between the other, the wetness trickling down their legs, the soft smooth flesh being pressed by the other.

I let my fingers slide over their necks pressing their mouths toward each other, wanting to see their tongue glide together, tasting each other for the first time. The lips parted , mouths open, the feel of the tip of the tongue sliding over the lips, probing, wanting, hoping as the other tip slips out shyly also wanting but unsure. Meeting together and knowing. Then driving into each other. Harder and deeper, each searching for the flavour, the feel, the touch of the teeth, the risk of a bite, knowing they do want this, knowing it is right, it is safe, it will hurt no one.

My hands move down onto their backs, feeling the muscles move under their skin, soft light touches and feeling the shivers, the tentative moves together, the nipples hardening.
Down and down to run my hands over those cheeks, squeezing, pinching, knowing they like the sensation, as they press closer together. Wondering if I will spank as I said I would.

My hands slide down their legs. I can smell their scents, one lighter, one a bit heavier, both sweet, waiting to be taken, to be tasted, to be savoured, and continue down wondering how they will react to a mouth on their toe, to a tongue sliding over the bottom of their foot.

Smack my hand lands on a cheek, I see the muscles clench, and press into the other one.
A smack on the other cheek, more clenching. It seems the legs press tighter together. And I see more wetness. My tongue licks up to gather the moisture, to take it into my mouth. MMMM. Spank and another spank. Each one in turn. And their bodies press ever closer. I reach up and slide tow fingers into each, both wet and bit hot. Forcing their clits together, rubbing them as a move my fingers inside. My tongue waiting it’s turn and I let one finger slide into each ass. Pushing in and out I control every movement. The bodies can only rub against each other, feel the arousal, smell it, the mouths entwined tasting it.
My fingers playing getting wetter and I pull them out to taste each in turn – I almost cum then but manage to hold off . I let my tongue move up now wanting to taste and to feel the two clits at the same time. They are so close, I am sure I can suck both into my mouth. And then play with them. My tongue sliding and sucking and my teeth biting ever so gently for the moment.

I want to taste them as they cum. Perhaps it is time to release them and let Anais taste those nibbles she has been lusting over and let Bunny taste the pussy she longs for.  
to be continued …

Friday, December 16, 2005

friday afternoon

I was sitting here stuck inside with a snow storm raging and decided to see who was online .Found a cute lady named Anais who challenged me to be evil while she was working. Now she was sitting in full view of two co workers so could do nothing but keep her hands on the keyboard. A perfect situation to tease and get her hot and wet and leave her panting it seemed to me. And she did issue the challenge so here is what happened.

her: now a spur of the moment meeting for sex is a different story lol
her: mmmm sex, i need some of that!
her: noon snuggle
her: sex sex sex!!!!
me: now if you were daring you'd take off your panties and play lol
her: yeah well not so daring when two people are in front of you. we are in a huge room setup like a triangle. hehe.
me: so have to just sit there and imagine lol
her: yes i have to.
me: shall i be evil?
her: do you have to ask?
me: lol
me: so imagine someone under the desk
between your legs
while they sit there at their desk, licking slowly up your leg
her: mmmm yes
me: your hands have to stay on the computer so you can do nothing other than spread your legs a bit the tongue slides slowly up closer and closer
her: oh wow i have to use control? i like it
her: feel the tongue slide up to the edge of your panties
mmmm fabulous
her: i can see it and almost feel it
now licking across the fabric wetting it pressing in
her: the fabric is so thin too...very skimpy.
feeling the creases and your lips
her: easily rippable
nibbling and pulling, making a little hole
her: now i am squirming literally
the tongue pushing through tasting so delicious moving over your clit
her: oh chills
now behave there are people watching
spread your legs a bit more though
my tongue slides down under
curling under you
her: mmmm
into you tasting
her: oh my
little circles, pushing, as you open, slowly
my nose pushing into your pussy
pressing your clit
her: mmmm i am not sure how much of this i can take. i know i am wet now.
me: hehe
me: now if you had the chance you should pinch your nipples
her: mmmmm if no one was literally looking i would, but in my mind i so would be doing that now.
her: oh gawd i am horny
as my tongue slides back up through your lips and reaches your clit again and draws it in sucking licking, holding  tasting
her: mmmm
my teeth just sliding over it . feeling it, testing it's firmness
her: oh yes
rolling it, my tongue pressing on the tip, teasing
me: my beard sopping with your juices, rubbing your thighs
her: mmmmmm
her: i can see it and almost feel it.
me: little licks on the side
me: up and over and down
me: then pushing in deep and curling up inside to touch the inside, reaching , wiggling
her: oh damn
me: then pulling out to slide up the left and down the right again-
me: the hard morsel
me: there
me: little flicks
me: keep those hands on the keyboard
her: oh that is so hard to do
me: now pushing hard on it
me: my tongue pressing pushing
me: forcing
me: sucking now
her: mmmm that is wonderful
me: drawing it as far in as i can
me: deep
me: so tasty
me: so wet
me: so hot
her: oh yes it is
me: mmmm
me: let me drink some more of that lovely taste
me: my tongue pushes into you
me: collecting you
me: sucking it into my mouth
me: letting it rest on my tongue
me: savouring you
me: now back inside
me: in and out
me: then back to your clit
her: mmmmm i don't know how much more of this i can take
me: licking it slowly softly
me: lightly
me: teasing
me: you said i could be evil
me: i could slide up and take your nipples in my mouth
me: sucking them in
me: feeling them grow
her: mmmmm wow
me: and get harder
her: nice
her: i love it when they get rock hard
me: the harder the better
me: the feel in my mouth as they slide in and out
me: my lips holding them
me: sucking
me: squeezing
me: my teeth biting
her: oh gawd
me: pulling them out from your breasts
her: i am so tempted to masturbate in the bathroom now
me: as far as i can
her: mmm
me: stretching them
her: mmmmmm
me: held between my teeth
me: can i get both in my mouth at once -yes
me: feel them rub against each other
her: oh yes
me: my tongue sliding over them
me: pushing them together
me: the hard nubs rubbing
me: as i suck them in
her: mmmmmmm i am wet
me: i can smell it
me: mmmm
her: i am so ready to be fucked
me: my fingers push inside you while my mouth plays with your nipples
me: i let your nipples slide out so i can taste my fingers
me: and coat your nipples with you
me: before taking them back in to lick off your lovely flavour
her: wow took a deep breath on that.
me: keep those fingers on the keyboard now
her: i can feel my wetness when i squeeze my legs together.
her: i am keep squirming
me: lovely
me: now is about the time you deserve a kiss
me: your lips parted
me: soft and waiting
her: mmmmm always
me: my lips so lightly touching
me: they slide over each other
me: and i take your bottom lip between mine
me: pulling it in and sucking
her: mmmm nice
me: my teeth playing
her: i like it
me: before letting it go swollen
me: and opening my mouth to your tongue
her: mmmmmm
me: feeling you as you move into me
me: your taste
me: your warmth
me: and then our tongues meet
her: mmmmmmm
me: just the tips
me: learning
me: testing
her: i would not be able to control myself being so horny
me: feeling each other out
me: which tongue will control
me: which will force
me: which will allow
me: which will slide first over the other
me: and then under
me: start to suck
me: to hold
me: to entangle
me: ok i'm hard too
me: i admit it
me: and you say there are two watching
her: lol
her: yes an audience
her: mmmmm
her: why does that make me so hot. lol
me: it does doesn't it
me: make them jealous lol
me: and they are not allowed to join in
her: it would make it wild if it was two guys just sitting there rubbing there hard ons.
me: hehe
her: exactly
me: their zippers undone
her: no joining just watching and maybe they can cum
her: yes
me: their hard cocks out
me: so you can see
me: they can only cum if you say so
me: even while you have to control you have control over them
me: course fully free they could be sucking on your nipples
her: mmmmm yes
me: no hands allowed
me: just their tongues and lips
me: each one sucking hard
me: while your tongue played with mine
her: mmmmm yes
her: i would love an orgasm right now.
her: mmmm and some fucking
me: can you do it with your mind
me: just think of it
me: the feeling
her: i have had orgasms in my sleep. last night i had a dream i was masturbating.
me: so then you can have one awake
me: want to try?
her: hehe
her: i would be afraid i would moan outloud or something. haha.
me: a gasp is probably ok
her: yeah i could pull it off since i am a programmer. lol
me: forces you to control
her: which i have none of
her: i am such a sucker for sex
me: suck er you say lol
me: so what would trigger it?
me: no touching remember
me: what turns you on the most
her: mmmmm
me: imagine that happening
me: is it a female licking you
me: or any two people
her: i would love two guys
me: one licking your ass and the other licking your pussy
her: mmmmm
me: two guys each
me: licking
me: their tongues might touch
her: mmmm yes
me: as they push their tongues into you
me: and they might feel the other tongue inside of you
me: as they press in
me: pushing tasting
me: teasing
her: mmmmmm
me: readying you
her: yes
me: your legs spread
me: open
me: your fingers on your nipples
me: pinching
her: oh yes
me: as they lick and lick
me: feel their tongues
me: touching
me: think of it
me: feel it
me: they push deep into you
me: opening you
me: wetting you
me: tasting you
me: your cheeks spread
me: their hands caressing
me: stroking
me: feeling
me: stroking
me: your thighs
her: mmmmmm
me: your ass
me: worshipping you
me: your soft thighs gripping his head
me: so warm
me: you are so wet
me: wanting
her: i am
me: now they move up and you feel their hard cocks rubbing
me: knowing you have made them that way
me: YOU have made them that way
me: you control them
me: they will do what you want
me: their cocks rubbing on your ass cheeks
me: and between your thighs
me: should they push into you?
me: as they slide over your openings
me: so hard
me: and yet so soft
me: hot
me: wanting
her: mmmmmm
me: feel it
me: imagine
me: close your eyes
me: if you can
me: just feel for a moment
me: your openings pulsing waiting welcoming
me: each waiting
her: mmmmm
me: wanting
me: knowing they are there
me: knowing they want
me: and it is you who decides
me: should you let one slide in first
me: should you sit on them
me: should you lift your ass up
me: you lower yourself onto the hard cock- feeling it slide into you in one move
me: filling you
me: and the other waits rubbing on yours cheeks
me: you feel it there
me: as you move up and down a few times
her: mmmmmmm yes
me: now you spread your cheeks and offer yourself to the other
her: mmmmmm
me: letting him see you
me: open
her: yes
me: ready
me: his cock touches you
me: there
me: you relax
her: mmmmmm
me: and feel him pressing
me: pushing
me: as the other cock pulses inside you
her: mmmmmmm yes
me: your fingers now playing with your clit
me: as he pushes in harder
me: forcing himself through the tight muscle
me: opening you
me: pushing in
me: you feel the head slip in
me: so hot
me: he slides in further
her: mmmmmm
me: the two cocks now inside you
me: pressing against each other
me: they can feel the other rubbing against them
me: as you start to move
me: letting them out and them taking them in
me: you rise up
me: and slide down onto the two
her: oh i am so wet right now
me: now back up almost letting them slip out
me: and then down pressing down - the whole lengths inside
me: stopping to just feel
me: so full
me: two men controlled
her: oh yes i love it
me: you take his nipples and pinch them
me: and feel his twitch inside you
me: making the other twitch too
her: mmmmmmm
me: you are not ready to have them cum
me: but you feel yourself getting ready as your fingers
me: play and you reach down to feel the two cocks
me: letting your fingers slide over them
her: mmmmm
me: feeling them fully inside you, your openings stretched and leaking
me: the juices running down over them
me: your nipples rock hard
me: as your fingers grip each cock in turn
her: oh yes
me: teasing
me: and you sit holding them
me: only moving slightly
me: enjoying the feel of them inside you
me: and hearing their moans
me: knowing you will have to let them cum soon
me: you can fell them pulsing inside you
me: each one reacting to the other
me: sure that if you let them they will spurt at the same m0ment
me: as your nail slides over your clit
me: scratching it
me: pressing on it
me: pressing it hard against the cock
me: you start to move faster
me: driving them into you
me: deep
me: hard
me: wanting
me: ready
me: can you get there before them
me: reach for it
me: feel it
me: two cocks
me: yours
her: oh yes mmmmmmm i want that so bad
me: hovering on the edge
me: deep inside you
me: hard
me: twitching
me: waiting for your word
me: squeeze that clit hard
me: and grasp them tight
me: force them to give you what you want
me: that's it
me: feel them spurt inside you
her: oh yes that would make her cum
me: both of them pulsing at the same time
me: each spurt
me: one and then another
me: the two fully inside you
me: and you relax holding them inside you
me: knowing you will have them again
her: mmmmmm yes
me: see what teasing gets you

do you think it worked?

Friday, December 02, 2005


I was thinking of the times I have been teased the most and how after, it was such a wonderful feeling as I finally was allowed to spurt. Times I was tied and teased for hours, fingers running across me, playing with my nipples, sliding into my mouth, stroking my forehead, fingers slipping into my ass. You sitting on me – your lips waiting for my mouth and tongue to play, expecting, while my cock stood  hard and wanting in front of your eyes, your juices dripping into my mouth , so delicious and  hot. The feel of your lips on mine, your clit under my tongue, so hard and slippery, my tongue allowed to touch and taste and slide over it, trying to gather your flavour, your essence and draw it into me. Such a beautiful scent and taste teasing me even more, making my cock twitch and  want. Lying there, no choice, you above me, your thighs so smooth and yet so hard as you grip me. Your pussy so warm  smooth, ready, just out of reach, my tongue reaching, wanting you, the smell so inviting.

Or when I was spanked and had to behave even though not tied – that was hard in more ways than one, but I did and the rush after.  Oooohhh. I am lucky in so many ways.

Your turn to be teased, tied , licked and fondled, nipples pinched, pulled, sucked, then clit touched ever so lightly, as fingers slide over your back, down your arms ,down over your legs to your feet before drifting up to touch your wetness and slide across your tight crinkled ass waiting for a finger to slide in, to excite, to prepare, to tease, to make you moan and beg., to make you squirm and wiggle, to see the smile flit across your face as you know it is me touching you. Wondering if tomorrow I will phone your office and expect no panties, no bra, who might see those nipples, so erect, so hard, so excited. Or perhaps your wet fingers licked and tasted after they have slid inside you.


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S's birthday spanking

Two weeks ago I offered up my butt for a birthday spanking for S. Didn’t get one for my own yet but have a promise. Thinking it was 36 spanks, I got sucked in to 70 on each cheek, after all a challenge has to be met. So here I am bent over the couch, naked while the paddle is being applied. 10 on one cheek and then a pause to take a picture since proof is required. Stay there, there are lots more to come. 10 to the right cheek, another pause. And the thought I am doing this for a friend. Only 60 more to go – owww. And all with the paddle. Smack and smack and smack. Getting redder, time for another picture. Will I be able to sit tomorrow? Does it matter. Maybe I will get it kissed better. Another ten on each, it feels awfully hot. Now have reached forty on each cheek, so red and so warm and I am hard, leaning against the couch. More than half done but now they feel hotter, I wonder what the pictures show. What led me to agree to this? But it does feel good.  Another set of swift spanks, ouch, and ouch again. I  am sure it will be tender tomorrow. Only another ten I think. Wow, that hurts, but I am proud I have done it. You are cheating I only agreed to 70, not red enough you think. I will feel this for days. Can I be on top please? To see pics click here.