Friday, November 23, 2007

taste test

He obliges and slides his head under you, looking up to watch the little droplets collecting,  hands holding him in place, not allowing yourself to settle down onto his mouth. Your thighs feel the tip of his tongue, sliding upward as you strain to  not settle, to force him to finally give you what you need, slowly, much too slowly, tasting the wetness which has leaked onto that soft skin, tickling as he licks, his warm breath cooling as it moves across your lips, his nostrils flaring with your scent, his cheeks brushing against you as you lessen the pressure and permit yourself to move ever so slightly downward, your hands sliding under you as finally you can take no more, squeezing your nipples as your face presses into the blanket, pinching harder as his tongue moves closer. Your moans pleading for more, for his tongue to take you, to push inside, to seize your clit, to suck and lick, to curl up in and reach that rough little area which gives you such pleasure. And then you feel it, stroking your clit, your blood pulsing with each stroke, your fingers pinching in rhythm, climbing higher, as his tongue probes between, his nose pressing against you, rubbing first on side then around as his tongue circles, tracing each lip, and then plunging in, heat meeting heat, forcing you, his fingers holding you open now, as his tongue batters you, and you squeeze and squeeze, needing that touch of pain, your mind going blank, as you bask in the sensations.  He sucks your clit into his mouth, deep and hard, feeling you swell, and throb, teeth biting gently, twisting and pulling, then releasing to suck again, so hard, wetness dripping down onto his face, needing release, rubbing into his face, onto his nose, and your thighs tighten holding him pressed to you, as it happens, trapping him, as your moans turn to screams of pleasure, your nipples so hard under your fingers, your mouth open, as you gasp for breath, slowly coming down, wanting to turn  over and mount him, knowing you are not finished, letting him wonder what you will allow.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

closer and closer

He moves down to your thighs,as instructed, ignoring the sweetness just above for the moment, instead, trailing his fingers down the back of your thighs, watching as you move your legs apart, offering what he is not allowed to take. Tickling behind your knees, goose bumps forming as you feel his breath teasing the tiny hairs, his lips and tongue making slow circles in the back of the each knee, as you feel his warmth above you, his chest sliding over you, and his hard nipples rubbing, down and down toward your feet, your toes ready, your legs spreading even wider, as if pulled by ropes tying you down to the bed, more and more open, offering, moans, and soft sighs as you wait. His mouth sucking in your toe, toying with it, his tongue swirling around, hot suction, in and out, your mind imagining his mouth on your clit, sucking just like that, pulling it in, letting it pop out, each time more suction, each time blood pulsing harder, teeth teasing, each toe laved, each toe possessed, each toe sucked, left damp, glowing, stretching, digging into the sheets, before he moves back up, so slowly, tongue licking, up and up, fingers holding your leg, your fingers tight as you fight the urge to turn over, to grab him and pull him into you, pressing his mouth onto you, wetting his cheeks. His tongue slides up the inside of your thigh, tracing the line where it meets your cheek, so close, so warm, then slides between your cheeks, seeking, reaching to touch, to lick, to wet, to press as you push up off the bed, offering your ass, offering so much more. Will he be allowed to  slide under you, praying his tongue will finally, finally touch your hot center, lick your wetness leaking down your thighs, and then move up, to press deep into you, following, seeking the source of the sweet juices? He licks and licks, pushing in between your cheeks, his tongue pressing in, swirling, and opening, your ass pulsing with the attention, waiting for your command, throbbing, leaking, taking pleasure in your moans, yours.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

needing more

He stops and rolls her over on her tummy, her hands still flexing beside her as she struggles not to touch herself, her skin glowing in the soft light as he looks down upon her. Hips swelling and cheeks inviting, her legs slightly open so he can see the glistening moisture on her thighs. Her hair, scattered around her head and down her shoulders, pulls his attention away from the warm flesh below. He smiles as he reaches down, to lift her hair off the back of her neck, then stretches down beside her, pressing himself against her so she feels his heat, his hardness, and his breath slides across her, teasing the fine hairs, tickling and arousing, as he blows gently, ever so gently, watching her body tighten, little goose bumps forming. His lips touch her neck, his tongue stretches out and licks, her smell filling his nostrils, so sweet, her taste slightly salty, drawing him closer, wanting more of her. His lips sucking in her skin, his teeth nibbling, as his tongue traces little circles, around and around, her hips flexing with each stroke, imagining him on her clit, licking in those circles, teeth nibbling.

Tongue sliding along the tendons, first one side, then the other, teeth tracing them, pressure, skin sucked, blood rushing to the surface, wondering if there will be traces, neck pushing back into his mouth, begging for more, please. Fingers tracing down your back, as he continues to lick and suck, following the sides of your spine, ever so slowly, then back up the sides, brushing the insides of your arms, the hairs on his arms tickling, daring you to move, daring you to give in, then soft strokes from the tips, eight fingers, drifting down, down to the curve of your ass, then up, feeling your heat grow, hearing the moans you cannot help but release, knowing he knows, knowing he pleases, knowing you must not move or he will stop, worried. Sensing the moisture, the heat, the scent of you on the air, so wet, so ready, body pleading. His tongue traces down your back, leaving a minute trail of moisture, his hands moving to your cheeks, opening them to his tongue, waiting for his first touch, needing his first touching, but no, he moves off your center, tongue tip trailing across your cheek, then sucking in mouthfuls of flesh, sucking harder, knowing he will indeed mark you, biting and taking, owning, as you swell more, panting, pushing up, demanding more, needing the slight pain, wanting the arousal than comes with it, beginning to beg, as you try not to squirm under his mouth. lips pulsing, both holes opening, clenching, pleading. Toes curled up, thighs straining.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Only beginning

Lying in bed, not daring to be naked, thoughts slipping through your mind, nipples hardening and slight wetness appearing, as you think of his body, his cute ass, his tight muscles, his so firm shoulders, his so firm cock, wondering what it would feel like, how ir would slide inside, opening you, spreading you wider, your thighs rubbing against his, legs clinging, pulling him in deeper, wanting, needing. But no, you mustn’t think. Feel the softness of your nightie as it rubs against your nipples, so sensitive, twitching, aching for fingers, for a warm mouth, a tongue teasing. Your fingers move, reach, pull back, and slip off your top, letting the cool air, blow across your breasts, hoping to ease the pressure building, as your panties become damper, clinging, needing to be pulled away, drawing your mind back to the swelling, to the scent of yourself, imagining the taste on his mouth after he licks, and sucks your clit inward, the pulsing taking you higher and higher, as your body arches, pushing up into that imaginary mouth, soft moans escaping as you hold yourself back. His tongue sliding over your neck, tracing the tendon, upward to your ear, around the back, fingers following, barely touching, as you strain for the faintest sensation, Soft kisses, trace your hairline, the feel of his breath on your brow, eyes closed, as he slowly, so slowly lets his fingers trail down, around your eyes, over your cheeks, toward your mouth, lips slightly open, mouth now following fingers, tracing your upper lip, your mouth opening wider, reaching for the finger, as it moves down over your other lip, wet with your scent, pulling down, as you surrender to the sensations, fists clenching by your side, please, please, more. So gentle, so soft, so arousing, all his attention on you, giving and pleasing, as his tongue slides down your arm, tickling licking over the inside of the elbow, down to the wrist, opening the fists, and sucking each finger in, in turn, slowly, deeply, leaving them slightly damp, tingling, throbbing in time with your clit, once, twice he sucks, then moves across your tummy, tongue tracing his path, as he treats your other hand, each finger receiving, taken, once, twice, your aching nipples and aching clit hardening more. Longing, for that tongue, for more, for teeth to bite, to pull, to squeeze and force your climax, To suck it out of you, no choice, having to surrender, to him, to your needs, to his control.