Tuesday, March 23, 2010

hot vibes

It’s been a while since I added to this blog but a friend of mine inspired me to write after enjoying an exciting time on the back of a motorcycle.

It was her first time with a powerful machine between her legs, the vibes spreading up her legs as they clenched and flexed, tight jeans stretched taunt against the heated metal, leather vest rubbing against her naked nipples, leaning into his back, tanned and firm, muscles bulging as he controlled their ride, a small smile on his face as he revved and caused her to reach around , hanging onto his chest, fingers splayed over his nipples, sharp nails digging in with each quick movement, each shift of gears, gouging and exciting, as he felt himself harden, trapped in his buttery soft worn leather pants. Lengthening slowly, firmer now, her mouth reaching his ear, please, faster, so needy, teeth gripping, her vest opening as her naked skin touches his, hard nipples tracing patterns on his back as they race, each striving for more, pushing the limits, jeans wet, rubbing, as her mouth opens, gasping, moaning, clenching, reaching for him, fingers sliding down his chest, lower, lower, his hard cock waiting, wanting her, wanting her touch, one stroke, one caress, one scratch, aching as he feels her writhe behind him, pushing him to join, to add, to enhance, the explosion coming, spurting, leathers wet, jeans dripping, so hot, needing more, needing to go on, to climb higher, to dive down, sweetness, soft meeting hard, stopping to pull off pants, to pull off jeans, mouths meeting, nipple to nipple, sliding, so close, as she climbs on and seats herself , he behind, hard cock trapped between her cheeks, her legs spread wide, accepting, the vibrations penetrating, his arms wrapped around, tugging and stretching with each turn, nipples pinched, squeezed as the spasms overtake, her clit pressed against the hard machine, his cock sliding as his mouth seeks her neck, biting down, marking her, screaming into the wind, as he takes her, as she takes him, each lost, each striving, each sharing, each planning the next time.


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