Thursday, May 27, 2010


Lying there on his stomach, waiting for her touch, the feel of her nails sliding down his back, digging in, sweet pain, cheeks tightening in anticipation, the feel of her hand, the rush, the need, legs slightly spread,, open to her, waiting, willing, wishing. Skin touching skin, nipples drifting down as her lips, her teeth ,work their way down, teasing, nibbling, marking, each touch, each kiss, each bite, each moan, as he lies there, hands clenched into fists, as she toys, tortures, tests, as is her right. A hard spank, turning, offering nipples to her, his cock dripping, her fingers grasping, squeezing, pinching, mouth sucking, biting, licking, pussy oozing tongue searching, reaching, tasting, smothering, hot wetness on his face, such sweetness, demanding, taking him, using him for her pleasure, driving him higher, buried into her, his tongue seeking that roughness, her bites on his thighs throbbing, her nails grasping nipples, as she rides, so wet, so warm, so wanting, his tongue stretching, curling, pressing in, hers.