Thursday, March 29, 2007

Early morning wake-up

This morning i woke to find You over me, Your fingers on my nipples teasing me awake, looking up up Your smooth silky legs, to Your pussy lips beckoning to me, already swollen and so pink, glistening in the early morning sunlight streaming in the window. As You lower Yourself slowly down onto my face, Your nails scratching down my stomach, leaving long red lines, slight pain, causing me to grow more aroused each moment, i smell Your sweet scent, tendrils wafting down into my nose, breathing in Your essence, filling me with You, my tongue automatically reaches up, waiting, my lips parted. Such a treat to be able to lick and suck first thing in the morning. my hands clench beside me as i remember not to reach up and pull You into me, but wait as You tease, slowly moving closwer and closer, Your thigh muscles tightening as You control Your descent, then moving closer together to hold my headin place, the smooth firm skin rubbing against my cheeks,and seizing my neck. My nostrils flair as You rub Your clit on the tip of my nose, wetting it, sliding over it, before finally settling onto my mouth, the tip of my tongue catching the droplets beaded there.

Each droplet so delicate and so full of flavour, and i reach out for more, gathering them and bringing them in to savour, to let swirl inside my mouth, coating my tongue, Your gift to me. My tongue licks over each of Your lips, up and around and down, tracing them with the tip of my tongue, the slightest touch and i feel You pulse against it, another stroke so gentle and Your lips seem to swell more , as if striving to get closer. You seem content to let my tongue glide over You, tracing each little wrinkle, each, curve, searching between and around, touching, teasing, probing so delicately, again and again, as more juices seem to gather, needing to be sucked, and taken in, but then You press down harder, more demanding, and i know i need to press back up, beginning to suck Your lips between mine, pulling them into my mouth, my teeth grasping each, pulling out, as my tongue strokes harder,and harder, then pushes deep into You, mouth open as wide as i can so my tongue can reach deep into You, my breath hot on Your skin, each breath in laden with moisture, with Your scent, as You rub harder against my nose, Your clit swollen and aching for my tongue, for my teeth, for my suction. finally i touch it, a little flick, and feel it respond, another flick, another twitch and You press harder on to me, Your thighs squeezing me, moans reaching my ears faintly, telling me to continue, don't stop, suck harder, and i take Your clit into me, hard suction, harder, making it swell even more, so engorged now, so sensitive, as i let my teeth caress it, press it, hold it, as i attack it with my tongue, tip hardened, lashing faster, swirling around and around it, up on side, down the other, again and again, needing You to cum, needing the waves of pleasure to curse through You, needing to feel You stiffen against me, to whail, to scream, as Your peak hits You, my nipples so aroused and my body tingling with excitement, with the pleasure of serving, Your nails digging harder into my skin, gouging me, as Your thighs begin to flex, as Your hips begin to pump, as You squirm over my face, driving me to dig deep inside of You, to rub my nose harder against Your clit, stroking and sucking, stroking and sucking, licking and licking, so aroused, and then than one last stroke, pushes You over. and i smile deep inside, mmmmmm. what a nice morning.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


i'm standing beside the bed and You tell me to strip, as he licks Your pussy, Your eyes locked on mine as i begin to lower my jeans.

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Smiling as i obey, You order me to turn and show You my ass.

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Lower them more You command, I want to see your balls.
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And as i move to do so, You say you may watch us, but do not touch yourself. Crawl up here beside it. Watch as he licks. See his tongue sliding over Me, See how wet I am, Imagine your tongue and his, stroking into Me, both thrusting inside of Me, tangles, stretching, serving, pleasing. Watch him lick my clit, see it grow for him. you want it don't you. you want your tongue there, two tongues sliding around and around, two tongues, one on My clit, one inside of Me, curling, rubbing from the inside while the other rubs from the outside. Feeling me tighten and squeeze as i cum, squirting into two mouths. yes, you want that, need it, need to taste Me, to worship Me, to pleasure Me and in pleasuring Me, please yourself. Watch, and drool, watch and feel your nipples harden, watch.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

My ass

You always seem so fascinated with my ass. You rolled me over on my stomach, and pulled me up onto my knees, my face pressed down into the bed, as You run Your nails over it. scratching, digging into it, marking me with long lines, circles, feeling me squirm under You. Then reaching up to my shoulders, dragging Your nails down, slowly down my back, over my ass again, down onto my thighs, spreading my legs apart, so You can scratch the inner thighs, then return outside, up my sides, as Your nipples brush over my back, the contrast of the tickles as they slide and the nails, pressing deeply into me, sending waves of pleasure through me, as i try to hold still for You. i feel Your tongue tracing the marks You have made, the tip soothing, so sensual, so arousing, sliding over my ass, around and around, then dipping between my cheeks, to trail downward, over the back of my balls, pressing, and seeing them twitch. You lean back and suddenly give me a swat, then another, and i know You are pleased. i push my ass out more for You, offering it for Your attention, Your pleasure, and i feel You kissing, sucking in my flesh, Your teeth biting in, my skin purpling, bruising, the redness from Your nails blending into the circles made by Your mouth. i so want to look back, but know i have no permission to do so. i can only stay and feel, each touch, each sensation, each pleasure, each pain You bestow, praying You will allow me to cum for You, begging for Your fingers to stroke, to probe, to enter, throbbing, and waiting, obeying, hands folded under my head, nipples swollen, so hard, ass throbbing, my cock dripping, waiting. Your fingers digging in, spreading, and penetrating, probing for that spot, opening me, preparing to take, wider and wider, as You toy. The tips of Your hard nipples rubbing on my cheeks as i feel Your breath on my back, causing me to shudder and push back against Your fingers. You pull back and laugh, "stay there and don't move while I decide what to do with you, to you".

Saturday, March 03, 2007

14 inches

Wow. 14 inches. ok, ok, not what You are thinking. Snow. i saw the drool in Your mouth at the thought. It's above freezing and ideal for a walk in the woods, everywhere white, untouched, waiting to be touched, fondled, played with, teased and tantilized. Tree branches covered with snow, waiting to drop on our heads. Big fluffy mounds, waiting for attention. Snow angels snow. Flop down and make an angel. Here i'll help You, let me pull down that zipper, Your pretty pink nipples crinkling as the cool air reaches them, my mouth warming them, feeeling them grow fat and hard. i lie on top of You, taking Your arms and moving them back and forth, back and forth in the snow, them tangle my feet around Your boots and push Your legs out and in, out and in, my cock growing inside my jogging pants as we begin to kiss. You roll me over so that You are on top, pushing Your breast into my mouth, needing it to be sucked, nibbled on, then dragging it across my face, sliding it over my cheeks, batting my nose with it, so playful this morning. trapping my face between Your breasts, Your sweet fresh smell melting into the fresh air, filling my lungs, as i breath deeply, and slowly, looking up into Your eyes. You push down my pants and grab my cock, stroking it, so slowly, grasping it tightly, up and down, then let Your mouth take it in, so hot after the cool air, so wet, so warm, Your tongue teasing the little hole, pushing into it, sucking out the little clear droplets, feeling it grow harder and fuller in Your mouth, and let it pop back out, wisps of vapour rising from it into the air.

You pull me to my feet and we walk on hand in hand, my cock and Your breasts, exposed to the spring sun, enjoying the quiet, the moment together, before returning to the mundane world.

Friday, March 02, 2007


You are not finished with me though and tell me to lie down on the bed, my cuffed hands trapped underneath me, as You rub Your hard nipples up my legs, teasing me with their feel, slow, smooth, up and up, my cock throbbing, dripping, as You move closer and closer, Your fingers guiding Your nipples, keeping them erect, as You rub them on my thighs. I feel Your breath on my cock, wondering if i will be privileged to feel Your hot, wet, tongue and lips on my, but You move further up my body, reaching my nipples and taking the left one, the one which is always more sensitive, fatter, into Your mouth, hard suction pulling it out from me, Your teeth biting into it, scrapping off it as Your teeth cling, digging into, the pressure getting harder as the oh so sensitive tip is worried by them. My pulsing cock is trapped against Your thighs, and You wiggle against it, giggling as You feel it throb to the touch of Your skin. Taking the other nipple You treat it as You have its pair, Your nails meanwhile pinching the one just released, keeping it hard, sending waves of pleasure pain through me, sucking and pinching, biting and pinching, nails digging in so hard, as i can only moan, and give in to the sensations coursing through me. You move back down across my stomach, sucking in my skin and nibbling, before taking Your breasts and wrapping them around my cock, Your hard nipples sliding over the fluids dripping from me, rubbing up and down the shaft, over the head, down to my balls, as You toy with me, watching each throb, stroking me with Your nipples, then squeezing Your breasts together around my cock, and sliding them up and down over it, so close to Your mouth and then so far, my moans growing louder as i resist and obey.

But today, You want more than to just see Your control over me, and You slide up my body, Your sweet lips descend on mine, and Your tongue thrusts into me as You rub my cock on Your wet pussy, over your clit, Your tongue taking my mouth as You use my cock to stroke Your clit, wetting it as it slides through Your lips, around and around Your clit, my mouth open for You as i moan into Yours, in and out You thrust, and then suddenly You slide down onto my cock, deep into You, hard, surrounded by Your pussy, rubbing against the walls, feeling the tight muscles massaging me, Your nipples rubbing against mine now as You continue Your assault on my mouth, lifting Yourself and dropping down onto me, burying me deep, deep in You, each hard stroke causing another throb, another moan, another gasp as i lie helpless under You. On and on it goes, such pleasure, such a sweet surprise, i wonder what i have done to deserve this reward, or is it just You decided to use me, my pleasure incidental to Yours.

I feel You begin to spasm around my cock, and i beg You to allow me to cum, please, please, mingling between the moans, and You smile into my eyes and just nod, as i spurt inside of You, blissful release, body arching up, as all my muscles tense with the waves surging through me. You lift Yourself off of me and move up over my face, pressing Your pussy down onto my mouth. my tongue reaching out to lick and suck the mingled juices from Your lips and thighs, such a sweet mixture, licking as sucking as i probe deep into You, reaching for more, and i feel You spasm once more above me, pushing more juice into my mouth with each pulse, before pulling away and lying beside me, stroking my body, long, comforting strokes, over my chest, Your head resting just under my chin, Your soft hair, rubbing against me.