Sunday, August 10, 2008


She crawls up the stairs to the bed, her cute butt wiggling as she tempts him to follow. He too, on his hands and knees, eyes following each muscle as it flexes, mouth watering at each little droplet sliding down her thigh, the memory of her taste lingering on his tongue, the feel of her muscles clenching as he licked and sucked in his mind, driving him upwards, closer, mouth stretching to lick and taste again. Knowing she wants his mouth on her ass, biting, sucking, marking as she opens herself to him, he climbs faster, tumbling onto the bed as she pushes her ass up to him. His tongue teasing down the lovely divide, licking, his teeth scraping, opening her wider, his hands taking her cheeks and spreading, pushing her down into the bed, her nipples rubbing on the scratchy comforter, exciting them, the rubbing forcing them into harder peaks, needing his mouth, his fingers,the pinches, the bites, wanting, waiting as his tongue explores, taking her, forcing moans from her, controlled by her, diving into her, licking and curling inside, clit sucked and nibbled, thighs tensing, knowing she might not turn over, feeling the wetness oozing from her, wanton, wet, willing, needing,he throbbing and waiting, what will she demand next?