Thursday, June 29, 2006


I have a friend, a wonderful friend, who lost a close companion today, one she has cared for, nurtured and protected, one who has given her comfort and warded off loneliness. She needs hugs and shoulders to cry on. And most of all she needs to know she has friends who are there for her. She is far away and so I cannot hold her and hug her but I can let her know that I care and I share her loss.  Rain and tears do go away and the sun will shine again and then a walk on the beach, holding hands and just being there will help I hope.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


It is still raining, albeit a warm rain, our shelter allows for a fire, and a cover to keep the rain off. All are asleep around us, the fire glowing and chasing the bugs, the sweet smell swirling around us as the smoke curls up and then drifts out from under the canvas. We sit side by side, comfortable with each other, sharing the feel of our bodies touching, watching the flames, feeling the touch on our skin, each of us slowly softly removing the few clothes we have on so that we side naked looking at the fire, our skin touching, soft and warm and inviting. Knowing we are naughty and feeling at peace with the world. No one else around to interfere, to push, to judge, just enjoying being together, anticipating when we crawl inside our tent, to know what we will do, naked together, the fire outside casting shadows, the soft touches, the hard strokes, the quiet moans, the nibbles, casting shadows but no one sees. To slip gently into sleep beside each other, holding, touching, protecting and sharing. Knowing we will wake tomorrow and be together.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

hot rain

It is indeed still raining – but it is a warm rain with lightning and thunder every so often. The beach is hard packed and the waves are soothing to the ear. It’s pitch black, only our flashlights penetrate the sky. You have your toys in your backpack, having told me to bring nothing, you would take care of everything. You turn off your flashlight and tell me to turn off mine. It is pitch black, as I wait for your decisions, standing, in the dark, waiting. Listening to the waves, hearing the soft crashes as they break on the shore.  I feel your fingers slide down my back, tingles starting as you pull my shorts off me leaving me naked, wanting, waiting.  You push me down onto my back. I feel the sand under me as you run your fingers over my body, lighting stroking my face, my mouth reaching trying to catch them, they move down my body, my nipples teased and pinched and twisted. You pull my arms out and I feel the rope wrapping around my wrists holding me down, waiting, wanting. So hard and so ready, but I know I have no control. You control the night, the dark, the smell, the sound. I sense your body over me, your warmth and smell descending on my mouth, your wetness there for me to taste. So sweet, slightly salty from the ocean, your lips demanding my attention, your clit probing into my mouth, throbbing. I feel your pulse on my tongue. Your legs gripping my head, holding me to you, such firm thighs, keeping me between your legs, pressing on my mouth, demanding I suck you, lick you, kiss you, taste you, love you. I feel your wetness seeping into my beard, sliding down my neck, slowly, making me yours, knowing you control, knowing I will give you what you want, knowing you can scream out to the waves, knowing I am yours.  

Monday, June 26, 2006


Hmmm. Isolated beaches. Nude. Tent pegs. Hmmm. Soft rope. Hmmmm. Waterproof vibes. It is raining after all. You can moan as loud as you want. Hmmm. Warm rain. Tasty rain. Tasty moisture. Dripping. Leaking. Hmmmm. Mouth open slightly, tongue licking your lips, eyes closed against the rain, nipples pointing at the sky. Hmmm.  Oh my this will be a beautiful day.

And then it is your turn.

Smiles. And definitely kisses.

summer rain

Well, I think I will just have to accept it is going to rain all summer and stop bitching about it. So from now on, it’s singing in the rain – well not really, but playing in the rain sounds good- on a nude beach with the rain gently falling, warm rain of course, wet bodies sliding against each other, licking the droplets off of nipples and having them licked off of me. Walking into the ocean, holding each other, letting the waves wash over us, the rain splashing around us, our bodies entwined, lips clinging, tongues teasing, nipples hard and aching. Fingers probing into openings, teasing, exciting. Moans no one else can hear, as the hidden beach beckons us back to provide support, as we lie together with the waves slipping over us,  driving into you and feeling your warm wet body above me, gripping me hard inside you. Much better than the swimming pool.

Smiles. There is a good side to rain.

Friday, June 23, 2006

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

friends in need

Just when I had my days cleared for a pleasant and exciting couple of days being played with and playing, life lifts its ugly head and  bites you in the ass so instead of getting spanked, I spend two days going to funerals, reminding me of how short life can be sometimes and how lucky some are to live so long and enjoy so much and others have their life cut short. So unfair. So sad.  

I guess the lesson is to enjoy every moment, take the time to enjoy your friends, take the time to give and to receive, and never, never forget your friends. They help so much and just give when you need it, and what else can you do but give to them when they need you. I am glad I was able to help my friend. I am exhausted but I think I have helped.

And playing can always be rescheduled once the crisis passes and life starts to return to normal – but  not too long now. Who knows what might happen.

Smiles. It is summer. And I have friends.  

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rain rain go away cum again....

Saturday and it’s still raining – 30 mph winds, from the north-east- another 2 inches forecast tomorrow – not even a thunderstorm to watch- and it’s only 52 degrees – really –it’s June friends and I just lit the fireplace- but now it would be warm enough to strip naked and cuddle – naked skin to naked skin. Let me rub your back, give you a massage, spread  warm oil over you, so the skin slips on skin, so sensual, warm, arousing. Would you like to be tied down or tie me down? Or just let us slide softly against each other, feeling the comfort of being with a friend, floating, sharing. Mmmmmm.


Thursday, June 08, 2006


It’s still cold and rainy – strong winds from the north, keeping summer at bay.  Normally a fireplace and watching snow fall would be wonderful, but now thoughts of bonfires and nakedness in the great outdoors fill the air. Alone in the woods, a fire, naked, stroking each other, playing, teasing, mmmmm. A cookie or two to set the mood, a bottle of delicious wine to relax the bod, then time to enjoy, to feel, to taste, to nibble, and bite, to spank and take and to give, wanting and being wanted –is that not a beautiful summer? Time for the sun to shine and the moon to glow and the rain to give up and take its turn. That sounds so good my friends.
It will happen.
Smiles all.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

stormy thoughts

The wind is blowing, rain falling. It would be so much nicer to be standing on the shore looking out at the storm, seeing the waves crashing, splashing and hearting them boom. Warmly dressed since it is nasty out, leaning against you, feeling your warmth even through the layers of clothes, hoping tomorrow will be sunny and the many layers will be stripped away so you can walk along the beach, holding hands, leaving the first footprints of the day on the sand, the shadows stretching long behind you, two figures touching. Retreating to the tent, to lie together entwined and listen to the surf and the sigh of the wind, to nestle and warm each other, to feel crinkled nipples, and wet lips, to stroke softly and enjoy the feeling of being with someone, comforting and being comforted, sharing. An isolated beach allowing you to crawl out into the sun and stretch out naked under it, to allow yourself to be free and uninhibited, to just be yourself and leave all of the cares and concerns behind, to relax, to feel you are indeed with a friend, a true friend, one who understands and does not judge as you do not judge, but listen and hug and console and then make smile

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Summer thoughts keep intruding. Camping sounds like such a wonderful idea. Even a weekend in some hidden out of the way park. Far from the city. A campfire. No one around. Walking around naked. Sitting and gazing into the fire while our hands play. Drinking wine and  indulging in other decadent activities (hehe). Able to enjoy just being in the outdoors, n o stress, no concerns, just relaxing, smiling at each other. Being friends, lovers. No pressure, no need to feel we have to do anything or be anyone. Just ourselves. Trusted and trusting. The stars come out and the moon is there, just enough light to add to the touching. Seeing the lips as they approach, feeling the kisses, the soft skin rubbing, the hard nipples touching each other, as we lean in. A summer interlude before we have to return to the everyday world. But so precious. And so full of wonderful memories.