Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another test

She had not invited him over since the last test, making him wait and wonder if he had done something wrong, not lived up to her expectations, but tonight she planned another test of his limits. A quick call and some instructions brought him to her door. She had told him she desperately needed a massage and that he was very good at it. This time she set no limits.

The oil was warmed, candles alight, and her tiny thong could be glimpsed under the filmy negligee. Taking him by the hand, she drew him into the room, unbuttoning his shirt, hands rubbing over his chest, teasing his nipples while mouths met, lips slightly parted, warm breath intertwining. Little nips on his lower lip, then down his neck, taking each hard nipple into her mouth and sucking it, tiny bites drew moans from him aand her hands moved lower, opening his pants and freeing him. Pants falling to the floor as she knelt and took him in, warm and firm against her tongue, teasing the tip and then sucking him deeper, lips pressing against him as she grasped his muscular cheeks. Pulling back to leave him glistening in the candlelight, dripping, she led him to the bed. Letting the negligee slip from her shoulders, she lay back, her nipples tight and aching, needing his hands, his mouth, his teeth. Taking her head between his hands, holding her in place, his mouth descended on hers, tongue pushing in, dueling, lips swelling, his legs trapping hers, she can feel him pressing into her, and she knows he will do whatever she asks him tonight.

Pushing him back, she whispers "the oil.... please.... you promised". With a smile, he pours a small pool of oil across her tummy, hands moving in circles, spreading the oil, up and around her breasts, over the nipples, giving each a small pull, pressing them in, watching them grow longer, oil around her neck, fingers tracing, as she lies under him, reveling in his touch, wetness growing as he works her muscles, down her arms, each finger receiving attention, back up the arms, to the shoulders, once again working her nipples, his mouth tasting the fragrant oil, cleaning them, sucking hard before spreading new oil, hands moving down, over her thighs, down to her toes, firm strokes, as he moves back up, before pulling the thong off and tossing it away, her legs spreading, allowing his touch, fingers pulling and teasing, tongue and teeth on her now, reaching in, sucking her clit, oil forgotten as he drives her higher, hands reaching under to lift her, squeezing her cute ass, opening her, fingers sliding down between, tracing, probing as she gasps and moans.

She flips over, offering her ass, oil it, massage it, spank it,flog it. His hands taking it, spreading it wide, pulling her until she kneels, head on the bed, waiting, needing, hoping, will he? Oil dripping down on to her, sliding down her crease, his hands controlling her, slipping down, between, under, her clit pinched, her hands on her nipples , pulling them and twisting them. Oil massaged into her back, he hard against her ass as he leans over to reach her shoulders, then down, down the back of her thighs, moving her legs wider, back up to cup that ass, so inviting, his hand descending on one cheek, then the other, her moans louder, then "it's in the drawer, please , use it, hard, make it sting". He pulls out her flogger, standing, he traces across her ass, down between her legs, before the first stroke, then a second, again and again, her ass growing red, her tears flowing, her moans filling the room, again and again as she pushes up, until he has to take her, his need overwhelming him as he plunges into her, hard, desperate, feeling the heat of her surround him, the press of her ass against his stomach, leaning over her, marking her neck, pulling out and turning her, her legs wide, welcoming, her nipples swollen, as he sucks each one in turn, her fingers finding his, pinching, twisting, her teeth in his shoulder, sweet pain mixed with pleasure, spasms beginning, muscles tightening, wetness mingling, slowing, calming, hugging, holding, nestling, soft kisses, warm arms, safe and protected.