Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Did you ever wonder why massages are so popular? Is it because the act of allowing someone to touch your body is an accepting of vulnerability, a feeling of safety and comfort, permission to relax and forget the cares and worries? It seems that way sometimes, yet there are so many massage parlours, total strangers, allowed to stroke and touch and manipulate, some just to relax the muscles, others with more sensual intent. Is it the reaching out for that human contact we all need, or is it simply an expression of mutual trust and openness, which we are not allowed to have in much of our daily lives these days?

Yet, a massage from a partner, a friend, is so much more intimate that the most erotic massage in a room in some warehouse part of the city, two stories up rickety stairs. Sterile and a business, shower first, non- allergenic oils, new cover on the table after each client, shower after. Do they talk, smile, exchange pleasantries, or is it straight down to business? A quick rub and then a quick Rub, and thank you ma’am? At least it is not your own hand for a change.

The feel of skin under my hands, the sweet smelling oil, as it helps glide my hand across your body, your skin soaking in the oil, absorbing it as I rub it and knead your muscles, removing the day’s knots, each muscle in its turn receiving its due, the soft moans of contentment my reward as I feel you slipping into a trancelike state. First your neck, then your shoulders, on down over your back, to those ass muscles and letting my fingers slide down between the cheeks and lower yet to see how wet you have become, before continuing on, your thighs, your calves, your ankles and toes, now turning you over to see your eyes half closed, your arms spread, your nipples erect. More oil draws my fingers slowly up your legs, jumping over your pussy already begging for attention to caress your breasts, your nipples, your neck as it bends back showing me your trust. Then finally back down to rub the oil through your lips, over your clit, slipping inside to feel the heat, the wet, your scent and the oil’s mingling to entice and draw me closer, my tongue remembering your taste and my fingers starting that rhythm you like so much, sliding into you to curl against the roughness waiting there, your legs spreading wider, to allow my mouth access. You  feel my breath on you, teasing as I breathe you in. My tongue finds you, licking the oil and you into my mouth, your body shudders as you  release and I snuggle up to you, holding you, skin to skin, warmth to warmth, as you fall asleep, my fingers softly sliding over your skin, comforting fingers, relaxing fingers, soothing fingers. sleep my baby.  

Monday, September 25, 2006

the bed

It seems it is my turn to be played with. As you stretch my arms out, fastening them to the rings already attached to the bed, I feel my nipples hardening. You slip the blindfold over my eyes and I hear you moving about, then my legs are slowly pulled apart so I am open for your attentions. Your hot mouth descents on my nipple, sucking and biting, and I cannot help but moan, your mouth biting into my skin, marking me as yours, as you move down across my stomach stopping to suck and chew and tease, before binding my cock as then taking it in to your mouth, the feel so exquisite, slippery, sliding in and out, your lips dragging on it as if you are not sure whether you will allow it to escape. I feel the flogger sliding over my skin and wonder where and when you will use it, Will my nipples be your target. Or my thighs. Or my cock.  You let it tickle across my body, teasing me, running it over my face and down my legs. Slight soft stings, you hesitate as if unsure, perhaps worrying you will injure me. I hear the click of the camera, as you take pics of me, lying there, so helpless, but smiling, eager for you to use me, to enjoy, to let me please you. Your thighs surround my face and you lower yourself on my mouth, the sweet, tangy scent of you growing closer and closer, my tongue extended reaching to receive your taste, to part your hairs, to receive your taste, to probe into you. You settle more firmly onto my mouth, and I hear the moans faintly through your thighs covering my ears. I feel them tremble as my tongue toys with your clit, before moving down to lick deep into you, my nose pressing against your clit, awash in your juices, my beard so wet, liquid sliding down my neck , you shift us slightly offering your crinkled hole to my tongue. I move juice up to it to lubricate it more and tease it, trying to pry it open, to force my tongue in there. Your moans are louder as I probe but you shift once again and my tongue is back, driving into your pussy. My cock hard with the joy of you taking me, I am yours and I love it. Cum for me my baby, let me feel I have done this for you. Let me feel the pulsing under my tongue, the tensing of those muscles as you hold me tighter and tighter. Mmmm.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

the bath

You’ve been having a rough week so I suggest a nice warm bath. You agree, little knowing the tub is already filled, with oils added and that I plan to be the one giving you the bath, You are to just lie back and let me treat you. You walk into the candlelit bath, the steam rising from the water, the oils giving off a soft subtle scent, your body quickening as you remove each item of clothes, feeling me watch you, guessing I will want to be there, to at least watch you, perhaps to help but you still are not sure, thinking I might just sit there and admire you as the oils slide over your skin and you relax.

You slip into the water, the caress feeling so nice as the water and oil slide up your body, over your thighs, your tummy, and your breasts as you slide deeper, until you are under, only your head above water. So warm, each muscle letting the heat creep in, and you look up to see me stripping off my clothes, first my chest with my nipples hard, then my jeans slide off , leaving me in my black thong, my cock bulging out, pressing in to the material, looking to escape. As I peel it down you see my cock, hard already, the head revealed followed by the hard shaft, and them my balls, and you know I want you, want to take you there, in the water. As you want me, your mouth already opening as you think of taking me in to you, sucking, teasing, controlling me with your mouth.

I move closer to you, offering to wash you, everywhere. Your leg rises out of the water, offering your toes and foot to me, my hands reaching to massage and clean, my mouth thinking of the feel of your toes, wondering should I clean them with my mouth or wait for other prizes to be offered up. My hands sliding over your foot and toes, probing between the toes, rubbing the bottom around and over the top, up the legs, your calf and thigh waiting for my fingers, as your breasts bob in the water, your nipples obviously hard.

Let me wash your back before I climb into the tub with you, my fingers sliding across your smooth skin. The feel of your skin so exciting to me, my cock throbbing and little drops forming on the tip. My mind on your mouth as I reach over to clean your nipples, my fingers squeezing and toying, feeling the firmness between them, the soft moans escaping you, just adding to my joy in pleasuring you. Such soft skin, such a beautiful back there in front of me, your hair spread out over it. Lie back now while I climb in with you. Lift your neck and open it to me , let me rub the oil in and round, relaxing the tendons, little circles under your ears, up and around the top of your ears, onto your forehead. Close your eyes baby and just feel. Feel my lips as I follow my fingers, kissing gently around your eyes, over your cheeks, and down to your mouth, opening you, and slipping my tongue in to toy and tease and taste, to feel you pulling me into to you, our tongues entwined, caught up, holding.

Let me kiss down your body, your nipples so proud and waiting, wanting, before moving lower, between your legs, lifted out of the water, waiting for my mouth, my tongue, open, ready, the sweet oil and water leaving your lips open, as my tongue licks inward, tasting your taste, over the oil, sucking those soft lips in, to take between my lips, to nibble, to clean, to savour, before plunging deeper, reaching for that spot, while my fingers toy with your clit, pulling your climax from you, those muscles tensed as you reach higher and higher, my cock pressing against your legs, pulsing, as I feel you grip my tongue harder and your excitement grows, the muscles clenching harder, before the loud moans echo across the room and your fingers grab my hair holding me to you, before slowly sinking back into the water. Time to dry you off baby before we move to the bedroom and the fire glowing there.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

rock on

curlers rock and rockers curl - check this out! hehe.


or check it on youtube at:

dessert on the deserted beach

Walking on the beach, now that it is fall, holding hands, listening to the waves, feeling the wind blow in, feet bare, toes playing in the sand. The wind is cool, but the sun warm. The tourists have vanished and all is deserted. Crossing over the dune, we are protects of from the wind and can sit warming in the sun, jackets off now, so I see your nipples, hard and inviting pressing against your t-shirt. Looking about and seeing no one, my hand slides up under you shirt to tease, then pinch, gently at first and then harder. You mouth opens and a soft moan escapes. You lie back against the sand, giving me tacit permission to continue, your legs in your tight jeans sliding apart, allowing my hand to press between them and feel your heat, the hint of wetness. As a slide the zipper down, I see the red undies you like to wear and let my fingers roam over the outside of them, feeling how you have already soaked them, your scent drifting up to me, a slightly salty scent, a light hint of musk mingled with a touch of what can closest be described as mussel-like, mouth watering and cock hardening. You let me slide your jeans down off your hips leaving them around your knees, your undies following, as your legs bend open, offering yourself to me, to my mouth, the sun on my back as I lower my mouth to you, my tongue licking out to taste, to probe, to excite. You push up to me, letting my lips suck on yours, as you tighten around my tongue, the pulsing grabbing it and holding it in, sucking it deeper into you, your thighs tightening around me, as your reach higher, wanting more, crying out to the wind, the ocean, the waves, the sun. Spilling yourself into me, my beard drenching, my nose coated with your essence. We roll over and I hold you, close in my arms, in the warm sun, resting.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

horrors hehe

I went 2 days without internet access. Do you know how tough that is – here  I am sitting in a hotel room, it’s midnight, dial –up does not even work (14.4 k imagine) and this after 15 tries. So of course I’m thinking of you, my nipples hardening as I imagine what you are doing. It’s warm out, so the A/C is on, keeping things nice on cool so I lie there, starting to stroke myself as I imagine you there watching. My hand moving slowing up and down, the tip, dripping slow drops, thinking of you there watching, playing as you see me play, your lips opening  as your fingers slide inside, your wetness coating them as they emerge into the light, it seems to me I can smell your scent in the air, sense you there, my cock hardens as I feel and smell. I think of you telling me to stroke so slowly, to wait, to let the body enjoy and let the feelings build. Long slow strokes, eyes closed, picturing you there watching, listening for the sounds I so like to hear as your fingers move in and out, liquid sounds, soft moans, my ears reaching for them, my brain hunting, my hand stroking, my cock pulsing.

My hand quickens as I feel my cock beginning to twitch, the pulsing as I feel the pressure building, the spurts cumming, warm on my stomach, one reaching almost to my nipple, slow stroking pulling the last from me, my fingers coated and waiting to be sucked, mmmm.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

sleepy sex

It’s  a cloudy, cold, rainy day. Just the type of day to stay in bed and hide from the world. To play and let all your cares disappear in the joy of touching and hugging and loving. Pull the covers up and crawl under down to your pussy, to lick and taste, waking you to the day. Sleepy sex , slow teasing, soft moving, quiet moans, wetness spilling, thighs spreading, tongue licking., body arching, tongue probing, teeth nibbling, nipples hardening, body spasming , and then drifting back to sleep.  

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The age guess contest on ib has received lots of hits but only three guesses , so here's another pic to help you along. Don't be shy. just pick an age. smiles.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

guess the age contest

I posted this on ib my alternate site as a guess the age post. If you'd like to enter to guess the age of this guy do so based solely on the picture and be honest hehe.

Monday, September 11, 2006

a rum affair

Just mixing up a batch of rum toddy batter – dark brown sugar, butter, nutmeg, clove, cardamon – keeps in the fridge indefinitely. Perfect to dig out and take to the beach on a cool, fall evening.

Imagine sitting in front of a small campfire, boiling water from the thermos pouring into the mug, a dollop of batter, stir and then a healthy shot of dark rum. Stir once more and sip slowly, letting the heat slowly seep through your body, sliding down your throat, settling in your tummy, to spread out slowly, steadily through the rest of you. Your legs stretch out, your arms relax, your shoulders settle. Listening to the waves, gazing into the fire, dark, just stars to light up the sky. You feel safe. Safe enough to open your top and offer your breasts to me. Safe enough to kiss, to share the hot rum fumes, the sweet taste of your lips on mine. A second toddy and we are both giggling, holding each other tight, my shirt undone, skin pressed against skin. These are good toddies, mmmmmm. Sure feels warm enough to me to play naked. Come sit on top of me, take me inside you, ride me, our mouths together the whole time, keeping on kissing, lips rubbing against lips, breathing harder, each of us moaning into each other. The waves crashing establish the rhythm. Oh my. Yes. Another toddy is definitely in order.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

flames flicker

There is something about fire which seems so sensual. The warmth, the smell, the flickering flames just seem to draw you in, as does the warmth, the scent, the softness of a woman. Fire is so primitive, so dangerous, and yet so compelling. Danger turns you on. Danger draws people together to comfort, to protect, to hold, to share, to ease the fears. It drives people to lose themselves in each other, to sink into each others arms, to take the pleasure which cums with that. To drown in kisses, to give and to take, to gaze at the flames as fingers slide over your back, around your neck, lifting hair to kiss and stroke the nape, comforting fingers, arousing fingers slide across your skin, under your ears, lifting your chin, to touch the softness below, then soft gentle tingles across your face as the fingers glide toward your slightly open mouth, to part those lips, thumb pressing as it traces the upper lip and then the full bottom one, your breath sliding over the skin, you smell the scent as the fingers drift under your nose, and you lean forward, reaching for you no not what, the thumb? the fingers? the feel of a pair of lips? A tongue, waiting to penetrate, to take, to push inside, to feel your tongue and your wetness? You  feel yourself getting wetter as you gaze into the flames, your eyes focused on them, feeling, wanting, longing. Your fingers entangle in my beard, pulling me closer. Stroking my hair, running your fingers over my chest, seeking hard nipples to play with, to suck on as you lie there, mouth on my nipple, sucking, looking at the flames, pulling it in deeper to your mouth, teasing it with your tongue, latched on to it as if it gives you life. Taking my essence, and I hold your head to it, as your suckle. I smell your heat, your beautiful scent, as I reach to touch you, to take your wetness and rub it onto my nipple so you can taste yourself on me. You move to that nipple, leaving the first hard and wet and wanting as your mouth searches, following the scent, reaching, wanting, needing, taking, sucking.

The flames flicker and you moan, I reach down to feel my hardness and rub it against your soft skin, wetness coats its head and I take my wetness to rub on your nipples. Rubbing harder, I feel my cock pulsing with each suck of your mouth, harder and then softer as you feel your control over me take over. My fingers move with the motion of your mouth, as your nibble and begin to bite into my flesh. Your teeth pulling my nipple away from my chest, Your eyes moving from the flames to my cock, the only light the flicker from the fire, the glistening reflections, as you watch, and suck. I erupt onto your thigh and rub the wetness into your skin, leaving it there to taste when my mouth has it’s turn. I transfer some to your lips and your mouth comes off my nipple to suck my fingers, and I see a soft smile as you lick them gently

Saturday, September 09, 2006

nothing but the butt

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Friday, September 08, 2006

water and fire do mix

Late summer, mid-September, not quite fall, but a hint in the air. A heavy thunderstorm and then a chill in the air. Cool enough a fire can be lit in the fireplace. Windows still open, letting in the cool, begging for snuggling on the fur in front of the fire. Perfect cuddle weather. Skin against skin, just the flicker of the flames reflecting on the peaks and valleys of your softness. Nipples made hard by the breeze reach for the heat of the flame. Cheeks grow rosy as the heat soaks in to them. My thighs resting on your lower cheeks, warming the side away from the fire, My cock between them hard, and happy. Held and squeezed as you flex and giggle, little soft giggles as if you are stoned. One of us is stoned I think. Was that curling stones hmmm. My fingers playing with your nipples. My arms holding you tight. Your hair tickling my cheek. A snifter of Grand Marnier to warm the insides and stir the cockles- cockles did I say - well maybe juices. As my fingers slide down to test your wetness, to tease and tickle, to hear you laugh as my fingers slide across your tummy, reaching down, parting your legs to touch and then taste. Sweet and slightly salty – mostly sweet. I let you fall back so your legs spread open as my head moves between, letting my tongue reach that taste, your wetness glowing in the firelight, your thighs glistening with little drops, there for me to lick, to suck in, to nibble on, to cause moans. My tongue slides deep into you, your thighs gripping my head and holding me there, I find your clit, so hard and so sensitive, each flick of my tongue produces a moan, and a gush of wetness. Each stroke up and down around it, I feel your body clench, slowly building moving faster ,starting to suck in it, feeling your body rise up, arcing up, such beautiful curves, stretched, reaching, wanting, needing , ready, then releasing with your breath in gasps, my beard so wet now, and I lie my cheek on your thigh, holding you to me, stroking your leg, and your cheeks, as you come down, cuddling there in front of the fire, my cock pressed into your leg, waiting it’s turn to be bathed in the light and then the warmth of your mouth

Thursday, September 07, 2006

curling etiquette

Now one of the advantages of curling is the social part- after you get off the ice and past all the hurry harder, you sit with your opponents and whoever won buys the loser a drink, then of course it is only polite for the loser to buy one back, but then hey you won so you need to be proper and buy the loser – welll. A few hours later in a mixed event all this social stuff and thoughts of hurry harder have been known to lead to other ways of trying to be nice to the opponent. “What happens on the road stays on the road” is an old curling expression. After all everyone needs showers, and what better way to show no hard (well not the same hard) feelings is to offer to share the shower and make sure the other team will be up for their game the next day.  Nothing like cleaning with soap and then making sure there is no soap taste left after – the only way to check of course is the true tongue test.  And if nipples get hard they must receive proper attention and those pretty tongues last seen on the ice asking for harder do need their share of attention.

I look at you lying on the bed waiting, legs slightly spread, still damp from the shower, my cock hard knowing soon it will be inside you. Your skin glowing, nipples crinkled and begging, lips open, soft moans begging me to move closer, to touch, to stroke to hold, to kiss, to play. Your neck, waiting for my teeth to leave their mark as I push into you, drawing a louder sound from you, making your body push upward, demanding I push deeper into you, your nipples scraping against mine, my chest hairs rubbing on them,  your legs grabbing me and holding me, pulling me to you, your mouth on my chest, biting into my skin, as you get closer and closer, knowing as you bite it makes me clench inside of you, you feel the flexing, you feel the pulsing, you grip harder with your muscles, your nails scratching down my back, digging into my ass, harder, the pain adding so much, knowing you are under me, knowing you want this as much as I do, you mouth reaches my nipple and bites down hard and it pushes me to spurt deep into you, you hear me cry out and you cum too. Your muscles squeezing me so hard, so warm, so beautiful, and then we hold each other, still linked, still entwined, still feeling each others breath, soft kisses now, little words, sweet sounds before we drift off to sleep.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

tis the season

It’s September, Labour Day past, must be curling season. I have a favorite t-shirt – its says “if you can’t beat us on the ice” on the front and on the back “beat us off”. Now how could anyone misinterpret that and think they are talking of winning a curling game or not. Hey guys really now. Beating off on the ice is not nice so you have to beat off it – but it helps if someone volunteers – what are good friends for after all. And we are talking of “hurry harder” “harder” and “give it all you got” and people getting their rocks off- what better winter or even fall activity. Time for naked curling to be entered as an Olympic sport. Follow the beat, man. Time to put on that extra spurt and drag those rocks to their target. Watch where you put that broom though. Feeldoes are so much better.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday night

Saturday night. Remnants of Ernesto pouring down. Wind howling outside. I love storms and I especially love storms, looking out at them through a large window,  with someone precious standing beside me, sharing in the moment, in the thrill, letting the excitement built between us, knowing we both are waiting for the next step. Who will take it, who will lean over and kiss, touch, stroke? Shall I reach over and stroke that hard nipple peeking out through that top or will you reach over to pinch mine, just knowing where to find it, or perhaps pull my head over next to you, opening your neck to my mouth, such lovely skin waiting. Or perhaps I will strip off my shirt, letting you rest your head against the fur on my chest, tickling your cheek, warm and soft. We love to tease each other, to toy and play. Each giving and taking. Take off those jeans and stand here next to me, let me stand behind you, rub up against you as we watch the storm play in front of us. Let my hands reach around you, hold you, cup your breasts, lean back and feel safe, held. Turn and let me kiss you, let me feel your tongue on mine, our lips sliding over each other, warm and soft. My jeans slide down my legs now, so we stand almost naked, skin to skin, warmth touching warmth, each breathing in the scent of the other. Time to slide down your body, to turn my head and kiss your lips, to let my tongue slide inside you, to taste you there, to feel you quiver under my touch, to stir you higher, to suck on your clit and drive you to a peak, to feel you weaken as you give in to the sensations, to feel your wetness on my face, my beard, while my fingers hold your ass, squeezing those cheeks and pulling you closer, harder against my tongue and mouth. The storm rising outside and inside you, higher, higher and higher, your moans louder than the wind now, your muscles so tense and your smell and taste so delicious. Mmmmm.

Friday, September 01, 2006

skinny dipping

A summer night, warm, too warm. A sky, so dark, just stars twinkling above, no city lights, no moon. A lake, so quiet, so smooth. You, so soft, so tempting. Midnight and time for a swim, naked, skinny dipping under the stars, faint starlight glistening on skin, water slipping off curves, off nipples hard from the cool water. Soft kisses and warm skin, sliding together, your neck back, open, vulnerable, waiting for my mouth, my lips, my tongue, the gentle bite of my teeth, leaving a mark which can only be seen tomorrow. My mouth moving down your body, kissing and licking. Lifting you out of the water, to set you on the rock, to kneel in the water, and taste you deep, to feel you curve above me. Soft moans, soft sighs, soft gasps, as my tongue plays with you. So wet and so lovely there before me.  Cum for me my baby. Feel me on you, feel my fingers stroking your nipples. Spread your legs wider and let me in. Feel me push into you, deep, surrounded by you, so hot after the cool water, making me ache, making me moan, making me scream.  Harder and harder, deeper and deeper, wetter and wetter, until we both gasp into each other’s mouths, our breath entwining as we hold on to each other, now and NOW.