Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Different strokes

Her strokes , firm, controlling, pinching, pulling, squeezing, taking, such sweet torture, harsh spanks, sharp bites, her marks, his needs, then gliding down his firm chest, taking control, forcing him to turn, to offer his cheeks, his back, to her nails, lines forming down his back, over his ass, down his thighs, each tingling, one slow line after another, as his back arches, his cheeks wait, his thighs tighten, knowing, wanting her touch, legs spread, as fingers move up the inner thighs, closer, closer, tracing the edge of each sharply defined muscle, aching as she caresses, stoked between his cheeks, touching and probing, watching him, as she strokes his back with her hard nipples, her teeth reaching for his neck, his shoulder, anything to taste, to feel the firm flesh , to hear the sharp gasps, the sighs and moans as she strokes his skin, stroked his neck, the inside of his arms, her tongue tracing the welts left on his body, biting now into his hard nipples, ah yes, sucking and chewing, so responsive, so easy to control, taking him into her mouth, her tongue stroking around and around, tasting him, stroking his shaft, stroking his balls, squeezing him hard and then harder, pulling him, head trapped between her teeth, sliding down, deeper, her mouth stroking, as her hands glide over his ass, parting and probing, sliding slowly in, pressing him to her, pushing him closer, waiting for his spasms, knowing she owns him.


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