Wednesday, August 30, 2006

cool night and a fire

It’s a cool night, perfect for a campfire by the water, the moon reflecting on the waves as they roll, splashing the shore. Enough to see by as we sit, looking into the flames, holding hands and feeling so comfortable with each other. Long pants and heavier tops and a blanket wrapped around us, yet I know that you have no bra or panties on as you know I am commando too, (We watched each other dress for the fire, toying with each other’s nipples and kissing, before moving off to sit in from of the warmth, knowing what could happen if we were lucky enough to have no one nearby. Hands slipping under tops to pinch and squeeze, sliding down over tummies to grope down into pants, each feeling for what they want, they desire, toying and stroking, heavy breathing and kisses. Teenagers, hot and horny. So anxious to please and to be pleased. Fingers lingering, feeling, holding, probing, deep inside, wet and warm, sliding over hard, warm skin, throbbing in its want. Pants being pushed down, the fire warming skin, mouths moving, reaching to taste, to take and to give. Such taste, so sweet, each of us tasting, wanting more, taking more, pulling and teasing, soft moans in the air. Not caring whether anyone stumbled on us.  Take me and let me take you, let the waves hear us, let the moon know, let the sand feel and  let us enjoy this moment. Together.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

moments to share

I love looking at your pussy, so wet, the little hairs matted around it, waiting to be tasted, to be licked, to be teased with my teeth. Your legs spread, allowing my mouth access, my tongue to play, my lips to suck, my teeth to nibble. My nose to smell, and slide over your clit as my tongue licks deep inside you. There is something so enticing about a woman’s pussy, wanting to be drawn in, to feel the pulsing, the tensing of the muscles, around my tongue and then around my cock as it takes it’s turn inside, pushing deeper and deeper, as my mouth moves to your nipples and then your neck before lips meet lips, and tongues entwine, breath passing between use, as we move, each driving the other, higher. The moans fill the air, the soft sounds of our want, of our taking, of our giving, sharing, enjoying, pleasing. So warm and so good and so nice to be such friends.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

warm and safe

Sitting across from each other, listening to the rain as it beats down, warm and safe in our space, comforted by each other’s presence. I watch as you undress, your skin slowly being revealed, your nipples already hard, your pussy wet. As you remove each piece I remove something too, the slow dance we play with each other. My chest, my nipples perking up as you look at them with lust in your eyes. My cock beginning to grow are you devour it, longing there, that little look you get on your face as your eyes scrunch up, the purse of your lips, the little smile as you know I will be ready for you. Now naked, lying there, both of us wanting, wishing, who will make the first move. Your hand slips down to your nipples, daring me to reach for mine, to pinch as you pinch, to pull as you pull, to twist as you twist. Before sliding lower, to touch, to feel your wetness as I feel my hardness, to taste, to lean toward each other, reaching for the lips, the tongue waiting, each neck open and vulnerable, waiting to be kissed, to be sucked, to be marked, to be taken. Hands sliding down over bodies, feeling skin, teasing, touching, warm skin, soft, but muscled, the strength of each of us, there for each other, to help, to hold, to share, to hold safe. Arms waiting to entwine, legs waiting to entwine, each reaching, that touch which means so much, that shows we care, we want, we feel. Listening to the rain, the sound of the wind, here, protected. Come to me and let me hold you my baby, take my nipple in your mouth and suck on it, be comforted, you know I will keep you here with me. Let me rub your back, and kiss your neck. So pretty, and I am so happy when you are here like this with me. Let me slide inside you, deep, and rest like this, joined.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

aneros practice

After the feeldoe experience, you decided I needed to work on my prostate stimulation so found the aneros on line and sent me off to the local store which just happened to have one on stock. The saleperson extolled its virtues and assured me it would be well worth the price. So here we are, naked, as I coat it in kamasutra brahma lube, good stuff btw. Water- based. The aneros slips in very easily and I feel it pressing nicely right on the spot, the one the feeldoe hit. The instructions say lie on your side, one leg bend up over your stomach and relax for fifteen minutes to get used to it. So here I am, already hard, feeling the pressure but waiting. Now it start to flex as they recommend, no hands in play and each muscle clench produces a flex in my cock. Very nice indeed. Lots of pre-cum flowing and nipples hard. I practice flexing as you watch, and start playing with your dildo, teasing me and daring me to not bring my hand into play. You want to cum before me. I am not allowe to cum until you tell me. Meanie lol. I watch you as your fingers play on your clit and the vibe moves in and out, wet with your juices. You bring your fingers up and taste yourself and tell me to taste my pre-cum at the same time. Our fingers sliding into our mouths, in and out as we lick. Then back to playing with your clit, I see how wet you are, there in front of me. And as you cum, you say cum for me now, do it. Let me see you spurt. Yes, good boy, now taste it, lick your fingers, get all of it. Leave the aneros in for a while longer. And practice some more. I can’t wait to sit on you with it inside you.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

pre feeldoe prep

Before playing with the feeldoe , we were lying on the bed naked and she started playing with my cock, telling me to lie back she was going to do everything. She would be in control. The feel on her warm hand on my cock and her mouth sucking in my nipple had me hard immediately. I could feel my nipple swelling as she sucked harder and harder, dragging it in and my cock growing at the same time. Slow soft strokes, teasing strokes, stronger sucks, and I found myself holding her head, pulling her onto my nipple, moaning as she responded to my plea to suck harder, My hand playing with my other nipple, pulling it out, pinching it, before she pushed my hand back up behind my head and told me to behave. Her eyes were on my cock, watching her hand stroke it and she continue to toy and tease my nipple, making it more and more sensitive and feeling my cock pulse under her hand. I wanted her to bite me, to suck me deep in and use her teeth, to feel her nails scratching down my chest, to have her draw out my cum from me and have it splash across me. Then it did and she took her hand covered in cum and pushed her fingers into my mouth making me suck them , cum dripping into my beard. Then she gathered move and fed me again. The smile on her face , making me glow with pleasure, before she pushed me down to lick her, to taste her and me mingled. Delicious.

feeldoe feelings

Well, I had my first experience with the feeldoe. Quite interesting and definitely to be recommended. And retried. We started with me lying on my back, my legs well spread and up, so that we would be able to see each other’s reactions. Her finger slipping in covered in lube and probing fell ever so nice and I just knew this would be good. A little fumbling as we got into position, her moving in between my legs, pushing them out further and up a bit more. I watched as she slid the feeldoe inside her, she was so wet it kept popping out. There it was sticking out in front of her, ready for me. She reached down to position it and started to push, I felt it bumping up against me as she tried to find the right angle and wouldn’t you know it popped out of her. Course that started the giggles. I teased her nipples to get her back on track but finally we decided to try it with me on my hands and knees. More switching around on the bed and we seemed to be ready. Once again, she let it slip into her pussy and tried to push into me. I had to reach back and position it. Just as the head started to enter she lost it again, so decided to just go with the flow and do a hand insertion. The feel as it pushed inside me was interesting. Pressure opening me and smoothly sliding in, the head popping in and my muscle contracting around it and then just warmth as it slid further and deeper. Certainly no pain whatsoever, and I assured her she could play harder, she would not hurt me. In and out, stroking, mmmm. Very nice. She was fascinated watching it push into me and then loved the feel of being in control and pushing me, testing limits. I thought perhaps she would be bored but no when I asked she definitely wanted to continue. It started to hit somewhere inside me which made me feel I was going to have to pee. Now I think she had hit the prostrate and was on the way to pushing me further, but when I said I thought I had to pee, she pulled it back out. She should have ignored my comment and kept going. The next time she will.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

late summer rain

There is definitely something about warm summer rain streaming down across skin, nature kissing the body and exciting it. Running down my face, my neck, my chest, wetting as it goes, making my skin glisten in the faint light. Sliding down over my nipples, already hard, thinking of you licking the drops off of them. Down over my stomach, further, my cock getting hard as the rain reaches it, raindrops teasing it, stirring it. Then down my legs, to pool at my feet, as I look up and the rain beats harder, slapping into my face, my chest, stinging my nipples, stinging my cock, thinking of you standing there watching, smiling, licking your lips, anticipating when I come back indoors and what you will do to me. I reach down and hold my cock up into the rain, the slight pain as the hard drops hit me, my hand moving as you watch. Your nipples hardening under your t-shirt, your fingers sliding down to dip inside, to show me you are as wet as I am, ready, wanting, panting. Are you ready to cum my baby? I hear you moan as you watch me play in the rain. You know I love teasing you.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


I was just visiting Niagara Falls a couple of days ago and found it filled with tourists, all taking pics and videos galore. Not that it was not beautiful, but way too many tourists packed in.

Now I picture it, a moonlit night, no one around, standing looking out, watching the water pour over the sides, naked, both almost hypnotized by the rushing water, the only sounds the water and the little soft moans escaping as soft caresses touch soft skin and the feel of skin and skin, as arms surround and hold, nipples touched, and toyed with, eyes still on the falls, the mist climbing and the moon reflecting, so soft seeming and so beautiful. That’s how to appreciate the falls. Then to lie in bed and still be able to look out and see them, the sounds through the window, skin moving on skin, nipple rubbing nipple, tongues teasing and tasting, teeth holding, climbing as it falls, dragging you deeper and deeper, higher and higher, then resting, listening to the sound of breathing and water, slipping off to sleep, held, warm and safe.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

thoughts on an august night

It’s a beautiful, clear night, stars out and shooting stars flashing across the sky. It’s early yet, so not that many but later tonight many more are expected to fall. Sunny days and cooler nights allowing sitting outside, watching the sunset and breathing in the air, a hint of autumn to come. Snuggle weather, thoughts of fires and holding each other, looking into the flames, feeling the warmth, and the coolness behind, each wondering, is it time to go inside or shall we sit out longer, let the fire die and just touch each other, feeling the comfort of the other there. No one near, the occasional sound of a loon over the lake, hands touching, starting to slide over warmth flesh, seeking nipples, to tease and caress. A neck left open for a mouth, for lips and teeth to take. The sweet taste of smoke scented flesh, the feel of a pulse under lips, the  tensing of the muscles, the letting go. The peace of being together, no pressures, no stresses, no fears, no worries. Safe together, knowing we each , in our own way, protect the other and are there when crises arise, able to share, the little things, someone who can listen, who cares, who does not judge, and can hold and warm. Not often you find someone like that, and someone you never want to lose.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

small blog

Going to be away for about a week, but can’t leave you without a little blog.

I was standing outside looking up at the full moon, just a pair of shorts on, it being a nice warm summer evening. No one was around and I was just gazing up when your arms suddenly were around me, your fingers on my nipples. I know that you wanted to play. You told me to stay as I was, as you slid my shorts down my legs, and I feel your tongue on my ass cheeks, your teeth biting in so I know you can bite harder if you wish, you push me forward, down onto my hands as you play with my ass, in the moon light. Your arms still around me teasing my nipples, pulling on them and pinching, enough to make me moan. I feel the heat of your skin as you move over me to kiss my back and neck, your nipples hard, pressing into me, your thighs rubbing against my cheeks, you know what that does to me , you tease.  You push me down further onto my knees , as you move in front of me, your legs spread. I see wet lines on your thighs glistening in the pale light and want to lick up and up, to find the source, knowing it will taste so good. Will you let me I wonder. Or do you have other plans for tonight? You look so tall above me, your long firm legs, drawing my sight to your soft curls, waiting for my touch, my tongue, or to draw me in, hold me and squeeze. You know I want you and you smile, such a pretty smile, so satisfied, so eager to play with me, to drive us both higher, to howl in the moonlight. To laugh and giggle and then roll together and finally sleep holding and safe in each others arms.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

cosy beach

It was a warm sunny late afternoon and we decide to go and check out the coast line. Never having walked these shores before we found them quite rocky and walked a ways looking out over the waves and seeing sailboats and motor boats out a ways from shore. Could hardly make out the people so we felt safe playing touch ass and reaching up loose pantlegs to play. As we stood watching the sunset turn the sky a pretty red, our arms around each other, just leaning and feeling the touch, smiling, we turned and our lips met slightly open and moist, Our tongues starting to tease. The salt from the air, adding to the natural sweet taste of your tongue. We walk a little further and discover a small stretch of sand, not much better than the space for two people to lie down beside each other. The sky is deepening and we know we want to use this sand, to stretch out and watch the sky as the first stars appear, the boats less and less able to see what we are doing. The waves splashing gently, and the breeze just perfect to allow us to lie naked next to each other. Shoulder against shoulder, hip against hip, feet overlapping each other as we rub each others calves. Our heads resting so our hair touches, so we can turn and feel each others breath. We look up and live, feel, the open sky. The comfort of being together, the sharing of the air, the peace, the softness, the warmth. Soft kisses, melting together, skin on skin, Nipples rubbing against each other, you roll over onto me, your hips holding me down and you reach down and take me in your hand and push me inside you. Sitting on me not moving looking up at the sky as you play with my nipples. I feel your wetness dripping out on to me. Sliding down to my ass But you don’t move. You just squeeze me inside of you and say look up, hold still, just feel me and look at the sky. See the stars, Each time I spot one I will squeeze harder.How long do you think you can last my precious? .

I am so hard inside you and you keep squeezing my nipples each time you flex. I’ll never last I think but that is your aim. You want me to flood you, to add to that stream trickling out and then to turn you over and suck you as hard as I can and make you scream. Mmmm.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Refreshed from our dip in the lap we decide to hike a bit further and then find a place for a picnic lunch, having brought along a bottle of wine and cheese and crackers together with some grapes and strawberries, thinking that would be refreshing and far better than power bars. (although we did have those for emergency energy, they are not exactly romantic). After about half an our we came across a clearing, trees overhanging to give shade from the hot sun and we could just see another lake through the trees, more of a pond I suppose really, but still blue and pretty looking.

I take off my shirt since it is still quite warm and you, tease that you are , unbutton yours but leave it on, so that I see the inner cleavage of your breasts, but your nipples are hidden from view. As if I cannot imagine them, anyway, hehe. We spread out our lunch on my shirt. Having no glasses we share the bottle, you sipping delicately ( yeah sure) and I taking bigger mouthfuls. The cheese and crackers are soon gone and the wine bottle is not far behind. Dessert time was definitely in order, but you had you own ideas about that. You slip off your shorts and lie down on my shirt, strawberries and grapes nearby, You rub a strawberry on your pussy and then lick it letting it slip in and out of your mouth, before biting it in half. You then promptly push three strawberries inside you, telling me I would have to work for my dessert. As I lie down in front of you, between your legs, my mouth reaching for your pussy, you open your blouse and rub your nipples with two more strawberries, staining them and coating them with sticky strawberry, First these my dear you tell me, before you get the rest. Taking each nipple in my mouth, I suck and lick and nibble the strawberry bits, my teeth grazing your nipples and my tongue teasing the tips, holding them in, making sure I have all of the sweetness and that your nipples are sticking straight out, hard and wanting. I move down your body and my tongue reaches inside you, searching, licking, I can feel one of the berries and I try to suck it out into my mouth, my tongue curling up and in and around, tasting it as I hear you moan, but not able to pull it out. My fingers reach into you, mashing the berries as they mouth in and out, so that small pieces slide down into my waiting mouth, my tongue continuing to lick and suck around my fingers. As you get wetter and wetter, the juice streams into my mouth and I move up to your clit, so hard and ready, my fingers continuing to play inside you. Your sweetness mingles with the sweetness of the berries and I hear your moans getting louder and feel your hips pushing up into my mouth. My cock is pulsing as it is pressed into the ground inside my shorts.

I look up and see your hands on your nipples, pulling them, and feel you spasm under my tongue. The forgotten grapes will wait for later. Outdoor eating is indeed so much better.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

noon interlude

It was getting close to noon on our little hiking trip and the sun was rather hot when we happened on a little lake – no one around of course, although we could see some beaver lodges rising out of the water. Ah you know where I am going don’t you. Time for a naked swim and a chance to cool that hot beaver off before warming it again. Skinny dipping at noon, in the woods, is so naughty. As I pull off my boots socks and shorts, you look around as if fearing someone will come by. Come on, the quicker you are in the water the less chance anyone else will know you are naked. I pull my shirt over my head and stand in front of you, sweaty from the heat, little drops of perspiration running down my chest and you reach out to trace the line and then grab my nipples and squeeze them. You are feeling naughty aren’t you. Off with those clothes, come on now be quick. I want to see your nipples and those lovely breasts of yours. That ass I so love playing with. You turn your back and pull off your clothes, your thong clinging as you wiggle it off. I grow harder watching and my hand slides down to stroke myself. I leap into the cool water and I hear you following, slowly walking in though. I grab your hand and pull you and you topple over laughing, your breasts bobbing in front of me, waiting for my hands and mouth. We splash and play as the sweat is cleaned off, our hands sliding over each other, dragging the water and cooling, Our tongues meet and duel, while our bodies press against each other. You slide around behind me, and wrap your arms around my chest, pressing your thighs into my ass, and toying with my nipples, Pinching and pulling as you laugh and reach down to feel the effect you are having. I lean back and let you play, knowing I will have my turn. Your hand stroking up and down on me, your lips teasing the back of my neck and your fingers on my left nipple, squeezing it with each stroke of your hand. Your nipples pressed into my back , so erect and hard, your skin sliding against me in the water. And I know I will not be able to hold out much longer. You want me to cum, you want to see it spurt and fall back into the lake, to see the milky white trail in the water. And then catch it and smear it on my chest, laughing before you lick it off and kiss me.