Friday, April 23, 2010

Back massage...

Not many people will turn down an offer of a massage, although there are some types of massages which may be more interesting than others. So when I offered a back massage to ease sore muscles, I was not surprised to have the offer seized upon, although I was surprised to see her removing all of her clothes, saying she did not want to get oil on them and hoped I did not mind. As I warmed the oil and set up the table, she chatted merrily about her day all the while stretching her back which had the effect of pushing her chest crowned with perky breasts and cute nipples out toward me. It seemed not to concern her that she was flashing her waxed pussy snuggled between her firm thighs.

She climbed onto the table lying on her stomach and when I offered a towel to cover her cheeks she assured me it was not necessary and if I wished to massage further down once her back was taken care of she would appreciate that since her thighs and gluts had also had quite a workout. Hmm. I pour some warm lavender scented oil onto her back and spread it slowly across her shoulder blades and up towards her neck. Feeling the tension in her shoulders I pressed my thumbs into the knots hearing her moan as I forced the knot to relax, Her moans turned to soft signs after the initial pressure and I continued on, working her neck muscles, my fingers gliding across the tendons in the back of her neck and stroking up around the sides, under her ears, feeling the muscles relax, as she turned her head, offering her smooth neck to my fingers, slowly softly I stroked, feeling her body begin to relax more and more, yet knowing there was still work to be done on her back and reluctantly, slid my palms down over her shoulder blades, probing for more tension, pressing and kneading at each tightness, then soothing and stroking, circling and caressing, tracing circles, the oil, sliding over her smooth skin, it’s scent filling the air, fingers dipping down her sides, to touch the outside edges of her breasts. Feeling no muscles tensing, I continue to spread the oil, stoking and teasing, then moving back onto her lower back, pressing into the muscles on each side of her spine, her cute cheeks begging for a touch, slightly flexing as I continued to work her back, slowing and stoking my fingers up her spine to the just under her hairline and then back down again to the top of the crease. More oil, sliding over her cheeks, the firm muscles kneaded, spread as I worked the inside of each, oil glistening as it slid down, offering my eyes a view of the smooth skin, the puckered opening, pulsing slightly, my hands sliding down now over the backs of her thighs, down her smooth legs, down to her toes, running oil, stroking each toe, under her feet, up her calves, legs spread so I can work the inside thighs. She turns over, asking for more, asking to be stroked and touched, rubbed and teased, her nipples hard, her mouth slightly open, her breathing soft,deep, my hands spreading oil over her breasts, pulling on nipples, twisting slightly, watching her eyes flutter, her neck stretch upward, her legs spreading wider, lips parted as her tongue peaked out, down over her firm tummy, down her legs, then up, her legs wider now, as my fingers spread oil over her waxed skin, lower lips glistening, clit firm, as my fingers massage, her wetness mingling with the oil, fingers slipping inside, stroking, reaching, roughness pressed as my tongue reaches out to lick her clit, tasting her, sucking her in, feeling it swell as she pushed up, demanding more, her hands taking my head and forcing me against her, tongue lashing, teeth nibbling, until she spasms, crying out, and falling back on the table, my tongue softly stroking now, licking gently, face wet with her juices, before lifting up to see a beautiful smile on her face.

You can give me a massage like that anytime she says, sliding off the table, and heading for a shower, leaving me standing, watching her firm cheeks flex, her scent filling my nostrils, her taste in my mouth.