Sunday, April 23, 2006


I was thinking about G-spots and how they feel so nice and produce such wonderful reactions. The slightly rough bumpy area, just waiting for the fingers or tongue to run across, to press, to tease, or have pressed into the tongue working on the clit. The arching of a back, the soft moans, building higher and louder, are such a reward. Pleasure producing pleasure and knowing you can give someone that much is indeed an awesome reward. Well worth the time and energy, and the taste is so good after all. The pretty pussy there open in front of you, your tongue reaching deep inside, deeper and deeper, then curling back, to touch the wall, to seek and to find, right there. Mmmmm. Hands holding thighs open, feeling the soft flesh. The wetness on your beard. The grip of the thighs on your head, holding you, pulling you in closer, seeking you. Taking all you can give. More and more she demands. And two tongues would be even more exquisite. One inside and one on the clit- hmmmmm. Cheek to cheek. Fighting for place. What a beautiful picture.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Your skin

Touching you, letting my hands slide over your soft skin, feeling you move and hearing your soft moans as my fingers glide over you, stirring you, awakening your other senses, your wetness, yet comforting and soothing. Such wonderful feedback and such peace, a silly grin on my face as I see you lean into my touch. Lie there and let me touch you everywhere. Getting to know your body and which parts are more sensitive, more ticklish, bordering on too much, but a wonderful challenge. How long can you resist? How long can you allow it?  Which parts welcome my fingers more? Which drive you higher and higher, stroking, touching, teasing, exciting? So much beautiful feedback. Imagine being tied and totally at my mercy. Only my fingers touching, until finally my mouth brings sweetness and drives you to want more and more.