Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wind and Rain

It’s a typical late October day, rain pouring down, strong winds blowing, the kind of day created for fires and cuddling. Or hiding under the blankets and snuggling there warm and safe, absorbed in each other, lips open as mouths explore, soft touches of tongue, tips just teasing before one takes control and pushes inside, tracing teeth, forcing the head back with the strength of the kiss, the other taken, willingly, wanting this, needing it, loving it. Nipples grow hard and rub against each other, as the mouths continue their arousing work, lips bruising and swelling, lower lip bitten and willingly opening now, all resistance gone, owned and cherished, and then guided to those swollen nipples, to suck and suck, to take deep in and hold gently with the teeth, to clamp lips around and pull harder, feeling it grow, fatter and harder, fingers working on the other readying it for its turn, the mouth moves across and fingers replace it on the wet nipple, keeping it hard, twisting it, pulling on it, nails biting in, forcing moans, and shudders. In turn, the other mouth attacks the nipples in front of it, the skin bruising around them, the mark of your lust upon them, You turn and offer up your wet, lower lips and you suck in the cock facing you, treating it as you did the nipples, deep inside you, lips clamped, sucking, while lips and tongue play with you, your wetness spreading onto the beard there, and down to your thighs, your clit growing and growing, pulsing in rhythm with your suction on the cock in your mouth, demanding attention, needing to be sucked into a hot mouth, needing to spasm, as your mouth works its way, moans escaping from mouths, bodies rubbing, hard nipples pressing into flesh, taking and receiving, receiving and taking, giving, giving. Mmmmm.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Showers are so sensual when sharing.
Streaming water, sliding softly over skin.
Scented soap, slippery and smooth.
Softness and shaven, sweetness and salt.

Luscious lips, licking and laughing.
Lithe legs, longing to linger.
Lovely lashes, lowering and lifting.
Lips parting, lips longing, lips loving.

Water and wetness, warm and welcoming.
Wide, waiting, while wandering wherever.
Whispers and wishes, wants and wonders.
Winks and wiggling, wicked and wanton.

Sensual showers, soothing but simmering.
Sighs and swift strokes, steaming and stewing.
Suction and smelling, seeming so sure.
Sex and secrets, soft skin and sensual soul.    

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

party time

It’s a week before Halloween, all the pumpkins are out, many houses decorated, parties being planned. I was thinking of a special party for next week, one in which no costumes are worn, no feelings are hidden, no fears exist. One in which, you receive the attention you have been craving and which you so deserve. Spread out on the bed, touched and massaged, licked and kissed, stroked and teased, penetrated, where you so like to be penetrated. Hands and mouth working to drive you higher and higher, slowly building your excitement, nipples receiving special attention, each one sucked and nibbled, clit and pussy, the wetness, the heat, licked, cock driving in, reaching deep, nipples being pinched, your mouth being used, sucking in that cock, tasting it’s sweetness, savouring its flavour, it’s warmth on your tongue, filling you, your rhythm controlling the movement, controlling the moment, controlling and taking, before collapsing and being held, snuggled and safe, arms surrounding you, arms which will once again take you higher and higher, but first perhaps a cookie to set the tone.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


It’s definitely chilly, wet snow falling outside, the fire is on, the cat stretched out in front basking in the heat, pussies like heat after all and take anything they can get. I see you lying there, rosy skin, absorbing the warmth, legs slightly parted, waiting for the attention you know I will give you. Your legs spread showing me how wet your are already, drawing me in to lick and taste, my beard tickling as your legs open more, growing wetter as my tongue probes and teases, your sweet taste reaching into me, my cock growing and pulsing as I take you higher. Such lovely wetness, so warm, so wanting, as my tongue finds your clit, tracing it gently at first as it grows in my mouth, before seizing it between my lips, sucking it in, each suck making you rise and push into me, each nibble forcing a moan from your mouth, your legs tightening around my head, telling me I am where you want me, telling me I am pleasing you, telling me I am yours. Your nipples hard above me and as I glance up I see your fingers toying with them, pulling them out, stretching them and pinching them, each lick of my tongue causes another pinch on your nipples. A red glow is moving down your chest and I know you are close wanting me to push you over, to make those moans turn to screams, to make you lose control for a moment, to give you pleasure, to make you smile as you look down at me, knowing I am here for you, my pleasure coming from yours, my happiness tied to yours. Intertwined and linked.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Just got in from curling and everything in quiet, even the cat is asleep. I’m wide awake and check to see if anyone I know is online. It will take me at least an hour to be ready to fall asleep, so I check out an episode of “the L word”. Hot stuff and well done. Kissing is so sensual and so arousing. They do it so well and it reminds me of you. Are you awake?

Your lips slightly parted, waiting for mine, soft and warm, yet firm and tight when you take my nipples or my cock between then. Open for my tongue and waiting to receive, your tongue yet tries to push inside of my mouth, forcing mine back, tips teasing and tasting, you tongue sliding over my teeth, my teeth trying to grasp and hold, lips bruising as we kiss, you take my bottom lip between your teeth, biting down and feeling me moan into you, pulling it out and watching my eyes as I look down, seeing you, your eyes, your nose, your soft cheeks, as you pull back, your hands pushing mine up behind my head as your nipple down my neck, soft kisses turning harder, as you seize my skin, toying with it, drawing louder moans from me, my cock hard against your skin, trapped under your thighs, striving to escape, to find a place to go, one it knows well, warm, wet and safe. Your marks on my skin will be there in the morning. You continue down my body ducking and kissing and nibbling, my nipples teased and tortured., before taking my cock in your hot mouth, taking it and making it yours, sucking, squeezing between your lips, as you look up into my eyes, my body arching up, your thighs on mine holding me down. The feel so exquisite, you do this so well, you know exactly what excites and exactly when to slow down, your wetness spreading onto my thighs. Tonight you want my cum and then a cuddle. Who know what will be your want tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Your soft skin so amazes me. The feel of it under my tongue, my fingers as they slide over you, delicately stroking, arouses me so much. Your taste lingers in my mind, your smell so delicate and intermingled. Softly touching your neck, teasing your hair, licking your cheeks, your lips, toying with your slightly open mouth, seeking entrance, waiting for your tongue to emerge and encounter mine, dueling together, you push hard into my mouth, before retreating and pulling me in after you. Your teeth holding me as your hands slide over my back, and down to my ass. My hands sliding down to cup your breast, to pull and twist and tease those beautiful nipples into hardness. Waiting for the touch of my mouth, each to be worshiped and sucked and  bitten in its turn. Lovely marks to remind you of tonight, Your mouth find my nipples and you suck harder than I did, deep purple left behind with a wonderful ache, so sensitive now, your fingernails digging in, exquisite sensations as you draw me closer to you. Reaching down to take my cock and insert it into your wet center, hot center, tight center, needing center. Our mouths clinging together, tongues and teeth clashing, lips swollen as we merge. Deeper, harder and wetter, breathing in to each other , sharing, enjoying, taking and giving, each  wanting the other to climax first. Such a contest as we hold back, climbing higher, you bite my shoulder and I can’t hold on any longer. As your teeth tear into me I let go and feel you spasm around me, over me. Each of us, yes, both of us, together, joining, happy in the moment.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

late night arrival

I arrived at the door a bit tired but excited. I knocked. I had phoned to say I would be there soon. There you were, your arms open, waiting for me, your nipples hard and yours arms taking me in, holding me, pulling me into you. A soft T and nothing else, your legs bare and so smooth. My fingers slipping under the T to stroke you, your wetness and heat trickling over them, our mouths clinging, tongues teasing, lips bruising with the fervour growing. You pull back and drag my shirt off of me, your mouth reaching for my nipples, sucking so hard and building the slight pain which is so fine, my jeans opening and falling as you kneel to take me into your mouth, to taste what you have not tasted for several months, to swallow me into you, to make me yours again, your nipples rubbing on my thighs, showing me your need, your want, your desire. I hold your hair and pull you back off of me, your lips glistening, my cock wet from you, pushing you , onto your back, legs spread waiting for my mouth to taste you, to lick and tease and love, to push you higher, to show my love, to show my desire for you, to give you what you want and wish, to drive you to take me, to roll me onto my back and to take my cock inside you, riding above me, proud nipples waiting for my fingers, hard cock forced into you, your neck back as you control our meeting, You love it and I love it, as we each moan in our turn, urging higher, harder, faster, needing it, needing it. Yes, now. My love.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


You phone and say you’ll be over shortly and to be ready. My signal to set out the three things sure to make an evening complete.

Candlelight and wine always are a nice touch.

and of course one can never be too prepared:

As the evening progresses, the candles burn down, the wine glasses empty and the clothes are slowly removed as we snuggle beside each other, hands roaming, tongues teasing. You reach over and open the first envelope and hand me its contents ordering me to hurry.

I of course comply, never one to ignore an order, and with such a reward to follow.

You climb onto me and I slip into you, my cock safely encased, hard and held by your tight muscles, the heat engulfing me as I suck on your hard nipples. You clench hard and I feel you pulsing, dragging me with you and I spurt into the sheath.

And as we slip off to sleep, the proof of a successful evening remains.

Monday, October 09, 2006

what's for dinner

Here I was innocently cooking as you can see,

slaving over a hot stove, when you snuck up behind me and stripped off my apron.

Left naked, as your eyes watched me move around the kitchen, you sat in the chair your legs spread, your fingers dipping into your wet pussy, glistening as you pulled them out and offered me a taste, before leaning back further and wetting your fingers again, traced around your nipples, the candle light reflecting off of them, as they harden under your caress. You walk up behind me, rubbing them across my back as your arms slip around me to grasp my nipples and pull me back into you, your thighs pressing into my ass and your arms holding me tight against you. As you move, against me my cock hardens and your fingers slide down to grasp it, pulling me around and into your kiss. You sink to your knees and guide me into your mouth, your lips taking me in, your tongue teasing, your teeth lightly holding, and sealing your lips you suck me deep inside, feeling my pulse against your tongue and my head swelling under your efforts. My hands press you closer to me, forcing my cock deeper still, your hands cupping my ass cheeks, the nails digging in to add that extra little pain you know I need. Your mouth pumps and I climax into you. As you stand, your nails sliding up my body to take my nipples and pinch, my mouth opens and you press yours against mine, pushing my cum into my mouth and feeling your fingers twist, I gasp and swallow.

You say there is your appetizer, now back to work. You can guess what is waiting for you for dessert.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

picture perfect

A head :

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A moon:

a fire:

Put them all together and you get a splendid evening.

First sitting out looking at the moon, arms around each other. It’s chilly but hands slide inside clothing, finding those warm spots, wet spots, openings, slippery, hardness, and evoking soft moans as you lean into each other, kisses exchanged, tongues entwined, steam in the cold air as the lips part, each giving warmth, and receiving warmth, hands moving and searching as bodies reach, yearning for more.

Moving inside to lie in front of the fire, clothing shed and strewn wherever, nipples hard, yearning to be teased, to be kissed, pinched, sucked, bitten, thighs open, waiting for your hands, mouths once again pressed together, skin to skin, sliding, slipping, rubbing, nipples against nipples, legs twisting, hardness against softness, each striving to drive the other higher.

Hard cock, waiting for a mouth, for lips, a tongue; wet pussy waiting for a mouth , for lips, for a tongue. Each tasting, toying, sucking, breathing in, exciting. Each wanting the other to want, each wanting the other to need, each wanting the other to give, each wanting the other to beg, each wanting, needing, giving, begging Receiving. Taking. Glowing. Basking. Cuddling. Snuggling.

A picture perfect evening.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

pre-thanksgiving thoughts

It’s Thanksgiving here this weekend, a unique north American custom, but since it is colder here, the harvesting is done earlier than south of the border, where their holiday is near the end of November. Nevertheless, northern turkeys abound, as do northern pumpkins, so similar meals appear on the tables. Here I was out checking out the pumpkins, thinking perhaps I’d break down and do something with one this year, when I spotted a young lady, quite well endowed, not that I was looking, but it was hard to not notice, given the tight top and spillover that was visible to all. She was standing there , holding two relatively small pumpkins, asking all and sundry if they thought they were big enough, but instead of holding them by the stem, she had them turned so that the stems faced the passersby- so imagine, here she is hefting these round, firm, pumpkins with the stems aimed toward you and just behind them is her chest. A liberal translation of her conversation was “ What do you think of these two, are they firm enough, do you think they are big enough, do you think they would look good?” Well, I just about split myself laughing – her boobs were bigger and I’m sure every guy in the place was just as bad as I was, thinking, more than a mouthful is a waste, but sure yes they were firm enough looking, and yes they were big enough, and I think they would look good. And if she kept bouncing them in her hand much longer, someone would start drooling. I busied myself looking at cantaloupe and oranges instead. I dared not pick any up, fearing I’d be rolling on the ground, gasping for breath. Cookies seemed like a good idea. I’ll go back tomorrow to pick out my pumpkin. Maybe there will be nice ripe tomatoes on sale. As long as she is not back checking out zucchini.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


You’ve crawled out of bed, not really a morning person, the need for a pee and a shower uppermost in your head, not noticing me lying there , hard as I watch you, your nipples crinkled from the cool air, your cheeks flexing as you move to the bath, my cock hardening, thinking of following you. As you climb into the shower, I sneak to the other toilet and release the pressure building in my bladder, the wine from last night seeking its escape.(hehe)  I quietly open the curtains, careful to let no water escape and drench the floor or hit the guest towels, there for display, not for guests to use. (not many males understand) and reach around you to cup your breasts. You start, not having realized I was there, but then press back against me, your ass squeezing my hard cock, as I start to wash you, The soap slides over your skin, as I cleanse your neck and shoulders and work down your back, to those cheeks I adore, being sure to clean between them, thinking my tongue may be toying there later. Down your thighs, and  the back of your legs to your feet, lifting each to clean the bottom and let my soapy fingers slide between your toes, before turning you to work my way up, my hair and beard dripping from the water, hands stroking your skin, caressing and cleaning, your legs slightly spread, inviting  my fingers to clean everywhere, to fluff you soft fuzz, and tease your lips as they slide over you, pinching your clit and stretching your lips as they roam, your arms over your head, leaving you open to me. I move further up, to play with your breasts and those nipples, soaping and rinsing before taking each in my mouth, the freshness and firmness of them making my cock pulse with need for you.  You neck draws me to it, my mouth tasting and teasing the sweet flesh, as your mouth tips upward, letting the water stream down over you, your eyes closed, feeling the touch of my mouth and the soft steady caress of the water as it runs through your hair and down your back. Your legs open and you press my head down, down, where you want my tongue, where you need my lips, my teeth. I let you guide me to you, my mouth watering with the memory of your taste, my tongue eager to be inside you, to explore once again, to feel that slight roughness, to swallow the fluids you so generously give, my hands cupping your cheeks, holding you to me, as my tongue delves inside before moving to take your clit between my lips and suck it so deeply into my mouth, feeling your moans and your hands clenching my head as you spasm for me there in the shower. Mornings are not so bad after all. Smiles.