Monday, April 09, 2007

A dream?

i awake, the sound of Your voice whispering in my ear, totally aroused as You stroke and whisper, unable to move, caught by Your spell, hips pushing upward, straining for Your touch, nipples so hard as Your fingers pinch, and pull, and squeeze, and twist, each touch causing me to pulse, pleasure sliding through me, eyes, closed, feeling, hearing, listening, drifiting, lost in the sensations, the place You have taken me, higher and higher, craving more of Your touch, more of Your strokes, more of Your pinches, offering myself to You, to be taken, used, punished, pleasured. Crying out for more, needing more, wanting more, begging for more. Helpless. Muscles tightening, as You push me closer and closer. Hands clenching, neck arching up, thighs trusting into the air, so ready. Don't let this be a dream.