Saturday, July 25, 2009

oral skills

She was horny, in need of attention, still afraid of committing too far, but thought that after several weeks and several dates, she deserved a reward and after all it was an essential test. After all, without superb oral skills, he would need to be thrown back into the pond, no matter how noble he had been up to now.

She invited him for the evening, some wine, some kissing and a chance to solve her horniness. The only restrictions would be he use his mouth, no penile penetration as yet, and she might return the favour, if he deserved it. Was he up to the challenge.

The bedroom was candle lit, two glasses, a beautiful red wine, and a second bottle stashed close by, she wearing sexy undies, lifting and offering cleavage to draw the eye, and a tiny thong, covering the bare, smooth, freshly waxed area she hoped soon would receive the attention it was aching for. A clingy translucent robe completed the outfit as she answered the door. How much more signal could she give? Mouths met, and tongues clashed as he stroked across her robe, fingers sliding over her back as they pressed together, his hard cock felt through the tight jeans he had worn to shove off his tight ass With hard nipples pushing out to draw his eye from the lovely cleavage, her interest was clear.

In moments she had buttons undone and chest exposed, mouth teasing his smaller hard nipples, as her hands slid down across his firm muscles to pull off the belt, grasping those cheeks she had been dying to play with before opening the jeans , pushing them down his thighs, giving access for her hand, to seize and squeeze, feeling the pulsing, the soft silky smoothness, the heat, sliding around to dig into his cheeks, the nails marking him, forcing him tighter against her, his cock already beginning to drip. Steeping back and offering the wine, she pull him into the bedroom, and lying back on the bed, legs slightly parted, robe sliding open, dragged him back down into a hot wet kiss, tasting the wine, teeth scraping across tongue, sucking it in, then releasing and pushing back out to follow into the other, duelling, as moans begin, scrambling to remove the vestiges of clothes, needing skin to skin, hard muscle to soft breast, thighs entwining, and nails scratching, his mouth moving down her, marking her neck, sucking on tendons, her hands held above her head, little bites and nips around her breasts, teeth pulling on nipples, hard suction drawing them out, before letting them pop out and taking them back in, the sweet pain sending ripples through her, wetness spreading, her mouth attacking his neck as he bend down.

He slides his tongue down, down the outside of her leg, then slowly up, moving ever closer, before flipping her over to worship her tight butt, the firm cheeks, reddening under his bites and sucks, tongue sliding down the crease between, her scent wafting up to his nose, little droplets licked off her inner thighs, a quick slide of his tongue across the smooth little mound above her lips, and down the inside of the other thigh, his mouth sucking in her skin, teeth brought into play as he senses her need, the little nips heightening her want, swelling her lips, begging for him to begin.

Please simply leads to more teasing, the touch of his lips sliding over her skin, her wetness spread as his lips glisten, nipples once again teased, little twists to keep them hard, his thumb and fingers working them, little spasms making her body twitch as she thrust her hips up reaching for his mouth, offering herself, then the touch of the tip of his tongue, tracing ever so softly around her lips, across her mound, searching for the hint of roughness, finding none, her legs pushed wider, opening her, her swollen lips, his eyes focused as he looks at the treasure in front of him, so wet, so sweet, the scent pulling him in, parting the lips, tracing the inner edge, the tip searching for her clit, the faintest touch of his tongue, testing its firmness, testing her response, long licks beginning to gather her juices, to take them into his mouth, his cock, pressing hard against her leg, his hands moving to lift her, to spread her cheeks, gripping and taking her, tongue probing deeper inside, curling in and up, reaching, her clit throbbing, his lips pressing tightly sucking in her lips, as he plunged in and out, finally, sliding up to slide around and around her clit, gently sucks turning harder, leaving it throbbing to slide down once more, tongue sliding, searching, feeling her response, the muscles tightening, her moisture growing, the irresistible spasms coming faster, clit once again seized, sucked, teeth taking it, pressure building as her body tenses, forcing her closer, closer, his hands sliding closer to her center, fingers tracing her ass, sliding down to her inner thighs, her legs lifting off the bed, as her lips are spread, fingers pushing inside while his mouth continues its work, pushing, sliding, so wet, so hot, she can no longer hold back, sucks becoming softer, as she is held, tongue gently moving, finger still, waiting for her to come down, a few minutes before starting again, his face wet with her juices, a little smile, pleasure give and so much more to give.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

full body massage

Pushing things a little further she asked for a full body massage but on one condition, she would wear a black thong and he was not allowed to massage wherever she was covered, even if she begged.

He agreed, after all he would get to caress 99% of her, the thong was rather skimpy after all, barely covering her lips and just a string sliding down and under and up between her tight cheeks. Who could refuse such an offer and she had not insisted he remained clothed so he stripped off letting her see him fully naked for the first time. He could see her nipples hardening as he warmed the fragrant oil, the waft of vanilla, a faint hint of lavendar and a touchof hazelnut beginning to fill the candle lit room, As she lay on her stomach, the thong was barely visible, leaving him with her essential nudity waiting for his touch. He arranged her with her arms under her head, legs slightly spread, and sweet cheeks swelling upward begging it seemed for his fingers, the stroking he was soon to give her. Settling himself on her cheeks, his cock pressing against her, he poured the warm oil over her back, something he had done before and knew she had liked, his fingers begin retracing those patterns, moving unerringly to the sensitive spots which caused her to moan and sigh and once again he hears her soft breathless moans, his thigh muscles tightening against her ass, as he feels himself swelling. Circles and strokes, around and over each muscle, tracing the spine, the tender tendons on her neck, fingertips only, followed by palm pressure and then the soft strokes of his wrist, sending shivers through both, the oil soothing and warm, relaxing and exciting, enticing and teasing.

As he leans to work her shoulders, his cock slips between her cheeks, nestling in the warmth, teased by the tiny string of the thong, causing a slight gasp as he pull away and moves down to tend to those round, firm cheeks and the legs stretching down below them. The oil sliding down between, as fingers glide over the muscles, probing and testing, squeezing and caressing, each receiving his full attention as he works them, imaging the flexing, the tightening as he spreads the oil around and around and then works it down between, teasing the flesh left exposed, never touching the miniscule string, but letting the oil slide under to pool as his fingers trace along its edge, her soft moans getting louder as he works the inner part of her cheeks, before sliding his body further down, his cock dragging against her thigh, down her calf, hands following, each muscle massaged, the fragrant oil absorbed into the skin, leaving it shiny, silky, so smooth, and kissable, but that was not for today. Each toe, the ankle, the bottom of the foot stroked and honoured, lovingly treated, her calves, the outer thighs and then the inner, so close to the silk of the thong, the oil wetting it, causing it to slide between her lips, the waxed skin revealing the perfect outlines, the pouting puffiness, tiny delicate touches causing twitches, her thighs spreading apart unconsciously, ever so slightly, before he gives her a smack on a cheek and tells her it is time to turn over.

As she turns she repositions her arms under her head, leaving her open, exposed to his eyes, her breasts, her nipples, her taut stomach, the tiny bulge above the thong, all there waiting for his touch, for the feel of his fingers, his hands, offered, his cock twitching at the sight, his need growing, wishing he could fall on her , take her, kiss her everywhere, just hold her and hug, but he knew he should wait and let her accept, let her ask,not this time, he had promised after all, but perhaps the next or the one after. She was worth waiting for. But now he could still touch and see how far she could be pushed, oil dripping onto her breasts, puddling in her belly button, droplets on her nipples, glistening in the soft light, highlighting her soft skin tones, as he began to work on her upper pecs, the upper arms, down the sides, in the soft smooth armpits, feeling her giggle as he stroked there, before moving to spread the oil around her breasts, slowly working in, circling and kneading, the nipples begging, so firm. demanding he squeeze and pinch, his cock sliding across her tummy as he continued, his mouth open, watering wanting to suck, to bite, fingers pulling, nipples growing longer, before he forces himself away and moves down to the feet , leaving the center of her waiting, gliding over the front of her calves, up the firm thighs, still open, the thong beckoning him, as he teased and stroked, circling past to work on her tummy, oil gleaming and sliding down to the little hill, fingers pressing in, tracing the bone under, his thighs slippery with the oil, gliding over her thighs, clinging, feeling the warmth of her skin, his heat matching hers, thumbs working pressing, circling ,so close, the edge of the thong on the edge of the thumb, so little left.

Panting he moves back, steps away, leaving her as her legs move, her hips lift, her breasts heave, her mouth gasps and her fingers reach for her nipples.

He turns and she reaches, his cock dripping as he walks to the shower, her eyes on his hard ass, mind in turmoil, maybe he is too good, but he promised.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


She set him another task, still testing his willingness to obey and respect, to prove himself worthy of her, to allow him to move a little closer. Kiss me but not below the waist, prove you want me and show me how much. A tough challenge, but one he was willing to rise to, he thought.

Sitting beside her, he asked her to turn and face away, to lift her hair and offer him her neck, his lips tracing the fine hair, tickling and teasing, into the welcoming hollow, the tendons begging for his caress, as her head bend forward, soft lips slowly moving up, then down, his tongue sliding across her skin, lips softly sucking, teeth scraping leaving little marks in their path, up and down, again and again, head tilting to the side offering the soft skin under her ear,
openig herself to his touch, to the feel of his mouth, the trace of his tongue, the suction becoming harder as he takes her skin in, sucking it deeper, to nibble, waiting for monns or sighs, waiting for her next hint. He moves on up around the back of her ear, little butterfly kisses, then tongue following the line of her ear, circling in as her head moved to accept his touch,then turn to offer the other side, needing him to lick and touch and kiss, tracing little circles, deeper pressure, skin between teeth, the line so close, so enticing, knowing he must move on, as she turn and offers her face to him, eyes closed, hands clenching in exquisite pleasure, the tip of his tongue moving slowly over her forehead, down and around her eyes, tickling her eyelashes, please, down across her cheeks, finding her lips, sliding over her upper lip and around and taken the lower into his mouth to suck and open her, to enter, to toy to swirl and and suck and taste, to pull after as her leaves her open, wanting soft gasps and tiny moans, before moving down to the neck, under the chin, pushing it up to leave her oh so vulnerable, baby kisses soft and sweet, trace down as he opens her blouse, pushing it down her arms and begins to suckle her breasts, her nipples growing harder and harder in his mouth, between his teeth as he moves from one to the other, each pulled, each sucked, each nibbled, each reaching, begging for more, the air across them making them crinkle even more, the wetness glistening in the soft candlelight, as he moves down , knowing he is not to go below but tasting her smooth skin, tongue and lips working together , learning her, learning what pleases, hoping he is worthy, turning her to trace up her spine,his tongue, his teeth leaving little marks, fading slowly in his passage, the line of her shoulder blades, returning to her neck , turning her once again to ravish her mouth, needing her, wanting her, her hard nipples pressing into him, her smooth thighs heating his, long slow deep kisses, tongues dueling and teeth clashing as lips press tight together, moans mingling with moans, tasting each other, before parting and whispering goodbyes.

Has he passed the test? He can only wait and wonder, hoping for her call, knowing it may never come, thinking of what he will have lost, what could be, or what could have been. Knowing she needs time to heal, offering to help, willing to wait.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Just a massage

She asked for a massage, just a massage, the feel of hands on her skin, and a test to see how he would react. A little opening to prove he could be trusted, a little secret pleasure for her and for him, one step perhaps, closer or pushing away. He seemed kind, he sounded like he would treat her nicely, but would he be too shy, or too grabby, or able to walk that fine line and prove he could be trusted and was open to more.

Lying on her stomach on the bed, her blouse off, she waited, feeling the slow drizzle of oil as it fell between her shoulder blades, suggesting he should undo her bra so it did not get ruined, leaving her back open to his hands, her arms over her head, her hair pulled up to show her smooth neck, waiting, fingers beginning to glide ever so gently spreading the fragrant oil, warmed by her skin, up to her neck, around her shoulders, tracing her spine, moving out over the lower back, up to her blades, soft silky slides, fingertips tracing patterns, little circles, thumbs waiting to press as he searches for those knots, those pressure points, those zones which trigger a response, a soft moan, a sigh, telling him where to focus. thumbs beginning to press, along the spine, digging into the tight muscles, the small of the back, his thighs settling onto her cheeks as he leans into his work,pressing her into the bed, moving and pressing, muscles relaxing as his thumbs circle and press, now moving slowly upward, around the shoulder blades, pressing hard and then harder, pushing her down in to the bed, her nipples hardening as they rub across the sheets, his palms adding pressure as the thumbs soften the knots, his strength causing some pain but such relief as each muscle responds to his attention, now up to the neck, the tendons each stroked and squeezed and traced, over and over as she feels looser and looser, the nape of her neck so vulnerable. She wonders if he will kiss it, will she feel his tongue tracing little circles as his fingers have done, will he slide it along those tendons, should she allow this , should she give him some control. His warm hands continue to caress, slliding down and around her neck, under her chin, soft gentle touches before he moves back to safer ground, her shoulders the upper arms, more warm oil, more sliding, more pressure, his breath drifting across her skin.

But this date is supposed to be only a massage, the first step in a gentle seduction, a test.

Her mind wants more, her mind wants to be safe, her mind wants to turn and ravage him, her mind is swamped in sensation, her mind needs, but her mind waits.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

A friend in need, a friend indeed

Having just turned forty and far from ready to give up sex, she was struggling with how to handle her horniness and yet not be sucked into overnight stands. She tried bar pickups - a major disaster and craigslist, even well written by a friend, only produced pathetic wantabees or worse needy clingons while all she wanted was good sex and some hugging and cuddling while she dealt with her tangled emotions.

Swearing of sex sounded good, but why deprive you of pleasure when it just means you are punishing yourself and no one else, at least let punishment lead to something nice. Toys and fingers out of the question since they did not stroke the fires, she searched on line, reading stories, looking at pics of hunky guys, still trying to deal with her needs,her wants, her hopes.

Surely a friend would be willing to help her out, no strings attached, just help sastify that ache, and hug and stroke, skin against skin , warmth shared, soft kisses, and nibbles, then allow space, leaving that room needed to learn, no pressure, no desperate calls, no stalking, just acceptance, taking her as she is, pleasuring her as she wants, open and non judgemental of her wishes, her wants, her needs.

Someone who would strip her clothes and lick her from bottom to top, tongue tracing over her toes, sliding up her ankles, then her thighs, tracing warm lines over her round cheeks, following the line of her spine, under her hairline at the back of her neck, leaving soft kisses, then sliding down around her neck and up over her ear, turning her over to tickle across her forehead, before sliding back down along her arm, following the inside down to her wrist, her fingers, each sucked in its turn, then back up on the outside of her arm, sucking on the neck tendons, a little harder as she moans, then under the chin to slide up and capture her bottom lip, sucking it in, teeth lightly scraping before tongues sneak to touch, teasing and retreating, leaving her open, lips parted, swollen, wanting, waiting, as the tongue continues on down to her hard nipples aching to be touched, to be sucked, to be bitten, nibbled, each in turn suckled and pleasured, each pulled out, each worshiped and tasted, leaving them reaching, ready, her arms stretching,fingers wanting to grasp, to pull his head closer, hold his mouth, force his bite, knowing she is not allowed, as he slides further down, tongue and teeth trailing along her outer thighs, exciting and teasing as hips push up, praying for his attention, trying to draw him to her center, his hard cock showing his peasure in the acts, but her moves on down, down her legs, tracing the firm muscles, down to her toes, each tasted, each sucked, each sending tingles up, each curling in need.

Tongue sliding up the inner thighs, licking wetness, lingering to suck and bite, leaving marks, soft bruises, pleasure, building, sweetness and heat, clit pulsing in need, please, please, as finally the tongue licks, twirls, mouth sucking, tongue pushing, deeper, deeper, reaching inside, so wet, so warm, so needy, moans escaping, hips pushing up as hands grasp cheeks, squeezing and pinching while tongue delves and pleasures, yes, yes as the muscles clench and the spasms surge through her body, waiting yet for the hard cock to follow to drive deep inside, to stroke and tease, to linger and please, waiting, waiting.

Her body turned, her cheeks exposed, his hands arriving, her redness growing, her skin heating, her clit swelling, his spanks firming, her need climbing, his fingers seeking, probing, glistening, stroking, pinching, as her body explodes and she reaches and pulls him in, forcing him into her, taking him as he has taken her, her need overwhelming, his cock driving in, her nipples bitten, his nipples bitten, mutual pleasure, mutual needs, neck and mouth colliding as the spasms build, tongues entertwined as bodies join, slapping and straining, each wanting the other, each needing the other, each wanting to please, each needing to please.

Then lying together, soft caresses, soft touches, soft kisses, skin against skin, no need to speak, glowing, smiling, enjoying, warm, and happy, at peace.

A friend in need, a friend indeed.