Saturday, December 30, 2006


I love giving you a massage, getting to touch you everywhere, to have my fingers sliding through the oil as it glistens on your skin. You lie on your stomach naked on the bed, your arms stretched out slightly to the side and your legs parted, waiting for my touch. I lift your hair and sit astride your back, my cock pressing into you, so you feel my excitement. Kissing the back of your neck and letting my fingers slide through your hair, feeling its softness, before I begin, I pour the oil into my hands, warming it before I start to spread it across your shoulders, Then rubbing it into your skin, feeling the muscles under my thumbs and fingers , kneading the knots o I find, circles around your shoulder blades, around your neck, and the tops of your shoulders, my weight on your back, legs gripping your tummy, as I rub and stroke and pleasure you. Those little moans I know so well starting to escape, as I move slowly down your back, next to your spine and spearing out over your lower back, oil starting to cling to my thighs, and I lean over, letting my chest rub onto your back, the hairs scratching softly and my nipples rubbing into you, hardening as I slide them through the oil. Down to your cheeks, mmmm.. my cock sliding between them as I move lower, kneading the muscles, squeezing, letting the oil run down between and following it with my fingers, circling your lovely hole, pushing my fingers inside, making it slippery and letting my fingers move further in, as you push back against them, then pulling out and moving down to your thighs, opening your legs so I can get to the inner thighs, adding oil to your wetness, as my fingers play, in and out and around, circling, teasing. Then moving down your legs, over your thighs, the back of your knee, down to your toes, each one massaged, stroked, kneaded, and kissed, my fingers, working on the bottoms of your feet, my tongue tasting the sweet oil clinging to you, my chest and thighs slippery against you, before rolling you over, and working my way back up Your legs open wider, welcoming my touch as I massage slowly up, tracing each muscle, stroking you lovingly, caressing, higher and higher as you legs open even more. But I tease and move upward, sliding up over your tummy, to your shoulders, your neck back, open to my touch, soft circles under your ears, gentle, so gentle, then moving to your breasts, circling wet with the oil, closer and closer to your nipples, watching them grow for me, watching them harder, waiting for my fingers to caress, to pinch, to twist, your body arching up as you feel my cock on you, slippery with oil, sliding over your skin, touching your nipples. I move back down, as you begin to twitch beneath me, moaning louder, begging for more, but knowing you must wait for me, my fingers rubbing oil into your soft skin, working down to your center, so slippery, so easy to slide inside, to push deep in, as I kiss you, our bodies slipping on each other, your hands reaching for my nipples now, as I move down my mouth following my fingers, ready to taste you, to lick the oil off, to push inside, my fingers sliding up under you to cup your cheeks, to push into you while my tongue works on your clit, circling and licking, taking you into my mouth as my fingers probe deeper, sucking it in, feeling the pulsing, the swelling as I push harder, faster into your ass, my cock rubbing against your thigh, my body sliding against you, so slippery, so sensual, so ready as I feel you tighten and tense under me, spasms running through you, as I wait, ready to enter you, ready for you to turn me over and drive me into you, to feel your hotness surround me, to give myself up to the sweet sensations you produce. And then to lie together, as our breath settles, as our bodies coo, as we smile at each other, happy, content, in pleasing each other. And I know the next time I will be massaged. Mmmmm.  

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Lying in front of the fire, just relaxing and snuggling, a bottle of wine open and candles lit, content in being together, your nipples pressing into my back as you cuddle closer, arms around me, lightly caressing my nipples, feeling me tighten each time your nails stroke over them, giggling softly as you slide your fingers over my chest, pulling me in tighter against you so I feel your nipples hardening though the silk robes separating our skin, slippery and soft as it rubs, sliding open and letting fingers slide under, to tease and tickle, to excite slowly and sensually as we bask in the warmth of the fire, eyes half closed, feeling the comfort of each other, no stress, just peaceful, smiling, taking each others hugs, but getting slowly aroused by the romance and the soft nipple teasing, thoughts slowly turning to arousal, kisses replacing hugs, tongues starting to toy, more skin exposed, robes sliding off, flesh to flesh as tongues and mouths work together, each giving and taking in turn, sharing, exciting, each in turn, in and out, fingers teasing nipples, rolling and twisting and pinching lightly, for now, nipple against nipple, rubbing together, legs entwining, wetness on thighs, hardness seeking, probing, legs spreading, welcoming, offering, accepting, taking, seizing, squeezing, owning, moans, louder and louder, thrusting and shaking, gripping and pulsing, mouth to mouth, breathing  in and out together, each giving, each taking again and again, wanting and needing, both ready, pushing higher, candles flickering, fire flickering, pulsing, red, yellow, blue, violet, green, eyes closed, the soft smell of each other mingling with the fire, climbing, climbing, each trying to wait for the other, each pushing the other higher, closer and closer, there, there, and slowly so slowly muscles relax, back into that comfort, that holding, that basking, feeling the warmth of the fire, the warmth of the skin, the glow from the fire, the glow from within,  the closeness, the sharing, the peace.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day present

Boxing Day, a perfect day to wear boxers one thinks, but again, why wear anything. It’s snowing outside, no need to venture forth, perhaps a silk robe suffices. Light the fire, relax, spread my legs a little and let you slide in between, snuggling up and resting your cheek on my thigh, rubbing it against me and watching the response you produce. Slowly, growing as you watch, your breath tickling, teasing warm on me, as you smile and wait, knowing you control it, making it grow as you lie naked between my legs, your nipples hard, legs stretched out, slightly open so I can see your pussy, already damp as you decide what will be your pleasure today.  Your mouth reaches out and takes me in, warm, sucking, your tongue sliding over my skin, so velvety and soft as I grow for you, filling your mouth, as you move it back and forth, letting your tongue slide over it, under it, around it, your teeth holding it in place, as you suck harder, feeling it pulse with your attention, so hot, so ready, so needing you. Your legs spreading wider as your finger slide down to spread your lips, to rub through your wetness, to circle your clit, knowing I am watching, slow circles as you  suck, moving into you as you suck, pulling out, glistening as you suck, teasing your clit as you suck, squeezing it as you suck, again and again, harder  and harder, pinching as you suck,  your nail scratching as you  suck, knowing I watch, knowing I need to se you  tense, knowing as you do I will follow, knowing you will trigger me, when you trigger yourself, my mouth open, moaning as you pull me in deeper , deeper, harder, pulsing, watching. watching, fingers moving, teasing pushing you higher. forcing me higher, smiling, feeling, harder, pushing me, stroking me with your tongue, sucking me with your tongue, holding me with your teeth, scraping me, as you pinch harder, squeeze harder, closer and closer, sucking me in deep, deep, eyes open looking into mine, waiting, waiting, big pinch as big suck as I cum for you, and you spasm around your fingers, knowing you has done this, I have done this for you and you have made me, such tightening, so tense, such moans, eyes on eyes, looking deep, feeling each other, bodies clinging, before finally relaxing into each other, snuggling and holding as we breathe together, cuddling and content, soft skin warm and safe, holding, kissing, protecting, mmmmm.

Friday, December 22, 2006

sweet dessert

You have just come from the bath, warm and slightly damp in your silk bathrobe, the bath oil you have used giving your soft skin a slight sheen as I kneel down in front of you and part the robe, your nipples erect and waiting for my mouth as I take each one in turn in and suck softly, so softly, tasting you, licking and sucking, feeling then grow harder as I suck. Your hand pushes me down and I know what you want. I lick my way down over your tummy as I see your fingers taking your nipples and rolling them. Down to your belly button, my tongue tickling and you giggle and push me further down, between your parted thighs, my beard rubbing against your skin and I breathe in your sweet scent, the scent of arousal, of sex, of need, of want, of pleasure, my mouth watering and I breathe deeper still, pulling your scent into me and making it part of me, my cock growing harder as I move closer and closer, my tongue licking across your skin, over the tops of your thighs, the tip caressing , little nips and bites, making you moan as you spread yourself wider for me, your legs wrapping around my shoulders and pulling me, so strong and firm. As my mouth touches your lips your hands reach down and press me in tightly, and your tighten your thighs holding me in place as your fingers move back up to your nipples, suck me, lick me, and my tongue moves in little circles over your clit for a moment, before moving down and letting my nose press against it as I take each lip in turn into my mouth, sucking it, licking off the wetness, tasting you, toying with it between my lips, my tongue running over it, pulling it out and opening you, preparing you, my beard dripping now, your thighs wet as I continue to suck, now pushing my tongue slowly inside of you, little licks, little probes, deeper, slowly deeper as my hands take your cheeks and squeeze them, pulling them apart so my fingers can reach down between. Tongue working further in as I let one finger slide into your ass, curling inside you, as my tongue curls and my nose rubs, faster now as I push as deep as I can into you. My tongue fully inside, licking against the softness, the roughness, rubbing and rubbing, pushing in and moving back out to take your clit between my lips, sucking it in, feeling it swell as I lick, pressing the sides, so slippery now, so wet,  nipping at it gently and pulling as your hips rise pressing it into my mouth, reaching for my tongue, your thighs clamped around my head, as your rub on my face, moving, rubbing, pressing, my finger in your ass, your moans in the air, growing louder as I suck, as I take you, as I serve you, as I force  you  higher, feel me touching you, feel my finger, feel my tongue, licking, just there, harder and harder, faster and faster, wetter and wetter, let me feel you pulse around my finger, feel your gush against my face, give me your juices, let me drink from you, taste you, smell you, touch you, see you spasm , pinch those nipples so hard now and let yourself go, take it, higher, there my baby, yes my baby, now. Mmmmmmmmm.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A walk in the park

I woke up this morning, and looking out the window soft flakes were falling, not a lot, but the ground had a thin layer of snow and fluffy flakes were drifting down, so all I wanted to do was to grab your hand and drag you out to walk under the trees in the nearby park. It wasn’t really cold, so we had on light sweaters and I could see your nipples pressing hard against the softness, the cold and the excitement making them hard and ready for my mouth or fingers to play with. Loose jogging pants (no panties) were all you had had time to put on, before I pulled you out the door.  We walked slowly through the trees, green pines catching the snow and bare maples letting it through to catch in our hair. I turned to you as a flake landed on your nose and licked it off. You giggled and pulled me into you, pressing against me and feeling my hard cock pressing back. I reached between us and let my fingers slide over those firm tips, a little circle around each and you moan into my mouth, our tongues teasing, as I suck yours into me, tasting you, deeper into my mouth, my teeth holding it there as you push in forcing me back against a tree, my mouth opening wider as you shove it in deeper, deeper and then pull it back out, my tongue trying to follow but you push it back in again, taking my mouth, using it for your pleasure, my fingers gripping your nipples and starting to pinch them as with each pinch you push back into my mouth , pinch, push, release, retreat, in and out, arousing me more and more. Your fingers move to my nipples as you continue to kiss, sucking my tongue into you now as you twist and pull, then biting it as you squeeze hard, knowing the slight pain will cause my body to shudder and my hips to push into you, daring me to reach down inside the jogging pants, to feel your wetness, to push my fingers inside of you, here under the trees, in the open, your juices coating my fingers as I pull them out, slightly steaming in the cool air and lick them off, tasting that familiar taste, that sweetness I need, that you love to give me, sliding my fingers back inside rubbing your clit and pinching your nipple, as your back arches, faster and faster, we do not have a lot of time before others are awake and moving about, your moans louder as my curl my finger inside and my thumb presses into your clit, my focus on you and only you now, pleasuring you, awakening you, quickening you for the new day, the first snowfall, puffs of air escaping your moan as you cry out, there, giving in, letting it take you, the muscles so tight, as your body contracts, pussy clenching my fingers as I feel the pulses of your orgasm move through your body. You lean into me and let me hold you, arms around each other as we look into each others eyes. Soft gentle kisses now, licking the flakes off your eyelashes and cheeks, warm glow surrounding us, alone together.

Monday, December 11, 2006

In a fog

A cloudy, dull, foggy December afternoon needs something to perk it up. We talked of anal a number of times, but you were always afraid you would make a mess or fart or something equally awful, at least in your head. You do enjoy fingers playing with you while you are being eaten. I’ve noticed the heightened excitement, the extra moans that creep in. And you are not adverse to playing with me anally. So I suggest today is the day to see how far we can move  you along in your exploration. Still hesitant, you suggest being tied down will give control over to me, as long as I promise to stop if it really hurts you. I assure you  I will and that I doubt it will really hurt if we use lots of lube and take things slowly, Rather than tie you spread eagle on the bed, I clip your ankles  to your wrists forcing you to allow me full access to your lovely cheeks. I ready a couple of vibes I think might come in handy and begin by letting my tongue slide over your skin, down your back and over your cheeks, sliding with just the tip touching, goosebumps popping up on your skin as you begin to moan so softly. Reaching around you I tweak your nipples already hardened as your arousal grows, you sweet wetness beginning to rise in the air. I slide my fingers down under you between your legs, reaching for it, letting my fingers slide inside your pussy, getting nice and wet, before moving them upward, circling, circling, pressing in gently with my finger, then following that with my tongue lapping up the juices and pressing ever so slightly in. I feel you pressing back into my tongue as I push my fingers into your pussy, soaking them and sliding them over your clit. With each stroke, I slide my tongue in a little deeper, opening you, bit by bit. As you begin to pant, I warm the lube between my hands, coating my fingers, before pushing one in. It slides in easily, we have done this before. All the way in, slowly, slowly, stretching your muscle, teasing it and relaxing it. With each stroke of my finger on your clit I  feel your  muscle tighten around my finger. As it becomes easier to move in and out, I unclip your ankles from your wrists, but leave the wrists clasped together, pulling your legs open enough that I can slide under you and let my mouth get to your sweet pussy. As you settle down onto my face, my fingers continue to play, two fingers now, pressing in, as I suck on your clit, pushing slowly in and sucking and now three fingers begin to widen you more, but you have not complained, only moaned louder. I reach down and pick up the small thin vibe I plan to start with. It is no wider than my two fingers so should slide in easily. Rubbing lube over it, and keeping my mouth firmly pressed against your pussy, my tongue licking and teasing, I press it in having turned it on to help relax the muscle. As it slips in, I feel the vibrations beginning to tingle on my tongue. Deeper now and I pause to ask are you ok. Mmmmm is my only answer, Good baby. I begin to move it out and then back in, slowly to allow you to get used to the sensations. Don’t worry, I won’t let anything bad happy. I think you will really like this. Slightly faster now as I suck harder on your clit, and you spasm around my face. Louder moans, my beard totally wet. Quickly I reach down and take the larger vibe, sliding it into you. You moan, and I feel it pressing against my tongue, so close, as I probe into you, looking for that rough area, curling my tongue, rubbing just there, as the vibe moves in and out, in and out, feel it baby, give into it, let yourself enjoy, feel your whole body building, building, as you gasp and moan  for me, then rub your nipples on the sheets, and push back harder against the vibe. It’s time baby. Next time we will see if my warm cock is as good as the vibe.

Relax now, let me hold you, let me stroke you, and kiss you, as you let yourself go limp, all those muscles relaxing, as I release you from the clasps, slide down beside me, my arms around you, my cock hard, leaking , pressing against your cheeks. Don’t worry about that now. Just relax, and enjoy the sensations, let yourself be cuddled, be pampered.    

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wanting and willing

You look so delicious crawling over towards me, your nipples so hard, swaying beneath you, your skin glowing in the firelight. You turn and present your beautiful cheeks to me, backing them into my face, waiting for my kiss, my tongue to tease down between, to lick and toy, to press and push, before pushing further back, pressing me down onto the rug, sitting onto me, my nose sliding upward as you press your wet pussy over my face, my beard becoming drenched already as my tongue reaches for you, my hands gripping your ass, squeezing it, digging my nails into you. My tongue searches for your clit, giving it long stokes, pressing and releasing, sliding down to your open lips, taking each one of them into my mouth and sucking your taste, your wetness, your softness into my mouth, caressing your lips with mine, possessing them, my teeth gripping gently at first, then pressing harder  as your moans reach my ears, your orders for me to take you, to suck you, to lick and please, and I slide my tongue deep, deep inside, curling it, reaching for the rough little zone I know gives you such pleasure, my tongue sliding over it, pressing into it as you press harder down onto my mouth. Your hands reaching down to grab my nipples, pulling then and twisting as you dig your hard nails into my chest, knowing that will drive me to suck more and more of you in, your clit swelling beneath my  attention, growing and pulsing inside my mouth, as I suck and taste, suck and taste, swallowing as much as I can, my neck wet from you. I feel you dripping onto my ears and that makes me even hornier, ever more anxious to feel those exquisite spasms, as you tighten around my tongue, your thighs gripping my neck, squeezing. My body, quivering with excitement, the feel of you sliding over my face and nose, the smell of your skin turning me on so much. My cock aching for your touch, your mouth, your hands, your pussy, wanting it, wanting all of you, wanting and willing.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

At peace

We are lying on the rug in front of the fire, candles glowing about the room, soft music playing in the background as we snuggle, my head in your lap, as you stroke my hair, teasing it, my beard resting on your breast, tickling your nipple, my breathe softly sliding over it, as I watch it grow , crinkle, waiting for attention, for my lips to take it in, to suck it deep into my mouth as far as I can, to pull your breast out from you, as your nipple gets sucked deeper and deeper into my mouth, my lips holding you inside of me, as your fingers clasp my head, pulling my tighter against you, your legs crossing across mine, my knee pressing into your pussy, feeling your wetness spread across it as I continue to suck, such lovely nipples, hard and sensitive, each suck yields more moisture, leaking  from you, as your hips start to move, my fingers reaching to the other nipple, circling around it before taking it between my thumb and fore finger, pulling in rhythm with my sucking, in and out,  pinching and releasing, in and out, pinching and releasing, feeling your body moving, you mouth opening and beginning to pant, softly at first, but then louder, telling my to suck, suck harder as your begin to grind harder against my knee, your smooth thighs trapping my leg, using it, rubbing, wetting, sliding on it, back and forth, in and out, pinching and releasing, your hair covering my face, soft, hair, smelling so sweet, gliding over my cheeks, as you watch my mouth work on your nipple, sucking so hard now, you now there will be a  mark , circling your whole nipple,  leaving it so, so ready to be touched , and triggering after shocks. Rubbing, sucking, sliding, you are so close now my baby, so wanting, so needy, so ready, let your self go, give into it, do it baby, thanks my little girl, yes. I love when you do that. Now let me hold you, here my baby, lie on my chest, suck on my nipple and sleep, close your eyes and suck little girl, as I stroke your soft skin, your back, circling, feel my fingers caress you and drift off, knowing I am watching over you, protecting you, in front of the warm fire, your sweet scent mingling with the candles, smiling in your sleep, feeling me watch you, look at you, so peaceful, so very peaceful now.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Weird and Wicked

Hmmm, one tag of two tags combined- now that is efficiency. But where are the other 5 who are supposed to be tagged, I wonder. All right as usual when challenged I have to give it a shot. So here goes.
Bunny Lebowski’s first tag is:

"THE RULES:Each player of this game starts with the '6 weird things about you.' People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog."

6 Weird things about me:

  1. I’m addicted to curling

  2. I can make myself orgasm by nipple stimulation only

  3. I always leave the toilet seat down

  4. I can control a meeting without saying a word

  5. I cannot resist a challenge- especially if it proposed by a woman

  6. I have never been to a casino.

Now the second one is harder since it really is the same tag but perverted by Gracie Baby and passed on to Bunny and thus to me.

"THE RULES (modified by grace):
Each player of this game starts with the “6 wicked things about you”. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 wicked things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave a comment that says “you are tagged” in their comments and tell them to read your blog."

So 6 Wicked things about me:

  1. The touch of my fingers makes women melt.

  2. Being tied down and controlled sends me into space.

  3. A Feeldoe is awesome if used by the right person.

  4. I want to one time be in the middle of a sandwich.

  5. I like the Timex ad- it takes a beating and keeps on licking. (oops did I quote wrong?)

  6. I always want to explore.

And there you go.

Now to find 6 tag targets :
Sex and Hockey
Flirt with Katie
Mistress S

Now that is wicked hehe.

Monday, December 04, 2006

out of touch

You know , it is interesting how not being in touch for a few days sharpens the mind and focuses it on the feelings that exist. Here I am, have been busy, tied up (well that would have been nice ) in a training camp and then a couple of other projects which are quite lucrative so hard to turn down and have not had much chance to link. Rather I now sit, thinking of you, of us, of the feeling s which erupt as we touch, as we hold each other, the intensity in our eyes when we gaze, unable to look away, not wanting to look away, nipples crinkling as silent messages pass, not wanting to break the connection, wanting , needing, longing. The memory of soft skin against skin, slippery fingers sliding and hard tongues tasting, feeding each other, giving so much, and yet afraid to give too much, wanting to be open, yet unsure how open is too open. We do that . We worry and protect, not as much now, but also worry for each other, wanting to protect each from hurts, to help and comfort, to hold and please, to bask in the warmth we offer each other, to share and smile, to just lie back and smile, knowing there is no judgment, trusting and yet aching inside, wanting this feeling to continue, afraid it won’t, and sliding into each other, pressing together, lips parting, tongues plunging, as lips bruise, hands moving, feeling, grasping, pinching, stroking, gliding, pulling, pleasing. Always pleasing, Always giving. Tongues exploring yet again, knowing the perfect spots, the right angle, the exact lick, drawing moan after moan, pressing together, reaching, needing, deeper, and deeper, wetter and wetter, harder and harder, slowing to tease, and then faster, pushing, forcing, breath faster, panting, sighing, moaning, louder, giving in, accepting , letting it overwhelm, letting me take you, letting you take me, slipping down slowly, gently, softly, cuddling, cuddling, holding safe, so safe, so happy. Knowing we will do this again.