Tuesday, September 18, 2007

10 reasons

This is not new but could not resist posting it lol.

10 reasons to date a curler:

1. We can slide through tight holes
2. When it gets taken out, we can put it back in just as easily
3. We dont care if you scream "hard", "harder", "all the way" or even "take it deep"
4. Our tools are long and hard
5. If you wait for it to come, it usually turns out better for everyone
6. The speed of our tools is determined by whoever screams "harder"
7. We constantly put our backs into it
8. We can go strong for 10 rounds, and if that doesn't settle it, we can go one more
9. We have no problem hitting the button
10. When the games over, we clean our tools and sheets

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Trim anyone?

To trim or not to trim - why wax poetic when the shear pleasure is in the doing. Trimming and shaving brings pleasure to both parties , the trimmer, who gets to pleasure and the trimmed who gets to feel the sensation of the blade sliding across skin, the fingers holding open to reach the tiny hairs, the fingers dipping inside, feeling the wetness gather, the tongue testing for perfect smoothness, smelling the sweet scent so close as you lean in to ensure the perfect effort, the lips swelling as they are teased and pulled, all in the name of not leaving any trace of course, and each day, another test, checking to see if it is time to once again indulge.

Waxing, leaves the area raw, lasts longer so removes the need for daily dipping to test for smoothness, but ensures the need for soothing after the torture. Guys shave their balls - how often do we hear of them waxing them? Hmmm, maybe there is something there.

Such difficult decisions,to have someone else perform the trimming or the waxing, ensuring the soothing tongue is there, licking and tasting, tied down or not, pain and pleasure mixing, or spent lonely hours, stroking and rinsing, striving to reach those difficult spots, never sure if it has been completely successful, when there are volunteers just waiting to be helpful.

I know my choice.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Talking to a friend about gps and distractions when driving led to thinking of much nicer, more enticing distractions that can happen when driving. A blouse open showing an erect nipple, a skirt sliding high to expose a long smooth thigh, the hint of panties, or the hint of no panties. A zipper undone, soft breath stroking, a hand reaching, teasing, a mouth sucking, hardness growing, no distractions there. Spread legs, feet on the dashboard, skirt pulled up to show shaved smoothness, fingers dipping, stroking, sliding, nipples teased, twisted, pinched, no distractions there. Moans and sighs, kisses shared, tongues entwined, hair softly stroked, fingers lingering, tingling, no distractions there. My tongue dipping inside, licking, teasing, sliding over thighs, circling clit, sucking on it, hmmm, distractions there. My eyes are not on the road - priorities hehe.