Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Chill out.

It’s been so chilly for the last week or so, yet little snow on the ground. Not the type of weather to be out roaming around scantily dressed for sure. More the sit in front of the fire, or rather lie in front of the fire, and spread moisturizing oils over each other before slipping (hehe) into something sexy and tantalizing, knowing we will be naked again soon but enjoying the tease of skin peeking out of skimpy undies, hard nipples pressing against silky gowns, signs of wetness showing our arousal.

The warm glow of the fire reflects off Your skin, glistening and beckoning, waiting for my hands, for my tongue, as I snuggle up behind You, pressing into Your sweet ass, slowly moving the silky material away from You, exposing more and more of You to my gaze, lifting Your hair off Your shoulders, so sweet smelling and soft, to reach the back of Your neck, to let the tip of my tongue slide in little circles there, slow, teasing circles, up to where Your hair starts, and down to the nape of Your neck, as my fingers slide around You, starting little circles around Your nipples, my tongue and my fingers circling, circling, then my tongues slide down to near Your ear, tickling under it before dipping inside to trace each whorl, before taking the lobe into my mouth and gently nibbling, my fingers tightening slightly on Your nipples as my teeth squeeze. Releasing it to trace further down Your neck, following the tendons, and the line of Your jaw, as Your neck curves back, opening to my delicate touch, offering Your neck, taking what i offer, giving permission to continue. You turn Your head, so i may tease the other side, repeating my stokes across Your skin, butterfly tickles with my tongue, around and around as I feel You beginning to squirm against my body, Your cheeks pressing back into me, rubbing on my hard cock. My fingers tangle in Your hair, stroking it and pulling lightly, feeling it slide across my skin, rub into my face, as I nuzzle. Letting my fingers slide onto Your temples and down over Your, slipping over Your lips, already slightly open as You reach for them, Your breathing becoming a little faster, tiny whispers, soft sounds, escaping, encouraging, allowing.

i slip my finger gently between Your lips and You seize it with Your teeth, as Your tongue swirls around it, sucking it into You, as i try to move it in and out and You refuse to let it move.

You release it and push me back, rolling onto Your back and offering Your breast to my tongue, the sweet oil mixing with Your scent as I let my tongue trace over You, skimming over Your skin, closer and closer to Your nipple, my fingers sliding down Your body to dip into Your panties, to feel Your wetness, as Your legs spread. My mouth taking Your nipple and sucking on it now, nursing on it, deep sucks, drawing it in, and letting it go, hard suction swelling it, as my fingers delve intoYou . So wet now, and Your moans are louder, as I push three fingers in to You, and then a fourth, my thumb on Your clit as I work my fingers deeper, pressing into You, Your hips pushing up, holding my hand trapped in Your panties, and as I bite harder, Your pulse around my fingers, squeezing them with Your strong muscles, stopping them from moving, as Your throb and throb against them, gasping with the sensations flowing through Your body.

As You relax, and allow my fingers to escape, You push my head downward, ready for more attention.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


She asked me what i would do to deserve Her attention. i responded i’d beg, but that was not good enough. She pushed to know exactly how far i would go, what i would do, what i would give for it. i wanted only to answer whatever She wished but She demanded more. What was i prepared to do for Her right now. i offered, licking ,kissing ,any part of my body She wished to use, my mouth, my cock, my ass, anything, spank me, do what You wish, fuck me however You want, use me, mark me as Yours, but She pushed for more. i offered to lick Her whole body, to kiss Her everywhere, to have Her sit on my face and let me suck Her, to let Her smother me, to use me as Her slave. Let me pleasure Her anyway She wanted, but She wanted me to tell Her, and all i wanted was for Her to take control, to just tell me what to do. She knew how hard it was for me to answer that and She made me answer. i was so hard and so wanting and i let Her control me even then. And then She did not give me an answer, just left me hanging, waiting, not knowing if i had pleased Her, making me understand that She controls and i am to serve and wait for Her command.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

You take me

The feel of Your mouth on my nipples never fails to excite me. You delight in sucking each one, drawing it into Your mouth and letting Your teeth slide over it, pulling it out from my chest as far as You can before releasing it and then seizing the other, Your naked breasts there in front of me waiting for attention, nipples growing harder as You tease me more, controlling the time we have together, drawing out the pleasure, keeping me on edge, wondering when You will trigger my release and how You will do i. Will it been with Your hot mouth, or Your silky fingers , perhaps buried deep inside You, or sliding between Your thighs. Sometimes rubbing against Your breast, teasing Your nipple with the head and sometimes squeezed into Your tight ass, so hot and welcoming. For now, my nipples are Your point of attack. My hands handcuffed behind me, preventing me from touching with them, my mouth open for You, as You stroke my hard cock, squeezing it and drawing out each droplet before bringing it to my mouth to spread onto my tongue, Your fingers dipping deep in to my mouth, my tongue searching for every taste You choose to give me. Then Your fingers move to Your pussy, before moving back to my mouth, once with my taste, once with Your taste, again and again I suck on them, savouring the difference in the tastes, mingling them together in my mouth, as You continue to suck on my nipples, causing my hips to twitch, pushing forward towards You, trying to rub against Your thighs, as You sit on top of my legs, pressing me back into the bed. Your mouth leaves my nipples to nibble on my neck, to suck in my skin, to chew and bite on my shoulder, to let Your tongue run up the side of my neck, following the tendon just under the ear, and then move down to my mouth, Your tongue pushing inside, taking my mouth, allowing me only to lick around Your tongue, to try to suck on it and You stretch in deep into me, under and over my tongue, tickling the roof of my mouth, sliding over my teeth, leaving me gasping, moaning, needing. Then You slide back and i watch as You move down, closer and closer to my cock, Your mouth taking me in, pulling me in, sucking harder and harder, as You play, veins pulsing, and the head growing a deeper purple as You taste the drops You are sucking out of me. i can smell Your arousal in the air, the sweet scent making me long to taste You. i beg to let me taste but You just laugh, and continue Your assault on my cock, stroking and sucking, making it throb, licking around the top, down and under the head, down the shaft, and back up, slowly now, long licks like You use for ice cream, slippery tongue, colliding with slippery cock. Then taking me deep into You again and stroking faster and faster, telling me to cum for You, saying You want it, want me to give it to You, one spurt and then another and another, flood into Your mouth, then a few more drops, as You hold it waiting for me to finish, before moving up to share them with me, each of us swallowing as we look into each other’s eyes. Then You snuggle down next to me, Your wet pussy straddling my leg, and cuddle.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Soft skin needs lotion and pampering

Of course, a bath and shaving should always be followed by a silky body lotion to ensure the skin stays soft and moist. You reach for the Aveeno creamy moisturizing oil and hand it to me. You lie face down on the bed, and i lean over, my cock pressing between Your cheeks, distracting me from my task for a moment. Although not massage oil, the smooth lotion easily slips over Your skin and i spread it onto Your neck and shoulders, rubbing it in slowly and smoothly, my fingers siding under Your ears, and down over the top of Your shoulders, moving back to Your neck, and then back down to spread over Your back, kneading the muscles slightly as i rub over the blades, and down Your spine, shifting downward to kneel between Your legs as i rub the lotion into Your cheeks, down between them, rubbing everywhere I have shaved, pressing gently into Your ass, as the lotion, easily allows my entrance, dipping deeper inside and stretching the tight muscle, i feel You move under me and Your legs open slightly as you push up onto my finger. Down Your legs now, giving them special attention since they have been shaved only minutes ago, each toe treated in turn to the oil, the bottoms of Your feet, last before Your turn over, offering me Your front to my hands. Each ankle, then the smooth calves, the knees, the thighs, between the thighs, onto Your pussy lips, sliding between where the oil mingles with Your juices, coating Your clit before moving further up onto Your tummy, up Your sides and under your arms, then sliding down to Your fingers, before moving back to Your breasts, the nipples carefully coated, stiffening as my fingers work the oil in. The lotion soaks into Your skin quickly, leaving it silky and shiny with virtually no residue, sweet smelling and soft, my fingers caressing now as my task is completed, moving down to toy with Your clit, to slip three fingers inside You, opening You, as You provide the lubricant which lets them slip so easily inside, Your hips rising and falling as my fingers probe deeper, and deeper, pressing into You pussy wall as my thumb slips over Your clit. Our mouths meet and our tongues clash as i continue to pleasure You, Your moans into my mouth exciting me more, and driving me to move my fingers faster and harder, pushing You higher, closer, and closer, until, You drench my fingers as You peak, gripping them so tightly inside of You, squeezing with Your strong muscles, pulsing around them, before relaxing against me, letting my fingers slip out, watching me bring them to my mouth to clean, to taste as i always do. So delicious, so sweet, mmmmmm.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Shaving is such sweet pleasure

The tub is full, bubbles floating on top, as You slip beneath them, a glass of Merlot nearby and call to me, saying You need to be shaved properly. As i turn to reach for the razor, You add, naked. I pull off my t-shirt and jogging pants, standing naked in front of You, my cock already hard, anticipating the pleasure I will get from the close contact with Your pussy and legs and ass, wondering if I will be allowed to climb into the tub or will be made to kneel on the ceramic floor surrounding it. You tell me to turn so You can admire my ass, and as I bend over to pick up the razor, You give me a swat, making me jump a little and leave a bright red handprint behind. Behave You say and stretch out You lovely legs for my attention. I spread bath oil over Your left leg, allowing my fingers to slide up and down, spreading the oil, ensuring Your leg is properly prepared, allowing myself to slip down to caress Your toes, massaging each one and coating them with the sweet oil. You press them into my cock, giggling and hold them there as i stroke slowly down Your thighs, one stroke down to Your pretty knee, then another, and another, slowly removing the nearly invisible hairs, each stroke causing my cock to throb against Your toes, another stroke and one more and You like Your leg higher so I can do the back of Your thighs, Your toes toying with my nipple as You stretch You leg high, I lean down and holding Your ankle, begin to shave the back, careful to reach every where, my fingers sliding over Your thigh to ensure I have missed nothing, that You are completely smooth and slippery. Next I shave the calf of the leg, down the back, fewer strokes but each slide of the blade over Your skin, draws a moan from Your lips, making my arousal grow. Once the leg is down, i lower it into the water, rinsing off and sliding my hands once again over Your leg, up and down it feeling everywhere, slowly, carefully, sliding, feeling, stroking. You lift Your other leg for attention and remind me that the final check will have to be with my tongue. Long strokes over Your thigh, one, a second, a third, a fourth, a fifth, each pass of the blade, leaving smooth shiny flesh behind, glowing from the heat of the water, The back of Your thigh beckons my fingers, my blade, soft smooth and silky, waiting for its stroking, my cock throbbing in front of You, as i obey, down and up, down and up the blade passes, then further down again to treat the calf , once again rubbing the oil onto You toes and massaging Your foot before finishing the shaving of Your legs. You stand, the water, sliding off of You, lifting Your arm for me to take care of Your pits. I hold Your arm up and press into Your breasts, feeling Your hard nipples against my chest as i carefully shave one and then the other. You spread Your legs, apart and I kneel down to begin shaving Your pussy, making sure i do not nick You and holding Your lips out, so that the skin is nice and taut for the blade, my fingers feeling Your moisture, and i can smell Your arousal as i lean closer to inspect the area and ensure there is no stray trace of hair left. The new razor vibrates as it does its work and I slip it over Your clit for a moment, feeling You shudder and watching Your muscles tighten, before continuing on to search for any hair nestled behind Your pussy up toward Your cheeks. Turning You allow me to separate those delicious cheeks, allowing me to see You cute little hole, the one i love to lick and tease. All seems clean and i cannot resist pressing the handle of the razor against You, watching You open for its entry, and slide it in slowly as i watch You tighten around it, before removing it and setting it aside. You remind me i must do the final check but should start with Your legs and work up, knowing I was ready to begin to trace the last path of the razor. You slide back down into the water, and lift Your leg to my mouth, my tongue sliding over every inch of it, slowly licking, tasting, and teasing, slowly up to Your knee, and back down, each leg in its turn, before You roll over and allow me the pleasure of the back of Your legs, the soft tender skin behind Your knees, so ticklish, and arousing as my tongue slides, around and around, tracing little circles, before sliding down the back of Your calves. finally moving to Your thighs, my cock dripping as i smell Your skin, feel it on my tongue, so soft, so smooth. My tongue continues to slide over them, up to the start of Your cheeks, and back down, massaging Your skin with my tongue, licking, and finding i have not made any mistakes with the razor this time. i let my tongue slide briefly up over Your ass, teasing You as You moan again. Your turn back over and i move back to the front of Your thighs, each stroke of my tongue bringing me closer and closer to Your pussy lips.i taste more than the oil from the water on Your skin and know Your juices are sliding down Your thigh to my waiting mouth, my tongue capturing every drop as i check the razor has indeed left nothing behind. my tongue now slides up to Your pussy lips, taking them inside my lips, licking them, sucking them, savouring Your taste, Your feel, Your wetness, before sliding onto Your clit, so hard and ready for my mouth, throbbing as I stroke it with my tongue, pulsing with Your pleasure, my fingers spreading You wide so I can reach inside You, my tongue searching deep inside, curling in You, moving in and then out as i hold Your cheeks apart, dipping down to tease Your ass, my tongue pushing inside it now as You hold Yourself up out of the water for me, my beard scratching Your thighs, wet from the water and from You, Your thighs pressing my head, Your legs wrapped around my neck, water splashing out of the tub onto the floor, as You let Yourself go on my tongue, squeezing my neck harder, taking my breath away as i lick and suck and nibble Your clit. Loud moans fill the air and Your body spasms, and I know I have done a good job shaving You.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Really now!

What the hell, i just did this test for a lark.

Hot inside, cold outside part 3

You are not done with me yet, it’s snowing outside and cold and You want more. Untying me completely You move away and let my head rest on Your breasts, my warm breath tickling Your nipple, making it tighten and stiffen. You push my mouth on to it, telling me to suck. As it grows harder You guide my other hand to Your other nipple, rubbing it with my fingers, guiding me in teasing it, controlling my movements with Your long nails pressing into my fingers, Your breath quickening slightly as I suck and tease. Sucking on it, pulling Your breast out from Your body, before letting it relax back, my lips tight around it, my teeth grazing it, my tongue, toying with the tip. Mmmm, such soft skin, Your breast rubbing against my beard, scratching it so slightly, as You work my fingers on Your other nipple, holding them tight to pinch, twisting them to twist the nipple trapped between them, pulling them back as if a clamp pulling Your nipple away from Your body, soft sighs escaping from Your lips. You pull me off Your nipple and feed me the other one, taking my hand and moving it to the one I have been suckling, grown so large with the attention it has been receiving, wet from my mouth, tender from my teeth scarping, running my fingers over that sensitive tip, before once again using my fingers as if they are Yours, to play with Your nipple through them, while my mouth takes the waiting nipple in, Your hand on the back of my head, tangled in my hair, holding me in place, as You force it deep into my mouth, sucking as much of Your breast in as I can, holding it inside me, tasting it, tasting You, breathing in Your scent as You smother me with Your breast, feeling me tease that tender, so sensitive, so needy nipple. I feel You growing wet again, as Your thighs press around my leg, pulling it into Your pussy, grinding Your pussy on my, Your lips widening as You grow more aroused, opening to let Your clit rub on me, spreading Your sweet creamy moisture over my leg, sliding on it, my cock so hard, so near, but untouched, as it throbs and twitches, wondering if You will take me once again or if You will simply use me for Your pleasure, denying me, keeping me aroused, ready, wanting, as I suck and suck some more. You shudder against me and I know You have had a small orgasm, Your wetness suddenly growing, moisture leaking down to drip onto the bed beneath us. My cock presses against Your tummy, dripping, more, pressing and digging into Your skin, feeling its softness slide against me, aching for You, my balls tight up against me, as You pull away, guiding my fingers into You, forcing them into Your pussy, first two then pushing a third in, Your fingers joining them inside, controlling them, pushing them against that rough spot, harder and harder, forcing them in circle inside You, as Your other hand works on Your clit, pinching it, squeezing it, pressing my fingers inside You into that spot just behind it, my fingers Your tool, so wet and warm, dripping continuously, as You push them deeper into You , dragging them over You, Your clit so swollen and hard, faster now, pinching harder, and Your body tensing, every muscle so tight, my fingers squeezed so hard as they are held in place i can barely move them. A loud moan escapes You, as You cum and cum, on Your fingers, on my fingers.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cold Outside, Hot Inside continued

You untie my legs and one of my arms and tell me to turn over, reattaching the arm and then releasing the other and reattaching it. You then reattach my ankles but move them higher on the bed so i must lift up my cheeks while my legs are spread out, leaving me open and vulnerable to Your touch. You giggle as I hear more clicks of the camera, and Your nails slide over my cheeks, digging in and leaving red lines behind as they move up and over and then further up my back to my neck, then back down my sides to my thighs before moving back in between my legs and up my inner thighs, stroking my hard cock waiting there for Your touch. As You trace my balls trapped in the straps, You feel me pulsing with need, waiting for You to decide what will be next. Your finger slides into me, only one knuckle at first, but then slowly pushing in deeper and deeper and twisting around, opening me, stretching the tight muscle, You move away for a few minutes, leaving me tied there, wondering, so aroused, so ready, so wanting. Then You return and I feel You pushing in two fingers. There are well lubed and slip in so easily, Spanking my ass, a few times, turning it red, and watching me squirm, You spank harder, each one causing me to flinch but become ever more aroused. I beg for more and You happily oblige. Then I feel You sliding onto the bed, moving closer to my ass, pressing against it, Your strap on, sliding over it, ready to push into me, As You spread my cheeks, You lean over my back so I can feel Your hard nipples sliding over my skin, then You begin to push in steadily, slowly, inch by inch until I feel Your thighs pressing against me, feeling so full as You pull back out and begin Your rhythm, stroking and causing me to throb with each push, with each pull back, with each pinch of my nipples, with each stroke of Your nails on my swollen cock, Your wetness dripping down onto Your thighs, rubbing into my ass, slippery now from Your excitement, as You move faster, climbing towards Your orgasm, stroking harder on my cock with each inward motion, with each press of the dildo into Your pussy. You rip off the straps holding my cock imprisoned and stroke up and down, in and out, pressing deep inside, rubbing against my prostate, my cock leaking steadily for You. And as You cum, You give one last stroke, squeezing hard and I spurt for You covering Your hand and dripping down onto the bed. Bringing Your fingers to my mouth to clean and lick and suck, as You hold me pressed against You, Your thighs tight up against my ass, Your breasts, pressed hard into my back. Mmmmm.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cold outside, hot inside

It is actually below freezing for the first time since before Christmas. No snow though and it is supposed to rain again tomorrow. But with a nasty wind, it is no longer pleasant to walk in the woods. Other means of passing the time seem to be in order. It’s been a while since you tied me down and played with me and who am I to refuse such a proposal. I stretch out on the bed, naked, face up as you wrap the cuffs around my wrists and ankles, having blindfolded me so I cannot see exactly what you have planned. You pull my left arm and fasten it to the rope conveniently placed and then stretch my right arm well out so I can only lift my body up, and wiggle my fingers. You them pull my left leg over and fasten it also, then with my right ankle fastened I am spread eagle on the bed, waiting for you to decide what next, listening to the small sounds as you walk around, humming to yourself, feeling my cock grow as I imagine you looking at me. You giggle and I hear the click of the camera, taking a picture of me lying there helpless. I feel you slip a band around my cock and them another under my balls, forcing them up and away from body. Then I feel your breath on the head of cock, slowly blowing over it, making me twitch, and leak, as your hair slides over my legs, tickling, knowing you are looking closely, wondering if I will feel your tongue, my hips pushing up, hoping for it, reaching for it, but you move away. Another click of the camera, and then you are sitting on me, I can feel your wet pussy on my leg as your lean over me and take one of my nipples into your mouth, sucking hard on it, biting and pulling it out with your teeth, feeling my cock twitch with each sensation, rubbing your pussy onto me,  marking me as yours. You let my nipple go with a pop and promptly seize the other in your teeth, sucking hard, dragging the blood into it,  biting into my skin, as your drag it deep in, I know I will have a purpling bruise after this but it aches so nicely now. Leaving my nipples tender, aching for the slightest touch you slide up over me, rubbing your pussy on each nipple, wetting them and, feeling them dragged between your lips, my cock seems to swell more and more. I know you will not be able to resist using my tongue, and my mouth is open already as I smell your sweet scent coming closer and closer, up my neck, dragging across my beard, you do so love the feeling of my beard on your thighs and pussy don’t you. Then you settle yourself on me, my beard already saturated and your warm wet juices sliding down the sides of my neck. I eagerly reach up to suck in your lips, your clit, pushing my tongue into you, licking and sucking as you squirm over my face, pressing me down, under you, smothering me with your scent, your feel, your taste, your smell arousing me more and more, and I feel slow trickles down my cock, as I leak that clear liquid you love the taste of. Licking harder ,and sucking in as much of you as I can, and when I take your clit between my teeth and bite gently , I feel your pussy clench and hear your moans grow louder, as you squirt over me. You love this game, and I know it will be long before I earn my release. Swallowing and swallowing your moisture, as I continue to lick and suck, my tongue clasped and released as each wave passes through your body, driving me to keep you on that peak as long as I can, coming again and again, more and more fluid spilling out of you onto my face, running down my neck, pooling onto the sheets. I feel my body tensing and shuddering with the heavy arousal you have stirred in me, wishing you were pinching my nipples and pushing me over, but no. You have other plans. You move away, breathing heavily still, and I hear click, click, click, as you take pictures of my face , smeared with your juices, my beard dripping, my mouth open, licking my lips, the edges of my moustache within reach, pictures of my purpling cock, trapped in the bands, swollen and dripping for you. You reach down and tighten them a bit, before settling onto my cock, riding it and pulling it deep inside you, your fingers reaching up to my nipples, your sharp nails, digging into them, your mouth biting into my chest , as you move up and down, your teeth clamping onto my shoulder, and neck, as you suck and chew, rubbing my cock deep inside, then pulling off to rub it against your clit, slowly pulling it back in, as you stretch out the feeling, climbing to another peak, tightening around my cock, painfully tight, as you reach your release once again,.  I am so close to mine but the straps are holding me back. I am begging for you to let me come, to pull them off and let me spurt into you, over you, anywhere you like. More clicks, as you record what you have done to me so far, knowing, while I can only imagine. You walk off and come back with a bottle of water which you bring to my mouth as you whisper. I am going to turn you over now onto your stomach, be good.        

Sunday, January 07, 2007

You always get your way

Starting a fire when the sun is out and there is no snow on the ground, (in fact the grass is green and healthy looking) just seems wrong. It’s still warm out, just a slight chill in the air and it sure looks like spring. But it is a Sunday afternoon, no curling on TV, and curling up in front of a fire, with a nice book, snuggled against you, seems like very pleasant way to pass the afternoon. A glass of wine, perhaps a cookie or two, and thoughts of your taste start to enter my mind. A perky nipple attracts my attention, poking through the thin top, waiting for a mouth to take it and suck on it, teasing softly as I feel it stiffening, my lips sealed around it, the wet cloth no barrier, as my teeth take hold and pull back, not biting but holding, lifting your breast up, before letting go. Pulling your shirt over your head, I take it once again in my mouth, suckling, my head resting on your chest, your breasts cushioning me, warm against my ear and neck, my beard tickling as I continue softly sucking, in and out, gentle sucks, little tugs, milking it, such a lovely texture as it rolls against my tongue, the feel of the little bumps rubbing, the taste of you, the scent of your skin, arousing me, as I move to the other nipple, exposing the first to the air, wet and erect, my fingers covering it while I suck and suck on your other nipple, keeping it hard, as I rub my beard against your breast, your skin feels so warm and is slightly pink as your arousal grows. I can smell your excitement, floating in the air, as your reach down to rub your pussy, wetting your fingers and bringing them up under my nose, knowing I will take them in and lick them, suck them into my mouth deeply and you smile as you work them in and out of my mouth. Your glistening nipple there in front of my eyes, your taste filling my mouth, your fingers toying with my tongue, before pulling out and pushing my head downward away from your nipples, down below your tummy, begging for my mouth to search deep inside you, to lick and curl and taste, and touch deep within. You know I can never resist your sweetness, the feel of you under my tongue, each slide of your lips against it, the slippery wetness, the little ridges begging to be explored, to be sucked, each demanding attention, each, waiting there, ready, your juices pouring from you onto my beard, my lips, my cheeks, my tongue, into my open mouth, as I  delve again and again into you, your legs wrapping around me, my hands on your cheeks, spreading them so my finger can reach down between, pushing inside you. My tongue feeling it through the thin membrane separating it from me, and I move up to your clit, letting my thumb slide into your pussy as I take it, my tongue swirling around, knowing you will wait no longer, that you are on the edge and need that extra sensation to push you over, to force those pulses to run through you, those exquisite spasms, you crave, you need, you deserve. What better way to spend an hour or two?

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Day dreams

Another warm day in the supposed cold north as the temperature hovers around 50 degrees F, rainy and windy though so outdoor activities seem less likely. I’m relaxing with the windows open, still not dressed for the day, wearing a silk robe, which slips open occasionally, my hand sliding down to stroke myself as I imagine you on your knees in front of me, your hands behind your back and your mouth opening to take me in, just the head, held there, no one moving, as it swells and your lips close around it, as you suck on it, not allowing it in, just pressing on it and sucking, and reach your fingers up to take my nipples between your nails, pulling them out, sweet pain and sweet suction, as my hips try to move, but you pull back, not allowing me further entry, just bathing the head with your warmth, you tongue teasing the hole, pushing into it, feeling my pulse against your tongue, my fingers reaching down to stroke your cheeks, to trace your lips, to stroke back over my shaft, as your lips move over me, letting me in a tiny bit, before backing off again to squeeze just below the head, rubbing them back and forth, around, swirling your tongue, tasting the little bits of fluid escaping, knowing I am in your control, knowing the excitement cursing through my body comes from you, knowing, I will wait, ready, looking down at you, my fingers tangled in your hair now, as I start to moan softly. You know I will tease you endlessly the next time I have your pussy in front of my mouth, light delicate touches, dainty licks, over and over, tasting and tickling, driving you higher, and you tease me more, drawing out the sensations, as your become wetter, beginning to want my tongue on you, now sucking me in further, the hardness, sliding over your tongue as your teeth scrap gently, feeling me shudder, deeper in now, as your suck harder and harder, aching for the feeling of me pulsing in your mouth, the full taste as I spurt into you, readying yourself, as finally I can wait no longer. Then pulling off and moving up to kiss me, your mouth full of my cum as our tongues entwine, sharing, kissing, hugging, as you drag me down onto the floor, straddling me as your rub your pussy on my leg, your wetness soaking my thigh, ready, so ready for me.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


It’s so warm, it’s actually possible to walk along the shore, no snow, no ice. Just t-shirts and light windbreaker. Wow. January and this happens and on top of that it is not even raining, the sun is out and you’d think it was spring- late spring since the water is not iced up. Not hot enough to strip off and run naked but still, hands creep under tops and nipples get teased as we kiss and snuggle, smiling as we share this rare moment in the dead of winter. No boots, just sneakers which can be kicked off, the sand is not even that cold under our toes,  We sit together resting on the sand, basking in the sun, holding each other, floating on the feeling of being there, the heat of our thighs blending, as we hug and kiss, fingers sliding down into pants to tease your wetness, my hardness, each toying with the other, each smiling at the naughtiness, each thinking of later, pressing inside, squeezing, mmmmm, tasting the wetness on our fingers, sharing the tastes as we kiss, wanting to prolong the moment, wanting to rush back and take each other, wanting, wanting.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Winter walk

It’s sunny, above freezing and no snow in sight- all we had melted in the rain yesterday. So a walk seemed in order- loose jogging pants, baggy sweatshirts, and no underwear just in case an opportunity arose. We set off, and I could see we were of like mind, as our mouths moved together as soon as we entered the woods, tongues teasing and promising more pleasure later. We crossed a little stream, which at this time of the year would normally be frozen, but was still tinkling down the side of the hill, little pieces of ice built up on the rocks, and we stopped to listen and cuddle on the little bridge. There was a large rock beside the stream and we sat enjoying the peace and silence of the outdoors, the sun shining down on our faces, warming us, and you reached over, puling me to you and pushing me down onto my knees, in front of you, your hands pushing down your jogging pants, your legs opening for me. Then you pulled me into you. I could smell your arousal, as my tongue flicked out to taste, so wet already for me, your legs wrapping around me, holding me in place, your hands guiding me to your clit, tongues sliding over it, feeling it grow, before pushing me further down, my nose pressing on your clit as my tongue worked inside you, my beard growing wetter as I licked, and sucked, and sucked and licked. Breathing you in to me, swallowing your moisture, my tongue sliding down to tease your asshole, pushing in gently as I feel your tension grow, pushing in, circling the muscle, before moving back to your pussy, now so very wet. Your hands slide up to your nipples and I know you are pinching them, pulling them and twisting, as I suck your clit into my mouth and bite it softly, sucking hard on it, tongue working around it, before letting it slip out to be pulled back in. Again and again, as you grow wetter and wetter, my beard rubbing roughly against your pussy lips, soaking up your flavour. Them you give a loud moan and you are cumming for me, pulsing inside my mouth, legs tensing and squeezing, as my tongue continues to lick,  before you push me away, and drag me up to kiss and suck my tongue in, to rub my wet beard over your face, sharing your taste and smell, licking my cheeks, hugging me to you. Then you pull me to my feet, pull your pants back up and hand in hand we continue our walk, my cock pressing and rubbing against my pants, leaving a wet spot  which makes you giggle as you look down. We’ll take care of him later you promise.