Sunday, October 28, 2007


Well, the blonde lady did not pop out today. A tad chilly and the nips would have been pretty perky, (shrinkage weather for guys lol) But I am reminded of another time when i was flying across Canada and the stewardesses were playing around in the last row thinking i was asleep. Legs stretched out as fingers slid upward, teasing and reaching, probing and pressing, mouth open and sighing, softly and sweetly, pulses beating faster and fingers squeezing tighter, as throbs spread through and skin flushed pink. Did they wonder if I saw? Did that excite them more? Stealthy glances as stolen moments passed. Careful kisses, licking lips. Nipples pinched and gently stroked. Sweet scent wafting, sweet wetness flowing, sweet pleasure sharing.

Friday, October 26, 2007

A sight for sore eyes

Well, today was supposed to be one of those cool fall days but the sun was out and the temperature moved up to around 18 Celcius ( or roughly 65 F for those who cannot convert) and I decided to sit out for a bit and enjoy the sun. We've had a lot of new neighbours move in over the summer and diagonally across from us is a tall bleach blonde lady who keeps some odd hours. Mind you, anyone checking my hours lately would think they are kind of odd too - but hey it's curling season. Anyway I'd sitting there reading my book and i look up and realize her door is open and a few minutes later out she pops ( and she was popping out) in a skimpy bra and pale thong to throw bottles into her recycling. Now i thought she had just not checked and was taking a chance no one would be around - after all many do work during the day. She spotted me and made no effort to run back inside, rather gave me a rather nice view of her cheeks, split by thin translucent material and long firm legs as she unhurriedly went about her task and then wandered back inside.

A few minutes later, she reappeared with more bottles, and has pulled on a silk top which hid her bra, but still left her virtually bare below the waist and showing off a significant expanse of cleavage of both types. I guess she was embarrassed i saw her bra but cleavage was perfectly fine. As she looked over i just smiled and continued on reading, trying to be the polite neighbour who would not embarrass her by whistling or being vulgar. But it did perk up the neighbourhood for a short while. Might just sit out for a few more days before the cold weather actually settles in. Hehe.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Morning dream?

well, well, such a tasty treat to wake up to. How did that happen. Lying there sound asleep, then feeling wetness sliding across my face, pulling me out of my dreams, sucking me into arousal, into tasting, licking, teasing, such a sweet taste ,a sweet smell, nostrils filled, as clit rubs, lips sucking lips, juices dripping, feeding my thirst, dramlike, floating, drifting in the scent, feeling the pulsing under my tongue, the heat, hearing the soft moans above me, then drifting back into sleep. Awake, no one there, was it a dream, no, beard is still wet, hmm. I'm sure she enjoyed her mornign sendoff .