Thursday, November 30, 2006

Let it snow

Ha, SNOW is in the forecast- yes that lovely white fluffy stuff we all look forward to, covering up the gray, bland, November ground just in time for December. Don’t really need the snow to justify a fire and cuddling. But then again, sounds like a great plan for the evening. Naked, warm, skin to skin, teasing each other, nipples sucked, lips kissed, necks attacked, fingers gently stroking, legs entwining, cheeks squeezed, soft sounds escaping, tiny breaths allowed out, as tongues duel, held tightly and safe. Sharing the sight of the snow, as it falls outside the window, soft candles and fire light flickering, adding a rosy tint to the skin, safe inside from the chilly wind, smiling as we share, as we hold and comfort, a nice glass of wine, some pâté, perhaps a bowl, there between us, each offering the other the goodness held inside, each glowing in the pleasure of being there, each lazy in the arms of the other, the sweet scent of arousal in the air, each of us growing slowly more excited, each holding off, to let it build, and grow, waiting to see who moves first, we reaches down to touch, to check on the state of arousal, knowing that will set off a chain of actions. The anticipation we so love, the caresses we cherish, the toying we need, the giving we want, the wanting we give, and the coming together, harder and harder, building and building, before peaking , and then lying back in each others arms again, the fire and the candles, everything warm and fuzzy, snuggling, snuggling, perhaps drifting off to sleep, to wake later and crawl into bed, and melt into each other for the night.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

idle thoughts hehe

I seem to be totally fascinated with my nipples these days. They stay hard all the time, not that they were not perky before, but now I feel them constantly, rubbing against my shirt, wanting to reach up and touch them, to let my fingers slide softly around them in circles, to pinch them and squeeze, and I feel so so horny hehe. Maybe it’s the time of the month. Men do have cycles too after all where the testosterone levels climb and dip- am I in a testosterone dip and the estrogen is taking over – hmmmm. Not that I am complaining. After all I have had some rather awesome orgasms from this- and I do have to say they are that- I masturbated to see if it felt the same and it is similar but these were whole body not just centered in my cock as is often the case. I quite like them, kind of like the difference between toking up and eating brownies- one is immediate and you are floating and the other takes longer but spreads through the body and lasts longer and is – can’t say more intense but you float longer and giggle more, and you smile a lot. Maybe I should munch on a cookie or brownie and see what happens now.

Just writing this has my nipples hard and my cock reacting. The urge to tease them is strong. If this is how females feel, I will indeed spend even more time teasing those delicious chewable suckable nipples, before I move down to lick and suck your clit and lick up your juices. You never knew what a weekend alone would bring about. Spread your legs for me and let me taste you my baby. Play with your nipples while I play with you. After you can play with mine and see if I get the same reactions. I know I was thinking of you when I was playing on the weekend. Lie back now though and let me take care of you. Let me tease, and lick and suck and enjoy the moans you give off. Squeeze you nipples harder my little one, imagine my mouth on them and on your clit at the same time. Give me your juices, let me swallow them, wet my beard , make it so sopping wet, so I will smell your scent all night long as we snuggle down in front of the fire. Cuddle up to me, let me feel your back pressing against my chest, my arms around you, holding you, your cheeks pressing back into me, sharing warmth, sharing smiles, sharing peace, sharing each other.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


My nipples have always been sensitive but being bored this weekend and trapped in a hotel room, I started playing with them more to see whether I could push myself to cum without touching my cock, just from nipple stimulation, since I know women who have been able to orgasm strictly from nipple play. Well I must say after a lengthy period of teasing I pinched really hard and suddenly my body tensed all up, my legs wanted to curl up into my chest and my found myself panting through some exquisite sensations pushing through me. No cum but an orgasm. Wow. I pinched again, my nails digging in and I triggers another spasm, body tensed, eyes closed and seeing colours, shuddering and it keep happening until I finally let go of my nipples, and flopped back down on the bed limp and glowing. My cock was hard but I had not spurted. And I was still horny. After a few minutes I decided to see if this a one time thing or repeatable, so let my fingers slide softly over the tips, they being a tiny bit sore from my previous play, and so much more sensitive, and could feel the same sensations beginning to build, dug my nails in hard and it happened yet again. Oh my. This brings toying to a whole new level. These seemed to be whole body feelings not just concentrated in my cock and the after glow felt softer and left me still ready for more. Needless to say, I am quite ready to try this again and to see if others can trigger the same result in me. If true, tied down could become rather dangerous to my heart hehe. But what a way to go.

Friday, November 24, 2006


I will miss sitting in front of the fire this weekend. The temperature remains ideal, not too cold yet, but below freezing at night. Still no snow as yet, although there is a rumour for the beginning of December. A nice present for my birthday if it holds true. Meanwhile I’m off to give a course so no snuggling likely. Only the cat will be home and he will be no doubt pissed off he doesn’t get his usual chance to bask. Such is life.

With a whole evening to myself in a small town north of here, I will have to check out the local sights. There will be at least two strip clubs. There always are. Wonder if I could sneak my camera in, lol. Private dances are 20$ per dance or by the hour. I guess it depends how horny you are. There will not be too many other attractions. Skiing has not started yet, so not many tourists around either to fill up the bars. And I do have to be up and functional on Sunday morning – the course starts at 8 a.m. so can’t stay out too late.

Even the internet is quiet with so many off for the American Thanksgiving. You’d think the rest of the world would pick up the slack. Come on guys let’s do it.

Can you tell I’m bored.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

rum affair

Another chilly pre-winter evening, temperature dropping well below freezing. Fire on and candles glowing, naked relaxing in front of it. Sounds like a rum toddy night. Water is on the boil, the rum toddy mix pulled from the fridge and a good dollop of rum poured into the mug. Mmmm. Only one mug tonight, we have to share, let me give you a sip. Don’t swallow, you have to pass it back to me, then I’ll take a sip and give it to you. Your tongue sneaking in to lick mine as you pass the toddy to my mouth, sliding over my teeth and trying to pull me back into your mouth. Naughty girl. Here you go, have some of this, as I push it into your mouth, my tongue following to ensure none escapes. Our lips sealing together, sliding over each other, neither wanting to let the other go. The warm drink sliding down our throat, to spread through us, our nipples hardening as we cling together, mouths dueling and throats swallowing, each forcing the other to take one more sip, to feel a tongue taking control, to taste each other, to give to each other, slowly sliding down to lie side by side, hip to hip, legs entwined, arms around each other as we bask in the warmth, the feeling of being together, needing more, needing to taste as we turn and I take your pussy and you take my cock, each mouth working, each tongue toying, teasing, arousing, in front of the fire, fingers playing with cheeks, pulling apart and yet pulling tighter together, fingers probing, kneading, touching, balls caressed and clit sucked, lips pulling in and lips taking possession, clit and cock held, sucked, hardening, bodies tightening, growing ever hotter, ever more aroused, the toddy forgotten for the moment as we surge together, cum together, lie together, slowly, slowly our heartbeats settle, we cuddle sipping the toddy, basking in the warmth from the fire, in the warmth of our bodies touching , in the warmth we give each other. So safe and so warm, at peace and smiling.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


A lazy Sunday afternoon, nothing scheduled, so perfect time to snuggle and cuddle. We got up late and headed to the shower after coffee, freshly ground and brewed. Warm enough for us to sit naked while sipping our coffee. Washing each other is always fun as we clean everywhere and slippery hands slide over skin, caressing and teasing, probing and ensuring every opening is clean. Your wetness not solely from the water streaming over us, lets my fingers slip inside to curl up and watch you push into my fingers, taking your nipples between your fingers and squeezing them as I do my best to clean, before slipping down to taste you, to let my tongue lick and to suck in your lips, so fresh and clean, tasting your sweet saltiness. Lean back my dear and open your legs further. Let me pleasure you, while the water beats down on us, Pinch your nipples for me, my soapy finger sliding into your ass to ensure you are clean, holding you against my mouth, willing you to let your self go, to give in and enjoy. Mmmm, yes just like that. Your hands moving to my head holding my lips and beard pressed into you, before pulling me back up and kissing me hard, then turning me so you can clean my back and ass, your arms reaching around me for a moment pinching my nipples, so erect and waiting for your touch. Your hands running down my back, swirling the soap, before cupping my cheeks, stroking and teasing , spreading them to clean between, lightly running your nail over me, circling with your nail, and feeling me tremble as you do, before sliding down my legs and then back up my thighs, soaping my cock, and stroking it in your slippery hands, feeling it grow harder as your play, your mouth on my neck, nibbling, and toying. I open my neck to you and lean back into your suction, tingles shooting down my body, through my nipples and down to my cock, making it pulse in your hand. You stroke harder, wanting me to spurt into your hand, enjoying your control over me, knowing I cannot resist if you squeeze harder and whisper into my ear. You are such a tease though as you change your mind and pull me out of the shower, by my cock, warm towels drying us off before moving to lie together on the bed. I guide your mouth to my nipple. My baby does love to suck on my nipple and feel it grow in your mouth. Your fingers sliding over my chest, tangling in my hair, as I press my nipple deeper into your mouth, wanting you to bite gently, to take the tip between your teeth and pinch it, my other hand toying with my other nipple, squeezing it in rhythm with your suction on the other, moaning now as you push me higher and closer. Feeling my cock pressing against your thigh, caught there by your pressure, growing harder and pulsing. Please, I whisper, bite hard, I can’t wait any longer. My body tensing, my breath coming harder, now, now, my mind explodes as my cock spurts against your skin. You continue biting and sucking as I shudder and revel in your attention. Prolonging the feelings, the sparks going off in my mind, the glow throughout my body, my fingers ,my toes, all of me. You bring your mouth up to mine our lips gently pressing together, as we snuggle into each other, soft little kisses as we gaze into each others eyes. Content in being together on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


I release one hand, thinking it will allow you some freedom of movement, a chance to touch yourself, to be more involved, to feel a tiny bit more in control.

But you surprise me, quickly releasing your other hand and grabbing me, pulling me into you, your arms surrounding me, flipping me over so my back is to you, as you take my nipples and squeeze and twist. Twisting hard your reach down and release first one leg and then the other. I am so in trouble as your roll me over under you, holding me down now. You grin down at me and attach the ties to my arms and legs so that I am now spread out underneath you. Flat on my back and yours to play with. You take my cock and drive yourself down onto it in one motion. No more teasing for you. I’m deep inside you as you begin to move, grinding onto me, taking what you wanted. Your wetness coating me and leaking out onto my skin. Your grab my nipples and twist them as you ride me, pulling them out and turning. My cock reacting to each sharp pain, twitching as you pull, pulsing inside you, growing harder and harder. My moans and yours echo in the room. Moving faster, harder, pulling me deeper inside, your hair flying around your head, your neck stretched tight and back, as your body stiffens. My cock feels ready to explode as suddenly your stop, your whole body rigid and I feel your muscles squeezing me, so hard I cannot move, clamped tightly as your peak. I feel them pulsing and pulsing, and feel the hot liquid pouring down over my shaft, flooding out of you, before your push me out, leaving me so hard and so ready. You giggle and say not yet for you. I’m not finished with you yet. Your mouth sweeps down to clean me, to taste and suck and tease. As you feel me stiffening, you quickly move off of me, untying my legs and pulling them back up over my shoulders to fasten them to my arms. Totally exposed for you to play, helpless to protest, I can only lie there and feel the sensations pouring through my body, the tingling, you are causing, my cock exposed, my ass exposed, to you for your pleasure (and mine I hope ). You reach under you and wet your fingers, transferring your wetness to my balls and down to my ass, pushing one finger slowly in, your eyes focused on it moving inward, one knuckle, two, then fully buried, your twist it and turn, massaging the muscle and opening me more, as your search for my prostrate. As you find it , you feel me tensing and pull back out, before inserted two fingers. Massaging inside you watch my cock and with your other hand. press at the base just between my two balls directly opposite your fingers. rubbing in small circles and not ready to let me spurt as yet, you tease and stop, press and release, now removing your fingers completely, leaving me to wonder what is next. Opening the drawer beside the bed, you pull out a black vibe, and show it to me, very much modeled on a real cock, with a head and a shaft full of bumps much like veins. You ask are you ready? And all I can do is accept. You wet it inside of you, coating it, before starting to push it into me ever so gingerly, afraid to hurt me, but fascinated by the cock slipping deeper and deeper inside. It does not hurt, just presses it, an un expected fullness. The pressure on my prostrate mounts as you move it in and out, turning on the vibe. Such a different sensation, I begin to understand the pleasure which comes from anal play. I do not want it to stop and you seem ready to slowly so slowly move it in and out, not enough to trigger my orgasm, but more to keep me moaning and smothered in sensations I am still coming to grips with. The pressure is building and it feels close to when my bladder is very full and demanding release. You pull out, leaving me open and giggle once again as your hand comes down on my ass, red handprints blending together as you spank, harder, and faster, until my ass is bright red. As you softly run your fingers over it, feeling the heat of it, you take my cock in hand, suck it into your mouth and pull me deep into you, determined this time to have me explode into your mouth, to taste me fully. I cum and you smile, holding my cum in your mouth before leaning over to kiss me and push some into my mouth. As I swallow, you touch yourself and once again spasm. Seeing me swallow triggers you and your mouth opens , dripping my cum onto my face and you scoop up more, pushing your fingers in, feeding me it and watching me lick your fingers clean.

Untying my arms and legs we reach for each other and hug. Settling into cuddle for a while, my arms around you, your back pressing into my chest, our legs entwined. As I trace slow patterns on your skin you drift off to sleep, satiated for the moment, smiles on our faces, warm in the enjoyment we have given each other.

Friday, November 17, 2006


As I gaze down at you, so flushed, your neck and chest so softly pink, blushing, your arms and legs straining against the ties, your mouth opening as you recover, your breath still coming in quick gasps, delightful moans escaping as little tremors continue to shake your body, as your pussy squeezes more juices out, pulsing, tightening, releasing, I wonder if it is time to release you. Should I turn control back over to you? Should I take you as you are, our mouths glued together as my cock slides into you? Our breath shared, lips pressed together, softly sliding over each other, bodies pressed together, soft flesh sliding against my chest, my nipples sliding over yours, teasing each of us.

Or should I allow you to take me now. Allow you to play with my body as you wish, to drag your wet pussy over my leg, and up my chest, leaving your wetness and your scent on me, on my nipples, my neck, my face, smearing across my nose, and cheeks, covering my eyes with your juice, my beard still wet from earlier, receiving a fresh coating, so that all I feel, all I smell, all I taste is your sweetness, you everywhere on me, my cock reaching up for you, straining into the air, waiting for your attention. Will you let me inside you? Will you take me as you bite my nipples, tasting yourself on me. My scent and yours completely entwined, mingled, blurring together, becoming one, in your mind, in my mind.

Or perhaps I should slide my cock into you, to feel your wetness and heat, surrounding, holding me tight inside you, your flesh and mine pulsing together, as we lie, basking in the sensations, not moving, just enjoying the feeling of being together, linked. Then pull out and let you taste, your juices and mine mingling as I enter your mouth, feeling you lick me, your tongue reaching, your tongue searching for all of the flavour, needing it. And then release you, to do as you wish, to guide and decide, to control and take, to control and give, to share and accept, to offer and receive, to receive and enjoy, to pleasure and be pleasured. To comfort and be comforted, to hold and to cuddle, to snuggle and feel warm.

So many decisions, so difficult to decide, as I watch you there, my eyes and yours locked together, our breath in sync now, neither wanting to look away, but to look deep inside each other, into our minds, into our thoughts, into our feelings.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

More than ready

It isn’t often I have your body to play with. I must make the most of it. The expressions on your face, the sounds you make, the hardness of your nipples, the sweet wetness of your pussy, the lovely smell, are seered into my memory, burned into my mind, to be recalled over and over again. Your pussy draws me closer. I know what you want, what you crave, as I push the blue vibe inside you, so slowly, deeper, as my fingers softly stroke your clit. Not what you expected I know. You were looking for soothing softer and warmer. Don’t worry my baby you will feel that soon, when you are more than ready. Your body is straining upward, your muscles clinging to the vibe as I struggle to pull it out, the curve on it pressing into your g-spot, my fingers pressing on your clit, you are trapped between as I turn it on, slowly, low slow vibrations, pulsing in time with your heart, each pulse met with its pulse, in and out, on and off, again and again, my fingers press, the vibe presses, rubbing inside you, rubbing outside you, your lips clenching and opening, your wetness pouring from you, I reach down and circle you ass, so wet already I hardly need to bring more of you to it. My finger sliding in gently, feeling the vibes pulsing inside you, just in enough to tease, to stroke, forcing that extra strange feel you crave, but fear. In and out again, pulsing, pulsing, your nipples reaching for my mouth, as I play, sucking on a nipple, sucking as you pulse, each suck comes as you pulse, each suck comes as I move in, my finger probing, the vibe stroking. Your nipple hardens even more, so hard, so red, so wet from my mouth, your neck pulled back, exposing your throat as you cry out, your musical moans filling the room. I feel your body tensing more and more, each muscle tightening, and move my mouth down to your clit, replacing my fingers there, sucking in your clit, the same rhythm, in and out, suck and release, finger pressing and pulling back, vibe moving in and out, your mouth opening, the moans louder, echoing the strokes, as I begin to move faster and your pulse increases, pressing harder, together, let me hear you. I want you to scream my pretty one, my baby. Show me. Show me. I am watching as my finger moves, the vibe moves, my tongue moves, my beard wetter and wetter, rubbing on your thighs. It is time, you are more than ready, squirt for me, wet my face, do it. Yes, yes, mmmmmmm. And again. Don’t stop. Let me please you. Let me show you how much I love to please you. Feel my smile on your pussy. Feel my warm breath on your pussy. Feel my body pressing against you. Feel. Feel .

You are indeed more than ready….

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Even readier...

But it is not yet time for your pussy to be filled, at least not with a hard cock. Your open lips, your teeth slightly exposed, call me. My tongue returns to meet yours, my cock, pressing into your nipple, wetting it, coating it with me, while we duel in your mouth. Your mouth opens wider, preparing to receive, preparing to enjoy and taste, preparing to suck, and lick, and nibble on my cock. Feel it’s heat as it approaches your lips, the soft velvet hardness, sliding over your lips, around your mouth, as you try to reach up. I rub over your cheeks and down under your nostrils, my smell making them flair, soft skin against my smooth head. Open wider, my pretty, but do not touch yet, Sense it moving into your mouth, Feel the heat inside your mouth. You want it but you are being a good girl. Just breathe in, feel me close to you, my scent filling you, my fingers taking your hair and holding you. Now reach out with your tongue, just touch the tip, lick the drop you feel there, take it in and savour it, spread it inside your mouth. Open again, hold your lips open making me force my cock between them, press into you, your lips yielding as I move closer, my head slowly, so slowly slipping in and your lips close behind it. You feel it pulsing there in your mouth, it feels so large, and so soft and so hot. You want so much to suck on it, to pull it in deeper, to feel the veins of my shaft, sliding over your tongue, to bite gently and sense my reaction, to listen as I moan softly, hoping to cause cries like you have made from my throat. Your tongue swirling now around my cock, pushing it out of your mouth wet and glistening and then sucking it back in, the suction growing stronger, as you feel it growing bigger, I see a smile on your lips as you recognize the signs. I pull out suddenly, leaving you gasping, so ready to receive, your thighs wet from your juices, pooling on the sheet below, the smell of you filling the room. You want it. You want me to fuck you. You want to suck me until I cum. You want and want and you wait and wait. Hard nipples, body tingling, moaning, begging, needing, clit pulsing, lips open, wide. More ready than ever……

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


It’s time You were tied down and driven to distraction. Much too long since the last time. Take off your clothes for me, strip for me, show me your curves, your ass, your tits, your strong legs and arms. Play with them while I watch. This will your last chance for a while to touch yourself. Where do you want your fingers? Caressing your hair? Teasing and pinching your nipples? Stroking your clit? Pressing deep into your pussy, your ass? Where my baby, where? Show me. Let me hear your breath quicker. Watch my eyes as I watch you. Look deep into me and let me look deep into you. And play. Play and excite. Our breath matching as we gaze, my hands twitching as I think of stroking, me or you. You. Lie on the bed, face up and spread out your arms, Let me attach the cuffs and tie you. Feel the rope pulling, stretching you, opening you. Legs nicely apart now, so I can play as I wish. Arms tied over your head, pulling up to squeeze your breasts together, such hard nipples you have now. Feel my hands move over you, my forearms rubbing across your skin, pressing in to your flesh, my body melding with yours. My mouth taking yours, tongues surging, groping, tangling, exciting. My tongue tracing your lips, your mouth so open, wanting to be filled, your moans starting as your twist in the ropes, Your neck there, to be licked, to be kissed, to be tasted, to be sucked, faint marks appearing already. Your ears feel my tongue as it traces each curve, sliding deep and retreating, teeth taking skin between, sucking on it, in and out, in and out, squeezing it as a mouth would a cock. Tensing and teasing, each suck, provoking a tightening of your body. Moving down to take those nipples, so red now, so hard, so needy. My mouth takes them, as my fingers move to plunge into you, readying you for my tongue, stroking in deep, so wet, bringing your taste to my mouth, I suck them in, cleaning everywhere, your eyes watching me suck, your mouth opening wider, you gasps becoming lower as you wait for something, anything, my fingers, my toes, my cock, my tongue, to be feed to you. Your clit swelling as your skin grows pinker, your body pushing up, pushing again st my fingers, pushing into my mouth, as you shudder and shudder, wetness spreading faster against my fingers, wetness so welcome. I move down and now my tongue teases your clit, your wetness soaks my beard, I feel you pulsing, throbbing, as my tongue circles, so softly and gently, then firmly and faster, pressing, pressing, my fingers curled inside you pressing your clit out into my mouth, stroking that slight roughness, your cry out, ;louder and louder, yes my pretty one, tell every one, show them your pleasure, let me watch your face as your cum on my tongue, on my fingers, tied, open, ready, so ready.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


It seems like forever we have actually had time to snuggle in bed together ,even know I know it has not. The feel of your skin touching mine, your cheeks pressing into me, grasping my cock and pulling it in, surrounding it as my arms reach around you, holding you, keeping you against me, making you mine again, your nipples hardening under my fingers, soft peaks stiffening, swelling, welcoming, needing, reaching for my touch, your breath quickening, your hair tickling my face as I kiss your neck, your legs opening, allowing mine to sneak in between, to press up against you and feel the wetness seeping out, your sweet smell drifting into my face, wafting into my nostrils, pulling soft sounds from my mouth, your skin under my lips, warm, rich, succulent, my teeth teasing, drawing in your skin, pulling it in, sucking on it, each suck making you press back harder, welcoming my teeth, welcoming my tongue, welcoming my mark, wanting it, reveling in the slight pain as your nerves send sharp sparks to your pussy, pushing more liquid out against my leg, my cock swelling harder, trapping in your cheeks, dripping and pulsing. Your ear under my teeth, teased and licked, my tongue pushing into your ear, tracing its path over the lines, the curves, the edges, knowing you are vulnerable, open to me, giving me yourself, letting me take you and make you mine, ever more mine, my soft words seeping into yours ears, exciting you, giving you my need for you, loving you, lusting for you, my fingers pinching harder, your moans louder, as your press back harder and move, rubbing your self on my leg, wet, so wet, warm, hot, so hot, your need getting the better of you as you turn and our mouths meet, locked together, tongues reaching, needing, lips bruising, teeth clashing, each trying to take, each trying to give, each trying to show, each trying, trying, giving, giving, taking, taking as we push each other higher, knowing what we want, knowing we know, knowing each wants the same for the other, striving, loving, glowing, in the knowledge of us. Facing each other, taking each other, each moving deeper into each other, each blending as we give, each blending as we take, until we explode together, together, together.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I was reading a couple of blog entries about guys being tied down and being taken, being controlled and loving it. One of my fondest experiences is when you tied me down and used me as you wished. Toying with my cock and teasing me,  your wet pussy on my face, forcing me to lick and lick, my beard sopping wet under you, your cheeks parting and demanding my tongue lick you , harder and deeper, your smell filling my nostrils and making my cock grow  harder. Your moans filling my ears and making my cock grow harder, your taste filling my mouth and making my cock grow harder , and I  can do nothing but listen and taste and smell and moan into you, pleading for a touch, knowing I need you to touch, feeling you spasm and drip more juice onto me, into my mouth, down my throat,  my greedy tongue trying to take all of you, my lips pressing into you, sucking in your lips, my nose pressing into your clit, buried in you, waiting for you to lift up and allow air to reach my starving lungs, gasping as the sensations build inside me, my fingers curling as they try to reach and feel the bonds holding them fast, your pussy sliding over my nipples wetting my chest, spreading your smell over me, marking me as yours with your smell, your wetness, your bites, proud I am yours, as you move over my cock, guiding it inside, your fingers seizing my nipples and using them to control your ride on me, pulling and twisting as you lift up and drive down, the sound of my moans a delight to your ears, my pleading, my begging, only making you wetter, as you take me and use me for your needs. Your moans growing louder as your move faster and harder, your fingers releasing my nipples as you reach down to play with your clit and feel my cock moving in your wetness, your mouth moving to mine, sealing our lips together as we breathe into each other, before I am driven over the edge and feel your muscles clasping my harder, so hard, pulsing, sucking on me, once again making me yours.

Then lying together, me still tied, your skin soft against mine as you snuggle up to me, soft purrs filling the air, and sweet sighs of contentment as we drift off into the semi- sleep, smiling, basking in the sensations.  

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I love waking to feel your body  there against me, warm, soft skin, waiting for my touch, and I long to rub up against you, to draw my beard over your back, down over your cheeks and along your legs, to tease and awaken you, to draw moisture, to stir you, to caress you with my forearms, my fingers, my chest, each in their turn slipping over you, the heat from my body, spreading to yours, my hard nipples pressing into your back, before you turn over and reach for one with your mouth, still half asleep and suckling on it, sensations moving from the nipple to my cock, causing it to stir and raise it’s head as you continue to suck, gradually harder, and your hand moves up to grip my other nipple, twisting it and your teeth begin their work, your eyes slowly opening to see my chest hair rubbing against your cheek, to feel its softness on your neck, as our legs entwine and I feel your wetness on my thigh,. I moan softly, encouraging you to continue, your tongue working my nipple now, your mouth sucking it in, releasing it and then sucking harder and harder, blood flowing in as it swells under your attention, growing longer, bigger the harder your suck and tease and twist. Such exquisite pleasure early in the morning, basking  in the growing excitement, still not quite awake, but feeling marvelous.  

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Snuggling in bed on a chilly November morning,  I wake to find you there, your skin soft, pressing against mine. I reach out and touch you, my fingers softly sliding over you, smiling as I feel you snuggle closer, smiling as I watch you there beside me, my forearms rubbing over your skin and  tiny little moans escape you. My fingers slide through your hair, so soft and  sweet smelling, as I press against you. It feels so good to have you there, to know I stir you, to know you  are purring deep inside you. Your cheeks press back against my cock, trapping it between them so I feel smothered in warmth and  so welcomed.

I remember the look in your eyes as we whispered words to each other, as we kissed, as we moved closer and closer, soft kisses, sweet kisses, tiny touching kisses, lips so gently moving, no one forcing, just letting each of us feel the touch, the slide of lips, the little tease of tongues peeking out, the tenderness, you wanting my eyes open to look at you, to see me see you, to know we are each looking deep into the others eyes, seeing deep, feeling deep, smiling,  giving, receiving, trusting, loving.

Excitement growing and nipples hardening, as my fingers slide over you, sliding down to feel your wetness, there even as you sleep, little kisses on the ear to waken you, even as you let me stroke and tease, just enjoying the attention, the touch, the building as my finger s slide inside, deeper and deeper, your warmth and wetness drawing me in, your clit already erect, begging for attention, my fingers probing deeper as awakening you move your fingers down to play, to rub, and stroke as my fingers move deeper and harder, your body tensing, needing, wanting, ready, as you spasm there and slide back, resting for a moment, before turning to take my nipples in your mouth, nibbling, biting, twisting, feeling my cock harder with your actions, trapped between your legs, held prisoner to your wants, smiles appearing as you continue to tease, knowing you are exciting me, knowing you are controlling, knowing you are drawing moans from me, my body tensing, moans becoming louder as you suck and tease,. I cum and you move into my arms, held, safe and warm, dozing and drifting off to sleep, content, safe, protected.

I watch you for a bit and then drift off myself, a smile still there, happy smile.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ice and ocean

Ice and ocean, what more could you ask for. There is this spiel in July, in Cape Cod, one week of curling- basically in shorts. In between games, hit the beach, includes lobster, steak etc. and curling too, hehe. Curling in shorts does not suit all the curlers, some being less keen that others, maybe the fear of getting ice that close to precious parts disturbs them. Would not want to melt the ice and ruin the curling after all. Which of course leads to the use of ice to enhance pleasure, to make nipples extra perky and naturally draw warm mouth and tongue to taste and tease. Ice melting inside you, leaking out, a thirsty tongue there to lap up the wetness, as the chill spreads through, melting faster in your heat, the water tasting faintly of you at first, before turning into that sweet, full flavour, as you grow hotter, and push up into my tongue, seeking it’s sweet torture on your clit. A cube tranced down your back, over your cheeks and down your legs, you trying to hold still as the chill is replaced with the tip of a tongue, following the trail down, down down your legs, back up to dip between your cheeks, following the cube melting  as it is pressed between,  cold water pooling, waiting, beckoning, tongue licking and toying and pressing in slightly as fingers probe under, slipping inside, the ice rubbing on your clit as you press back into my tongue and my fingers. Cold fingers twisting nipples, you bend over in front of me, my cock throbbing as it presses into your flesh, listening to your breathy moans, slowly growing louder, more frequent as the sensations built, your fingers reaching down to join mine, as you stroke your clit and my fingers push in and out of you, my tongue toying and pushing you further, until you collapse and clench your thighs around our hands, stopping even the slightest movement. You promise me that those remaining cubes will be put to use on me once you recover.