Sunday, June 12, 2011


Her smooth silky legs stretching up and up as i look lying on my back waiting for her, waiting to lick, her smell drifting down, teasing my nostrils, her pussy wet, her thighs glistening, her scent sending shivers through me, the memory of her taste exciting, my mouth watering, my tongue reaching, flexing, waiting, needing. Her thighs,warm against my head, so soft and smooth, gripping and controlling, her fingers stroking through around my temples, my eyes focussed on her pussy, her ass, the cheeks above me, will she let me, her pussy so wet, her ass so inviting, my tongue ready to tease either, to slide inside, to taste, to twist and please, her pleasure my pleasure. Slowly she pulls my head closer, my tongue closer, my lips, her wetness on my nose, my cheeks, filling my senses, the feel, the scent, the taste engulfing me. Lick me, and my tongue reaches and touches, so warm, so wet, juices sliding into my mouth, my nose sliding over her clit, so hard as my tongue spreads her lips, tracing each slowly, little circles,up and down, slowly moving deeper. curling inside, reaching for that rough spot, pushing harder as my nose presses into her clit, then she moves forward offering her cute ass, my kisses, my little bites, my tongue probing, her wetness dripping on my chin, as i push gently deeper, opening her, as she rides my face, my cock so hard, my body trembling, the throbbing so strong, needing her to come, needing her to moan, needing her to sigh, needing her. The feel of her muscles tightening around my tongue, pulsing, before she moves to direct my mouth to her clit, to suck, harder and harder, to slide my teeth over, to lick around and around, driving her higher and higher as i go deeper and deeper, until she spills onto me,leaving me gasping, smiling, pleased, It feels so good.


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