Wednesday, April 30, 2008


One of the nice things about summer and isolated beaches is you can pitch a tent overlooking the ocean and lie on top of your sleeping bags as the ocean breeze caresses your skin, lulling you to sleep only to wake as the sun peeks over the horizon. Looking across his firm chest, nipples hard in the cool air, you watch as the sun rise slowly over the waves, and as your mouth descends on the inviting peak, you look down to see his cock rising, hardening against his skin, and a silly thought crosses your mind about the Dawn will rise even as you refocus on his nipple, sucking it into your warm, wet mouth, teasing it with your swirling tongue and toying with it with your teeth, waiting for him to awake, your fingers pinching the other nipple, pulling it and twisting harder until he moans and you smile. Your horny state will get it's needed attention, as you guide him into you, your mouth continuing to bite and suck, as you sink down onto him, drawing him deeper, coating him with your wetness, rocking on him, and then rising up to let him slip almost out, to slide across your clit, before plunging back down on to him, riding the waves of pleasure as the ocean crashes in the background, the warmth of the sun beginning to penetrate and stroke your back. His hands reach up to pull your mouth to his, freeing his nipple for the moment, before your nails catch it and pinch it in rhythm with the other, each pinch causing him to push upward into you, as your tongues tease and lick and your lips suck his in to let you catch the bottom one between your teeth and bite down gently, feeling him pulse under you, knowing you can make this last since he will not shrink that quickly, the pressure of the bladder conspiring with you to keep him so firm and so hot, pressing in and out. You lean down and offer your nipple to his waiting mouth, wanting the bite you know will come, the pain to stir you, to drive you higher, to make you ride faster, your pulse climbing as you begin to throb against him, squeezing him inside of you, as soft moans escape to fill the morning quiet. his breath coming faster now and his sucking harder as you pulls more of your breast into his mouth, teeth clamping down around the nipple as his tongue lashes, until one sudden bite pushes you over and you gasp out and let it overwhelm you, feeling him spurt inside of you, adding to your pleasure. Lying back and listening to the waves as he stays inside of you, the sweat cooling on your skin, little kisses on your neck as he takes pleasure from serving you, for waking him,after all you never likes to miss a sunrise.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It's still warm out even though autumn is not far away and you are out walking through the woods, late in the afternoon, thinking perhaps you will catch the sunset, holding hands and enjoying being together. A tight tank top and shorts are all your are wearing, not wanting the feel of the bra or panties and kinda hoping maybe something will happen, since there is no one in sight, just the sound of birds chirping and the buzz of insects.

He is wearing biking shorts which show off his tight ass and the bulges protruding in front and you know he has nothing between him and the shorts. A white form fitting top to highlight the shoulder muscles and show off his tan ends just above his shorts, leaving a line of skin exposed, drawing your eye and making your mouth water. Your hand slips down his back and cups a cheek, squeezing a tight handful and then slides up to stroke that firm skin, inviting him to turn and kiss your neck, tilting it sideways so he can reach the tendon he know you love to have teased. Your hand slipping up under his top to take hold of one of his nipples and pinch it causing his to press against you, your nipples hardening as his lips suck on your skin, wetness starting as you feel his cock growing and pressing against you.

You turn and your mouths meet, tongues entwining, tasting, teasing, thrusting. Each duelling as you pull apart, following, reaching, tips touching, tickling, lips swollen. The sun begins to slide down and you stand, wrapped in each others arms, savouring the feel, the moment, the sharing, the comfort, the anticipation, listening and breathing, the silence of dusk, broken only by the whispers of the wind. Waiting for the sun to slink below the horizon, the dimness to build, to soften the vision, to cover the movements of fingers. Arousal building as you think of his tongue, of his cock, of your clit swelling for him, your nipples aching, your fingers stroking, the taste of him in your mouth, the sweet smell of him filling your nostrils. Wondering if he is also anticipating, not wanting to reach and touch, waiting for the pressure to grow, your hips pressing slowly back into him as he stands behind you, his lips on the back of your neck, arms encircling, his strength holding you, slow sliding movements to test him, to feel your effect on him, silky shorts sliding on lycra.

Your warm cheeks pressing back against him, sliding him in between, moving up and down and feeling him grow , the lycra tightening on him, outlining him perfectly as you turn and sink to your knees, your hot mouth on him, tracing him through the material, the perfect head, the bulge under, sliding down to trace his balls, so large and full, his hands catching in your hair, as he feels your breath, the wetness from your tongue, the little pulsing as he leaks under your attention, rigid, hips thrust slightly forward, waiting for you to pull the shorts down, to entangle his ankles. You slide around him and pull them down off his cheeks, your teeth biting and leaving marks, licking and sucking his skin, so hot and tight, your fingers digging into his hips as you pull him back and bend him over, spreading his cheeks to tease between, your tongue sliding around and pressing, feeling his moan, the tightening around your tongue, pushing the shorts further down, bending him further, open to you, his legs spreading, as you slide down and under him, reaching up to stroke, your tongue working him, your fingers scratching, spreading his wetness down the shaft, to ease the stroking, hands slapping his ass, leaving bright red patches, as you turn him sucking him in, your nails sliding up under his top, scratching up his chest to seize his nipples, to trap them between the nails, digging in as you suck, clawing at him as you chew, taking him deeper, forcing him to give himself to you, tasting so sweet in your mouth, the hard softness swelling, as he pulses. Leaving him and biting up his body, pulling his top off to attack his nipples, teeth pulling and biting, before moving further to seize his neck, and then ravage his mouth, your hands dragging your shorts off and you climb him and drive him into you, taking him and wrapping your legs around his thighs, so deep in you, angling to press against the roughness, plunging on him, as his hands spread your ass and his thumb presses in, the breeze teasing as you feel him open you, needing him to push deep and hard, to take you where you want to go, wanting his mouth to ravage your skin, your neck, the top of your shoulders, each suck, each bite, making your plunge harder, the pulsing in rhythm now, as you scream into the night air, demanding and wailing, harder and deeper, and then your bodies tense, you feel him spurting and your release follows, panting and smiling, laughing and hugging. Wow. He so does what he is told.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Perhaps one of the nicest things about making love is the cuddle after. Snuggled together, he behind you, presssed up, still feeling the wetness leaking from him, one arm around you, while his fingers trail through your hair, sliding, stroking, caressing, then move down to trace your brow, and lightly slide down to your cheeks before moving to follow the path of your ear, over and down the side, tingles in the tendon he has so recently been teasing, under your chin, and up to caress your lips, your mouth still open , warm breath teasing his fingers, willing him to let the tips slide in where your tongue tip can reach, knowing it will send little after shocks into his body, reminding him of what you have shared, his cheek buried in your hair, you know he can smell your sweetness, the traces of him on your face, as you bask in the warmth, the feeling of skin on skin. your nipples still hard, your cheeks holding him, small squeezing to see if he will harden once again, but not needing that, just wondering, happy to be held, to be safe, to be loved. Ready to turn and hold him, to feel his chest, his nipples pressing into you, to let his mouth take you, sweet kisses, soft tongues turning hard, teeth gently holding, breath intermingled, his cock starting to rise between your thighs, to slide in your slippery combined wetness, so warm against your skin, so soft yet so hard, arms circling and holding pressed together, each moving ever so slowly, letting the feeling grow stronger, your clit rubbing on his cock, trying to suck him inside you, to possess him, as he has possessed you, so right, each giving and each taking, no words, only soft murmurs, gentle whispers of air, passed from one to the other, soft music, keeping hips gently twitching, building again, until you cannot hold back, and roll on top, sinking him into you, so deep, his mouth on your nipple, sucking , sweet pain, as your fingers find his nipples and pinch and twist, each causing his cock to twitch, his hips to push, to drive into you, his fingers sliding down to cup your ass, to slide between and caress you, teasing as his fingers circle, knowing you want it, knowing you want his fingers inside you, pressing against his cock, stroking himself through you, his throbbing joining yours, as you feel his caresses, his cock, the pressure on you, your clit rubbing, two fingers deep inside you, cheeks held open, nipples pulsing, pushed into his mouth, the need growing, willing yourself to shatter over him, to take his offering, pinching him harder, biting his neck, marking him, making him even more yours , gasping and cumming, sinking down onto him, slippery flesh, as you feel him give to you, and sink back into the pleasure of the after glow, the holding, the soft touches, wondering if this time you will sleep or perhaps more will come. mmmmmm.

Friday, April 18, 2008


You had often heard it was possible to orgasm just from nipple play but had never tested the theory, but now today was the day. No touching below the waist, no neck nibbling, no kissing the mouth, all attention and effort whether that be mouth or fingers or whatever must be on the nipples. You were determined to push the limits and make it happen. What you didn't know until it was too late was that the rule applied to both of you and to ensure it, you found yourself tied, stretched open, blindfolded and helpless, waiting and hoping he would obey the rules but knowing you had no control over that other than your sheer willpower. Knowing how much of a sub he was though made you believe he would follow through in exquisite fashion.

So here you are, lying, stretching your senses, is he there, when will he touch, how will he touch, no sound, just the cool breeze and your excitement making your nibbles crinkle, feeling yourself grow wet, and beginning to ache, wondering if begging would make it happen faster. A cold droplet suddenly lands on your left nibble, so cold, and running down your side, a moan breathing out, a second drop and your nipple hardens, reaching, offering, then two more in quick succession, then nothing,the breeze drying the wetness. where is he, what is next, three drops on the right, both nipples so hard it hurts, oohhh, the clamps bite in, a gasp and your body clenches, how could he. his breath , so warm, caressing, and a hard tug on the chain, the tip of a tongue tracing the edges of the clamp, another tug on the left, then a tug on the right, pulling, stretching, throbbing, and pulsing spreading downward, to echo with each sensation. The clamps pulled off to be replaced with his teeth, biting down and gnawing, you know they will be so sensitive tomorrow under your silk top, wondering if he is marking you, the thought sending tingles through you, yes, you want that, proof you are his, he is yours, knowing he dares, knowing what torture you will inflict on his nipples, later, and a smile curls over your lips. Soft gentle sucks, light caresses of the tongue, bites, hard sucks, fingers pinching, holding the nipple stretched, squeezed, shoved into his mouth, dragging the nipples to rub each other, feeling the rough, rubbery sensations from each as they slide, wet from his mouth, on and on it goes, so very sensitive now, each touch an agony, a continuous moan, he is a devil, so mean, not letting you, never finishing, hips pushing up, wetness leaking down between, to puddle beneath you, both nipples in his mouth at once, tongue teasing, teeth holding them as he lashes each, sucking them harder, feeling them swell, feeling the blood pulsing against his tongue, so swollen, so hard, as he continues. Then nothing, the throbbing of each, as they strain upward, no touch, only the breeze, even that increases the ache, then fingers take each, pinching hard and rubbing the tips together, back and forth, around and around, like his tongue on your clit, and that thought sends you over, muscles tensing, clit pulsing, thighs tight, pushing up, neck arching back, yes, yes, Yes.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

who is in control?

The spanks fell hard and often, cheeks swelling and growing redder and redder, as you grow wetter and wetter, dripping down your thighs as his hand continues its assault on your cute ass. You push up for him, offering yourself, knowing what will follow, the anticipation growing as he rubs his hands over you, feeling the heat, the smooth silky skin, needing his touch, his hands, the paddle, his tongue, needing all of him, anything he chooses to do, your brain swirling with the sensations, longing for him to continue, longing for him to stop, longing for him to take you higher, longing for him to take you, spiralling upward, ever higher, panting and moaning as he begins to stroke betweenn your thighs, fingers teasing you as they collect your wetness, beginning to reach inside, spreading your juices over your ass, down between, cooling the heat, more spanks to drive you on, then turning you, spreading your legs, up over his shoulders, open for him ,so wet, so needy, wanting his tongue, his lips, his teeth, the first touch. Then, you feel, sliding over your lips, licking softly, tracing your opening, slowly up one side and down the other, as you open wider for him, tongue teasing, licking, tasting, your smell filling his nostrils, your clit hard, wanting, ready, as he continues to lick, his hands holding you in place, squeezing your burning cheeks, pulling you tighter into his face, so slowly, not fair, needing, peeling you open, reaching inside, sucking on the lips, licking your wet center, each lick producing a moan, a squeak, a cry, slowl, so slowly his tongue creeps toward your clit, the tip so lightly caressing, up and down, then little circles, up on the left down on the right, over and over, drawing you out, making you harder, needing his sucking, leaving you to slide down under, to press there, to push, and lick, feeling you opening, before moving back up, then suddenly taking you between his teeth, his lips tightening as he pulls you into his mouth, deep, hard, suck, drawing blood into you clit, making it pulse, throb, before leaving it to let his tongue curl up inside, stroking the roughness, feeding on you, feeding on your moans, then back on your clit, around and around, your hands reaching down to dig into his hair, to force him to that spot, to your need, nails gripping his scalp, giving back some of that pleasure pain, begging for him to finish you, please, please, harder, bring me and then take me, please.and your body tenses as you spurt into his mouth, pulsing and throbbing for him, smearing his face, knowing you really control.

Monday, April 14, 2008


You were bitching about not being able to sleep and feeling very tense so I suggested a massage might do you good. Your friend recommended a guy you had seen at the gym and swore he was very good based on her personal experience, and that he did house calls which was even better. Being silly you asked her to set up an appointment for you and anxiously awaiting his call. His voice on the phone sounded so deep and friendly and soothing you just knew this would work. The door bell rang and he walked in, tall, well muscled, long fingers, broad shoulders, oh and a rather cute tight ass. He suggested you have a quick shower while he set up his table in the living room, drawing the drapes and leaving only the soft light filtering in. When you arrived back you found he had changed into shorts and a tight t-shirt, explaining the oils were easier to get off when he had less on. He turned his back as you took off your robe and lay down onto the table face down, spreading a towel across your cheeks to preserve your modesty. You hear him opening his bag and removing several things he placed on the table beside you. His calm voice and soothing manner already start you relaxing. Beginning to feel safe and taken care of, you close your eyes and leave your body in his capable hands, telling him you need a deep, firm massage and not to worry if you moan occasionally. All of your muscles needed attention. The vanilla and lavendar scented oil fills your nostrils as he begins with your neck, digging fingers into the valleys and tracing each tendon, pressing and squeezing the sides, thumbs working the back, under your hair, then moving to your shoulders, each muscle, each tendon, given its turn.
Then you feel him climbing onto the table and feel his hard thighs pressing on each side of your cheeks and understand the need for shorts. His fingers and hands digging deeper into the large back muscles and his movements cause the towel to slip down off your cheeks, allowing you to feel his cock pressing through the thin shorts. As you slip deeper into the trance like state he is creating, he turns so that he is now facing your feet, his thighs wide spread across your backand he begins his work on your gluts, sqeezing, pressing separating, digging between, the oil causing his to slide down and over your tiny crinckled hole, and a small moan slips from your mouth. Down your thighs, thumbs pressing and spreading, hard pressure as he moves down your legs, lying himself on top of you as he reaches for each foot, each toe, the bottom of the foot, the ankle, all receive his attention. he slips off and turns you over, lying exposed to him now, your nipples hard and reaching, thighs still spread, allowing him to see how wet you have become. He works your feet, bending your legs and opening you more to his sight, as his hands work their way upward, fingers and thumbs working together, up your thighs, and over your mons, presing into you, spreading oil to mingle with your juices, as he moves onward to your tummy, your breasts, circling them and squeezing, pulling louder moans from you as his finger and thumbs take your nipples pulling them out, twisting, teasing, then working up to the front of your neck, under your chin, before sliding over to trace your mouth, slightly open as you moan, giving in to his caresses, his massage turning into soft strokes and circles on your temples, slipping over your closed eyes, before once again turning you on to your tummy. You lie waiting and then feel his naked skin on you. His hands on your cheeks, spanking suddenly and sending shocks through you, the oil enhancing the sting as he watches you redden under him, watches you push up into his hands, offering yourself to him, needing this, legs wider, begging for his hand to spank down between, hoping his fingers will slide inside you, wishing for his mouth to bite down on your neck, to feel him plunge deep inside you as his teeth take you higher, his hard thighs rubbing your hot ass. his fingers reaching around to seize your nipples. pushing deeper inside, stroking in you, forcing you to give, sensing you need this. As his hard cock, presses into you, your cheeks held open for him, you let him take you, your hands curling into fists as you lift up, nails digging into palms, mouth open, wailing, demanding, needing more, needing his teeth,his hands, his marks, aching to bite back, to claw, to scar, begging him to let you turn over, to wrap your legs around him, the oil, slipping, his nipples pressing into your, your mouth reaching, for him, tongues entwining, sliding, teeth grippping tendons, gnawing on shoulders, nipples pinched, as he drives harder and deeper, responding to your lust, to your craving, as the tension mounts higher and higher, his cock stroking deep, your thighs slapping together, your hot ass rubbing on the table, knowing the redness will linger into the morrow, your breasts sliding through the oil coating each of you, the nipples smearing, so hard and needy, each nerve on edge, as your back arches up, and your neck bends back, open to his mouth, his teeth, taken. You feel him pulsing inside you as you grip him harder, your orgasm washing over you, and your wetness spilling out. Your whole body aches, such good aches, and you know you will sleep tonight. And you smile thinking of how to explain the marks covering you, and of plans to schedule another massage soon.

Friday, April 11, 2008


You told me you were a howler and I challenged you to prove it. Your problem however was to find someone who could produce the desired effects. Not just anyone would do, Being a finicky person, you needed someone sensitive, but forceful. A cute butt and shoulders were to be an extra benefit, and certainly a willingness to explore would be most valuable.

Now would that not make quite the ad on CraigsList, I thought.

Wanted,needed. Someone to make me howl, to hold me down and drag my screams out of me. To spank and take, to force moans from my lips. To slowly drive me higher and higher, building the pressure until it explodes from my mouth, my body, my lips, Must have cute butt and shoulders.

No doubt there would be many offers pouring in as they rose to the challenge, hot for the chance to lay hands on smooth skin, tight muscles and silky softness. But each would have to audition and provide proof of their willingness and ability before being allowed full access.

It seemed simple enough, book a room at a nearby hotel, arrange a meeting, preferably a dinner for the pre-selection. After all a certain wit and charm were valuable. A need for mutual attraction, a tentative exploring of often forbidden subjects, best discovered before the bedroom.

You look up and see his smile, his rugged features drawing you in, and feel yourself growing damp at the thought of being under his power. Broad shoulders and you sneak a look lower, hard tight muscles defining his ass, your nails already tingling with the thought of digging into that firm flesh. Hmm. Nipples hardening under his gaze, shoulders pulling back to thrust them forward, offering silently. a glass or was it two of wine, as the ritual begins, Nice voice, long fingers, clean nails, your mind listening to the purr, to the power, body swaying slightly as you float in a dream. You lay the room key on the table and he reaches over to take it, lifting you out of your seat and patting your butt as he guides you to the elevator, muscles tightening at his touch, imagining more, needing more. As he opens the door, you see the paddle you left on the bed, an open invitation. His smiles tells you he is ready and you turn to begin undressing, wanting naked skin on naked skin. He watches as your dress slides down your skin, proud nipples hard and aching for a touch, delicate panties already wet, proof of your need. Long smooth legs, tanned from the summer sun, ready to be stroked, caressed. You stand there, naked, in front of him as he slowly removes his clothes, his cock hard, tip glistening, telling you of his desire. He gestures and you bend over the bed, offering your cheeks to the paddle, wetness glistening on your thighs, hard nipples rubbing on the comforter, face pressing down, ready to receive, needing the feel, the building, mouth open as you wait, then the moans begin as each cheek receives, growing redder, hotter and the moans growing louder, dripping in need, as you push upward, offering, his hand gliding over you, stroking, dipping inside, then more strokes, more heat, wanting more, begging, his fingers on your nipples pinching, his mouth on your clit, sucking, his hands spreading, his tongue invading, pushing you higher, your head tossing as you moan louder and louder, not caring if anyone hears, wanting them to hear, wanting this, needing his teeth on you, needing the release building, needing him to drive into you, to take you wherever he wishes, to use you, to force you to respond, lost in the ecstasy, lost, taken, you scream out as the pleasure pours through you, muscles tightening, body pulsing under him, grasping and holding as the spasms continue.

Gasping for breath, needing more, slippery bodies sliding together, his thighs spanking against your cheeks, your fingers on your nipples, nails digging in, so open, as he presses into you, deep inside, reaching, your fingers sliding down to your clit, to your pussy, feeling the wetness, as the pleasure builds, howling out your wants, your wishes, pushing him to do more, to give you what you need, again and again.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sun and surprise

Nude beaches are always interesting, since you never know why anyone is actually there. A quick pick-up, that all over tan, the tiny excitement from knowing you are showing off to any passerby, but sometimes all that sun has wonderful side effects. She was lying there, on her tummy, smooth, silky back, hair just down over the back of her neck, a lovely tight curved ass, and long muscular legs, slightly spread so there is a hint of shadow enticing the eyes. As I walk over, she tells me to pick a spot, eyes still closed. Laughing, I say that there are too many nice spots to only pick one. I lie beside her for a while on my back, soaking up the warmth, and glancing over, see her eyeing me, interest apparent and I feel a stirring against my thigh. Not wanting to be impolite I turn over onto my stomach, the warm sand pressing into my chest and thighs. I suddenly feel a soft touch, one finger, sliding down my spine, to circle on my cheeks, little tiny circles, tickling, tracing patterns, then a sharp sting as she smacks me hard, causing me to start up. She says lie down, I plan to play with that tight ass of yours for a while. Don't move. Her two hands start kneading the muscles, pulling and pressing, stretching them apart, the feel of the sun reaching down between, then two more slaps, before she continues her massage, moving down to my thighs, spreading my legs and reaching between to trace down under, searching to feel my reaction. Retreating she continues down my legs, her sensuous fingers provoking my erection into little pulses. Stopping I feel her weight descending on me, pressing me down, the wetness slipping from her allowing her to slide over my ass, as she massages my back and shoulders, then begins to kiss my neck, at first gently, little kisses tracing under my ear, before taking skin between her lips and sucking it in, her teeth, gnawing harder, pulling moans from me as I feel the need to turn over and take her as she is taking me. Wondering if I can, wondering if I should turn and drag her onto my mouth, there above me, sucking and licking her wetness, teasing her clit, feeling her pulse under my tongue, wetness smearing across my face, nostrils filled with her scent, her sweet taste causing more fluid to leak from my hard cock.
Then she flips me over, the strength in her arms suprising me, before grinding herself onto my face, forcing me to do what my mind had been imagining, her fingers, sharp nails digging into my chest, nipples twisted and pulled as she directs my mouth where she wants it most, tongue stretching deep inside, curling there, juices leaking out of my mouth down over my neck as she spurts and pulses, thighs clasping my ears as my nose presses up between her cheeks, her hard clit begging to be sucked, bitten, worried, drawing more wetness from her, as she rubs and presses against me. Drowning in her scent, her taste, I try to reach up to lift her off me for a moment and I feel her hands pinning my arms, causing my cock to twitch more, waving in the air, desperate for a touch, for the feel of her core wrapped around, her mouth sucking, anything, needing, wanting, waiting, sucking, licking. Such pleasure and such agony. Please I think, please use me more, please drive yourself down onto me, use my cock, use my body, do what you wish. Let me please you.

Her mouth suddenly takes me in, dragging me into her mouth, her teeth scraping against me , lips tightly sucking, tongue swirling around as she licks up the droplets that keep forming. Hot wetness surrounds me as she sucks harder and harder, my cock growing larger and pulsing, driven ever closer to release, her clit hard in my mouth now, each sucking in rhythm with the other, suck, release, suck release, throbbing, moaning, faster, and faster, muffled moans louder, until at last I spurt into her and I feel her pulse wildly against my tongue, flooding me with her juices.

Then she is gone, bewildered I open my eyes, and all I see is her beautiful ass moving away from me, not offering me a sight of her face. Taken by a stranger, and all I can think of is should I come back tomorrow.