Thursday, August 30, 2007


Every once in a while someone posts a good video on yuvutu. I am going to have to learn this guy's technique.

Check it out. What every girl wants.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

morning pressures

Waking to the sun in your eyes, trying to turn over to find your arms and legs are tied. Blankets tossed off the bed and a warm body sitting astride, rubbing against a cock turned hard by a full bladder. Nipples dangling just out of reach, long, extended, enticing, teasing. Wetness sliding over stomach as it moves upward to smother your mouth, dripping, offered to a tongue. Sweetness and heat forcing you deep inside, tracing lips, searching, striving to touch, to tickle, to provoke, to explode. Needing the release, the bladder pressure growing, hardness pushing up into the air, so full, so wanting, so ready. Feeling the wetness spill over cheeks, down throat, hearing the soft sounds, feeling the tight thighs pressing, then dragged over nipples, spread over chest, before sucking you inside, so hot, so wet, so deep, pressing and sucking, nipples pinched, neck bitten, cock teased. Wanting, but distracted, bladder calling, on and on, ridden, used, building and building, teeth on nipples, biting harder , forcing, sweet pain, sweet pressure, sweet scent, sweet ecstacy. Please, please, i need, i want, take me, i am yours.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Beaches are wonderful places all year round but ever more so in the summer when you can walk hand in hand beside the waves, minimal clothing which is always a plus, and watch the sunset, the colours reflecting over the water, long shadows stretching out behind, waiting as the last few stragglers abandon the beach, providing complete privacy.Slowly the light fades, leaving the luminescense of the water the only glow before the stars start twinkling overhead. Enough light to see the top removed, the curve of breast, the point of nipples hardening in the breeze off the water, and the shorts drop to the sand, leaving only smooth curves beckoning for a touch, a caress. Time to shed top and shorts, tossing them in a heap, hoping to later be able to find them. Arm in arm, soft warm skin pressed to hard muscle, the salty scent in the air tickling the nostrils, cock growing hard, and pussy growing wet, as you whisper silliness, teasing and hinting, each waiting for the other to make the first move, turning and finding each other's mouth, tongues and moans intertwined, as bodies press together, nipples tickled by hair, hands stroking firms cheeks, pulling each other down into the still warm sand, hardness slipping into warm wetness, the lapping of the waves setting the pace, the eb and flow, until one cannot hold back and pushes, faster, harder, deeper, fingers pinching nipples, soft cries echoing over the water, stroke upon stroke, breath coming faster, sweet friction, sliding, squeezing, bodies tensing and giving to each other. And as the moon rises slowly over the water, you hold, lying together, each basking in the glow, the strength, the rightness.

Knowing this will happen again.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Outdoor sex

It's such nice weather and I was out around midnight staring at the sky hoping for decent meteorites to produce shooting stars, when it brought to mind how exciting outdoor sex can be. Sneaking out from a tent in the middle of a park, naked under the stars, perhaps a fullish moon, no one too near, but still a risk you might get seen, just to add that extra thrill to the moment. The sounds of loons over the lake, as skin slides against skin, nipples rub against nipples, mouths reach, legs entwine, wetness meeting hardness, capturing, trapping, engulfing. Driving hard together, teeth digging into shoulders, sucking on hard chest muscles, on soft breast flesh, marking each other, knowing in the morning they would show and produce little sly grins, remembering the passion. Wrists held as bodies clash, as first one then the other is toppled onto their back, never losing that link, grass staining knees,elbows, as tendons strain, pushing, squeezing, clinging together. then pulling off and turning so mouths begin their play, each sucking in turn, warm mouth engulfing, tongue penetrating, lips caressing, stroking, drawing in those moist droplets, each tasting both, scents mingled as breathing becomes harder. Hard suction forcing the swelling, the pulsing, the spurting. Hard suction triggering the spasms, the cries, then cuddling under the moon, soft kisses, quiet words, fingers gently caressing, calming.

Monday, August 13, 2007

creative juices

Hmmm, it's been many months since i posted - lazy summer doldrums I guess.

But now my creative juices are beginning to flow again. I must say I always love the taste of creative juices trickling down my chin, dripping gently into my mouth, sipping on sweetness, a tiny touch of saltiness, stirring sensations, rousing memories, the thought of a tongue sliding slowly, ever so slowly upward, a mouth sucking on a toe, before gliding over smooth, warm skin, ever upward, fingers tracing patterns on the back of the leg, as the tongue reaches closer, closer, one tiny droplet, there, waiting, offering, teasing, the scent ticklng the nostrils. But no, not yet, so much better to taste a neck, to feel it open, stretching, waiting for tiny nibbles, sucking on skin, lips tracing tendons up to the lobe, licking, the tip toying inside the ear, following each curve, the hint of moisture, then sliding down again, under the chin, tipped up so high, the beautiful curve drawing the lips upward, to the slightly opened mouth, tongue peaking out, soft moans starting to breath out between lips so full, swollen, ready to be sucked, bitten, teeth pressing hard as tongues clash together, each dueling, trying to control, trying to submit, fingers tangling in silky hair, then pulling back, moving down to those saucy nipples, already hard, the firmness pulled between lips, in, teeth holding, biting gently at first, the tongue tracing the little crinkles, teasing then out, feeling the swelling, the pulse as blood flows in, readying them. Fingers trace the outside of each breast, circling inward, closer to the mouth, tracing the lips holding the nipple, feeling it captured, feeling it pushed further in, aching for more, feeling it released, feeling fingers replacing lips, pinching, fingers guiding fingers, squeezing just so, as eyes watch, each aroused, each feeling the pulses further down, the wetness, the little droplets, sliding down smooth skin. The tongue moves down, tracing the soft belly, dipping into the button, pressing in, then moving on, finally, finally it slides across the clit, one touch, before lips touch lips, tongue pushes inside, curling, legs opening wider, thighs grasping cheeks, as the tongue licks and tastes and possesses, taking the moisture, the heat, lingering, toying, teasing, soft, then hard, as it searches for that slight roughness, the moans growing louder now and fingers slide in between, guiding the tongue, pushing in and out, hand behind the head, directing, pulling upward to the clit, needing the suction, fingers circling, tongue following, around and around, pushing between the fingers, then teeth bite as the fingers pinch and the explosion happens, spilling over the tongue, the fingers, down over the cheeks, muscles tightening, and then relaxing, legs releasing, cheek resting on a thigh now, fingers softly caressing, as you bask in the after glow.