Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A walk in the park

I woke up this morning, and looking out the window soft flakes were falling, not a lot, but the ground had a thin layer of snow and fluffy flakes were drifting down, so all I wanted to do was to grab your hand and drag you out to walk under the trees in the nearby park. It wasn’t really cold, so we had on light sweaters and I could see your nipples pressing hard against the softness, the cold and the excitement making them hard and ready for my mouth or fingers to play with. Loose jogging pants (no panties) were all you had had time to put on, before I pulled you out the door.  We walked slowly through the trees, green pines catching the snow and bare maples letting it through to catch in our hair. I turned to you as a flake landed on your nose and licked it off. You giggled and pulled me into you, pressing against me and feeling my hard cock pressing back. I reached between us and let my fingers slide over those firm tips, a little circle around each and you moan into my mouth, our tongues teasing, as I suck yours into me, tasting you, deeper into my mouth, my teeth holding it there as you push in forcing me back against a tree, my mouth opening wider as you shove it in deeper, deeper and then pull it back out, my tongue trying to follow but you push it back in again, taking my mouth, using it for your pleasure, my fingers gripping your nipples and starting to pinch them as with each pinch you push back into my mouth , pinch, push, release, retreat, in and out, arousing me more and more. Your fingers move to my nipples as you continue to kiss, sucking my tongue into you now as you twist and pull, then biting it as you squeeze hard, knowing the slight pain will cause my body to shudder and my hips to push into you, daring me to reach down inside the jogging pants, to feel your wetness, to push my fingers inside of you, here under the trees, in the open, your juices coating my fingers as I pull them out, slightly steaming in the cool air and lick them off, tasting that familiar taste, that sweetness I need, that you love to give me, sliding my fingers back inside rubbing your clit and pinching your nipple, as your back arches, faster and faster, we do not have a lot of time before others are awake and moving about, your moans louder as my curl my finger inside and my thumb presses into your clit, my focus on you and only you now, pleasuring you, awakening you, quickening you for the new day, the first snowfall, puffs of air escaping your moan as you cry out, there, giving in, letting it take you, the muscles so tight, as your body contracts, pussy clenching my fingers as I feel the pulses of your orgasm move through your body. You lean into me and let me hold you, arms around each other as we look into each others eyes. Soft gentle kisses now, licking the flakes off your eyelashes and cheeks, warm glow surrounding us, alone together.


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