Monday, December 11, 2006

In a fog

A cloudy, dull, foggy December afternoon needs something to perk it up. We talked of anal a number of times, but you were always afraid you would make a mess or fart or something equally awful, at least in your head. You do enjoy fingers playing with you while you are being eaten. I’ve noticed the heightened excitement, the extra moans that creep in. And you are not adverse to playing with me anally. So I suggest today is the day to see how far we can move  you along in your exploration. Still hesitant, you suggest being tied down will give control over to me, as long as I promise to stop if it really hurts you. I assure you  I will and that I doubt it will really hurt if we use lots of lube and take things slowly, Rather than tie you spread eagle on the bed, I clip your ankles  to your wrists forcing you to allow me full access to your lovely cheeks. I ready a couple of vibes I think might come in handy and begin by letting my tongue slide over your skin, down your back and over your cheeks, sliding with just the tip touching, goosebumps popping up on your skin as you begin to moan so softly. Reaching around you I tweak your nipples already hardened as your arousal grows, you sweet wetness beginning to rise in the air. I slide my fingers down under you between your legs, reaching for it, letting my fingers slide inside your pussy, getting nice and wet, before moving them upward, circling, circling, pressing in gently with my finger, then following that with my tongue lapping up the juices and pressing ever so slightly in. I feel you pressing back into my tongue as I push my fingers into your pussy, soaking them and sliding them over your clit. With each stroke, I slide my tongue in a little deeper, opening you, bit by bit. As you begin to pant, I warm the lube between my hands, coating my fingers, before pushing one in. It slides in easily, we have done this before. All the way in, slowly, slowly, stretching your muscle, teasing it and relaxing it. With each stroke of my finger on your clit I  feel your  muscle tighten around my finger. As it becomes easier to move in and out, I unclip your ankles from your wrists, but leave the wrists clasped together, pulling your legs open enough that I can slide under you and let my mouth get to your sweet pussy. As you settle down onto my face, my fingers continue to play, two fingers now, pressing in, as I suck on your clit, pushing slowly in and sucking and now three fingers begin to widen you more, but you have not complained, only moaned louder. I reach down and pick up the small thin vibe I plan to start with. It is no wider than my two fingers so should slide in easily. Rubbing lube over it, and keeping my mouth firmly pressed against your pussy, my tongue licking and teasing, I press it in having turned it on to help relax the muscle. As it slips in, I feel the vibrations beginning to tingle on my tongue. Deeper now and I pause to ask are you ok. Mmmmm is my only answer, Good baby. I begin to move it out and then back in, slowly to allow you to get used to the sensations. Don’t worry, I won’t let anything bad happy. I think you will really like this. Slightly faster now as I suck harder on your clit, and you spasm around my face. Louder moans, my beard totally wet. Quickly I reach down and take the larger vibe, sliding it into you. You moan, and I feel it pressing against my tongue, so close, as I probe into you, looking for that rough area, curling my tongue, rubbing just there, as the vibe moves in and out, in and out, feel it baby, give into it, let yourself enjoy, feel your whole body building, building, as you gasp and moan  for me, then rub your nipples on the sheets, and push back harder against the vibe. It’s time baby. Next time we will see if my warm cock is as good as the vibe.

Relax now, let me hold you, let me stroke you, and kiss you, as you let yourself go limp, all those muscles relaxing, as I release you from the clasps, slide down beside me, my arms around you, my cock hard, leaking , pressing against your cheeks. Don’t worry about that now. Just relax, and enjoy the sensations, let yourself be cuddled, be pampered.    


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was so sexy. Exactly how I would want it.

11:00 AM, December 12, 2006  

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