Saturday, December 30, 2006


I love giving you a massage, getting to touch you everywhere, to have my fingers sliding through the oil as it glistens on your skin. You lie on your stomach naked on the bed, your arms stretched out slightly to the side and your legs parted, waiting for my touch. I lift your hair and sit astride your back, my cock pressing into you, so you feel my excitement. Kissing the back of your neck and letting my fingers slide through your hair, feeling its softness, before I begin, I pour the oil into my hands, warming it before I start to spread it across your shoulders, Then rubbing it into your skin, feeling the muscles under my thumbs and fingers , kneading the knots o I find, circles around your shoulder blades, around your neck, and the tops of your shoulders, my weight on your back, legs gripping your tummy, as I rub and stroke and pleasure you. Those little moans I know so well starting to escape, as I move slowly down your back, next to your spine and spearing out over your lower back, oil starting to cling to my thighs, and I lean over, letting my chest rub onto your back, the hairs scratching softly and my nipples rubbing into you, hardening as I slide them through the oil. Down to your cheeks, mmmm.. my cock sliding between them as I move lower, kneading the muscles, squeezing, letting the oil run down between and following it with my fingers, circling your lovely hole, pushing my fingers inside, making it slippery and letting my fingers move further in, as you push back against them, then pulling out and moving down to your thighs, opening your legs so I can get to the inner thighs, adding oil to your wetness, as my fingers play, in and out and around, circling, teasing. Then moving down your legs, over your thighs, the back of your knee, down to your toes, each one massaged, stroked, kneaded, and kissed, my fingers, working on the bottoms of your feet, my tongue tasting the sweet oil clinging to you, my chest and thighs slippery against you, before rolling you over, and working my way back up Your legs open wider, welcoming my touch as I massage slowly up, tracing each muscle, stroking you lovingly, caressing, higher and higher as you legs open even more. But I tease and move upward, sliding up over your tummy, to your shoulders, your neck back, open to my touch, soft circles under your ears, gentle, so gentle, then moving to your breasts, circling wet with the oil, closer and closer to your nipples, watching them grow for me, watching them harder, waiting for my fingers to caress, to pinch, to twist, your body arching up as you feel my cock on you, slippery with oil, sliding over your skin, touching your nipples. I move back down, as you begin to twitch beneath me, moaning louder, begging for more, but knowing you must wait for me, my fingers rubbing oil into your soft skin, working down to your center, so slippery, so easy to slide inside, to push deep in, as I kiss you, our bodies slipping on each other, your hands reaching for my nipples now, as I move down my mouth following my fingers, ready to taste you, to lick the oil off, to push inside, my fingers sliding up under you to cup your cheeks, to push into you while my tongue works on your clit, circling and licking, taking you into my mouth as my fingers probe deeper, sucking it in, feeling the pulsing, the swelling as I push harder, faster into your ass, my cock rubbing against your thigh, my body sliding against you, so slippery, so sensual, so ready as I feel you tighten and tense under me, spasms running through you, as I wait, ready to enter you, ready for you to turn me over and drive me into you, to feel your hotness surround me, to give myself up to the sweet sensations you produce. And then to lie together, as our breath settles, as our bodies coo, as we smile at each other, happy, content, in pleasing each other. And I know the next time I will be massaged. Mmmmm.  


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