Friday, December 22, 2006

sweet dessert

You have just come from the bath, warm and slightly damp in your silk bathrobe, the bath oil you have used giving your soft skin a slight sheen as I kneel down in front of you and part the robe, your nipples erect and waiting for my mouth as I take each one in turn in and suck softly, so softly, tasting you, licking and sucking, feeling then grow harder as I suck. Your hand pushes me down and I know what you want. I lick my way down over your tummy as I see your fingers taking your nipples and rolling them. Down to your belly button, my tongue tickling and you giggle and push me further down, between your parted thighs, my beard rubbing against your skin and I breathe in your sweet scent, the scent of arousal, of sex, of need, of want, of pleasure, my mouth watering and I breathe deeper still, pulling your scent into me and making it part of me, my cock growing harder as I move closer and closer, my tongue licking across your skin, over the tops of your thighs, the tip caressing , little nips and bites, making you moan as you spread yourself wider for me, your legs wrapping around my shoulders and pulling me, so strong and firm. As my mouth touches your lips your hands reach down and press me in tightly, and your tighten your thighs holding me in place as your fingers move back up to your nipples, suck me, lick me, and my tongue moves in little circles over your clit for a moment, before moving down and letting my nose press against it as I take each lip in turn into my mouth, sucking it, licking off the wetness, tasting you, toying with it between my lips, my tongue running over it, pulling it out and opening you, preparing you, my beard dripping now, your thighs wet as I continue to suck, now pushing my tongue slowly inside of you, little licks, little probes, deeper, slowly deeper as my hands take your cheeks and squeeze them, pulling them apart so my fingers can reach down between. Tongue working further in as I let one finger slide into your ass, curling inside you, as my tongue curls and my nose rubs, faster now as I push as deep as I can into you. My tongue fully inside, licking against the softness, the roughness, rubbing and rubbing, pushing in and moving back out to take your clit between my lips, sucking it in, feeling it swell as I lick, pressing the sides, so slippery now, so wet,  nipping at it gently and pulling as your hips rise pressing it into my mouth, reaching for my tongue, your thighs clamped around my head, as your rub on my face, moving, rubbing, pressing, my finger in your ass, your moans in the air, growing louder as I suck, as I take you, as I serve you, as I force  you  higher, feel me touching you, feel my finger, feel my tongue, licking, just there, harder and harder, faster and faster, wetter and wetter, let me feel you pulse around my finger, feel your gush against my face, give me your juices, let me drink from you, taste you, smell you, touch you, see you spasm , pinch those nipples so hard now and let yourself go, take it, higher, there my baby, yes my baby, now. Mmmmmmmmm.


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