Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day present

Boxing Day, a perfect day to wear boxers one thinks, but again, why wear anything. It’s snowing outside, no need to venture forth, perhaps a silk robe suffices. Light the fire, relax, spread my legs a little and let you slide in between, snuggling up and resting your cheek on my thigh, rubbing it against me and watching the response you produce. Slowly, growing as you watch, your breath tickling, teasing warm on me, as you smile and wait, knowing you control it, making it grow as you lie naked between my legs, your nipples hard, legs stretched out, slightly open so I can see your pussy, already damp as you decide what will be your pleasure today.  Your mouth reaches out and takes me in, warm, sucking, your tongue sliding over my skin, so velvety and soft as I grow for you, filling your mouth, as you move it back and forth, letting your tongue slide over it, under it, around it, your teeth holding it in place, as you suck harder, feeling it pulse with your attention, so hot, so ready, so needing you. Your legs spreading wider as your finger slide down to spread your lips, to rub through your wetness, to circle your clit, knowing I am watching, slow circles as you  suck, moving into you as you suck, pulling out, glistening as you suck, teasing your clit as you suck, squeezing it as you suck, again and again, harder  and harder, pinching as you suck,  your nail scratching as you  suck, knowing I watch, knowing I need to se you  tense, knowing as you do I will follow, knowing you will trigger me, when you trigger yourself, my mouth open, moaning as you pull me in deeper , deeper, harder, pulsing, watching. watching, fingers moving, teasing pushing you higher. forcing me higher, smiling, feeling, harder, pushing me, stroking me with your tongue, sucking me with your tongue, holding me with your teeth, scraping me, as you pinch harder, squeeze harder, closer and closer, sucking me in deep, deep, eyes open looking into mine, waiting, waiting, big pinch as big suck as I cum for you, and you spasm around your fingers, knowing you has done this, I have done this for you and you have made me, such tightening, so tense, such moans, eyes on eyes, looking deep, feeling each other, bodies clinging, before finally relaxing into each other, snuggling and holding as we breathe together, cuddling and content, soft skin warm and safe, holding, kissing, protecting, mmmmm.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh that was wonderful.

5:40 PM, December 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yowsa! That was very hot and intense! Great stuff!


11:54 AM, December 28, 2006  

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