Monday, December 04, 2006

out of touch

You know , it is interesting how not being in touch for a few days sharpens the mind and focuses it on the feelings that exist. Here I am, have been busy, tied up (well that would have been nice ) in a training camp and then a couple of other projects which are quite lucrative so hard to turn down and have not had much chance to link. Rather I now sit, thinking of you, of us, of the feeling s which erupt as we touch, as we hold each other, the intensity in our eyes when we gaze, unable to look away, not wanting to look away, nipples crinkling as silent messages pass, not wanting to break the connection, wanting , needing, longing. The memory of soft skin against skin, slippery fingers sliding and hard tongues tasting, feeding each other, giving so much, and yet afraid to give too much, wanting to be open, yet unsure how open is too open. We do that . We worry and protect, not as much now, but also worry for each other, wanting to protect each from hurts, to help and comfort, to hold and please, to bask in the warmth we offer each other, to share and smile, to just lie back and smile, knowing there is no judgment, trusting and yet aching inside, wanting this feeling to continue, afraid it won’t, and sliding into each other, pressing together, lips parting, tongues plunging, as lips bruise, hands moving, feeling, grasping, pinching, stroking, gliding, pulling, pleasing. Always pleasing, Always giving. Tongues exploring yet again, knowing the perfect spots, the right angle, the exact lick, drawing moan after moan, pressing together, reaching, needing, deeper, and deeper, wetter and wetter, harder and harder, slowing to tease, and then faster, pushing, forcing, breath faster, panting, sighing, moaning, louder, giving in, accepting , letting it overwhelm, letting me take you, letting you take me, slipping down slowly, gently, softly, cuddling, cuddling, holding safe, so safe, so happy. Knowing we will do this again.


Blogger Bunny Lebowski said...

absence makes the heart grow fonder.

tag! youre it. see my blog.

9:22 AM, December 06, 2006  

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