Thursday, December 28, 2006


Lying in front of the fire, just relaxing and snuggling, a bottle of wine open and candles lit, content in being together, your nipples pressing into my back as you cuddle closer, arms around me, lightly caressing my nipples, feeling me tighten each time your nails stroke over them, giggling softly as you slide your fingers over my chest, pulling me in tighter against you so I feel your nipples hardening though the silk robes separating our skin, slippery and soft as it rubs, sliding open and letting fingers slide under, to tease and tickle, to excite slowly and sensually as we bask in the warmth of the fire, eyes half closed, feeling the comfort of each other, no stress, just peaceful, smiling, taking each others hugs, but getting slowly aroused by the romance and the soft nipple teasing, thoughts slowly turning to arousal, kisses replacing hugs, tongues starting to toy, more skin exposed, robes sliding off, flesh to flesh as tongues and mouths work together, each giving and taking in turn, sharing, exciting, each in turn, in and out, fingers teasing nipples, rolling and twisting and pinching lightly, for now, nipple against nipple, rubbing together, legs entwining, wetness on thighs, hardness seeking, probing, legs spreading, welcoming, offering, accepting, taking, seizing, squeezing, owning, moans, louder and louder, thrusting and shaking, gripping and pulsing, mouth to mouth, breathing  in and out together, each giving, each taking again and again, wanting and needing, both ready, pushing higher, candles flickering, fire flickering, pulsing, red, yellow, blue, violet, green, eyes closed, the soft smell of each other mingling with the fire, climbing, climbing, each trying to wait for the other, each pushing the other higher, closer and closer, there, there, and slowly so slowly muscles relax, back into that comfort, that holding, that basking, feeling the warmth of the fire, the warmth of the skin, the glow from the fire, the glow from within,  the closeness, the sharing, the peace.


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