Tuesday, February 21, 2006

curling and naked hmmm

Now where else could you get naked curling. I was at a reunion dinner on the weekend and there were people with photos from a few years back of bonspiels – those theme bonspiels – like super heroes or pajamas can turn into quite the party. Curling in boxers with fluorescent bunnies can be chilly, especially for the guys. Besides don’t want any drag on the ice.

Now then that reminds me – have you ever had ice cubes squeezed up inside you. Slowly melting and trying to hold the water inside? Tied up and someone slowly pushing in one, then two, then three and it gets colder and colder, while they play with your cock or pussy, Four, then five, and you begin to feel full and it is numbing. They pinch your nipples and pull and twist while you get hotter and hotter as the cold deep inside you melts. Someone sits on your face and you lick and lick, the moisture dripping out and down on you, Or a cock is pushed into your mouth and you suck and suck, dragging it in, holding it. Wanting it. While trying not to leak all over the bed.

Then feeling your nipples being sucked and bitten and your ass being spanked. The contrasts so great and the urge to cum mounting as you try to control and the cold keeps reminding you it is melting there inside you, waiting to escape, forcing you to clench, knowing if you cum you will let all of that water out.  Such sweet torture. How did you let yourself get into this. Finally there is no way to hold back the pressure. You let the water flow out and you spasm as it does. Again and again you feel your body tighten and arch up. So sweet and so, so out of your control.



Blogger Chuckie said...

WOW ALAN!!!! You have got to have the best sex ever! OMG! *sigh* Now, I'm excited and I have to get my cute ass to work! Darn!

I'll chat with you later....hugz

7:53 AM, February 23, 2006  
Blogger lildirtynini said...

That's so hot...
The ice cube sounds like an interesting experience, must try.

1:27 AM, February 24, 2006  
Blogger expei said...

Females have three openings which can have ice inserted. Males only two. Try them all.


8:12 AM, February 24, 2006  

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