Friday, February 03, 2006



She is lying there bound, hers arms stretched out over her head and her legs spread wide, as I walk around her naked. My cock hard, and her eyes on it as she waits, wondering what I will do. Her nipples already hard.

Will I turn her over and spank her, or use that mouth?. The lips are slightly open, inviting. Or will I take her hard and fast? The thoughts  swirl in her head.

I look at her, taking her in, her hair, her soft skin, her rich lips, her eyes, her vulnerable neck, her shoulders, her strong legs, her toes curling as I look at them,  looking up to see between her legs, seeing her wetness starting to drip and run down her thighs. I look closer and watch as her nipples crinkle more. She feels my gaze and her eyes lift from my cock to my eyes. I smile as I see her want.

I lean over her, breathing in her smell. The warm richness of her hair, the sweet smell of her neck, the clean, fresh smell of her skin, near her breasts. She can feel my breath stroking her as I move downward on her body, determined to smell all of her, to make her part of me, forever in  my memories. Her pussy smells delicious and I almost let myself taste it. Mmmmmm. My breath floats across her thighs cooling where her wetness has reached. I blow softly on her pussy, watching her clit peek out, seeing the pulse of her and the liquid center, hot, so wet, and so ready. I move down her legs to her feet, and let my breath touch the bottoms, blowing a little harder to see the toes wiggle and her leg muscles tense.

As I sit down beside her on the bed, I reach out to touch her hair, to let my fingers run through it, softly and slowly, just grazing her scalp. My fingers behind her head, making little circles on her neck, just under the hair line, her skin soft beneath me. Slowly my fingers drift onto her face, the tips gently feeling her forehead, her cheeks, down around her chin and over those lips, the top one and then the bottom, feeling her mouth open more and try to reach for my finger. I let one finger slip in and feel her tongue probing it, her mouth sucking it in, hot and needy. As I pull it back out, she tries to keep it from escaping  and her head lifts up following it, opening her neck to my gaze. Such smooth skin, waiting to be massaged. My fingers pressing into the tendons, and up under the chin. Her shoulders beckon me and I continue to play my fingers over her. My tips trailing down over them and over the outside parts of her breasts, then under lifting them, stroking the inside and pushing them together, can I make the nipples rub each other. Hmmmmm. I press harder and let my fingers circle in to the nipples, taking them between my thumb and fingers, squeezing and twisting just a little to see her reaction. Did I hear a moan? Pulling them out and toward each other. Hard between my fingers, Stretching.

I release them and move quickly down to her feet, stroking the bottoms, tickling, teasing, before letting my hands move over those gorgeous legs, ever so slowly working up to her pussy, the inner thighs so wet under my hands. I spread her lips and let my fingers slip in for a moment, gathering wet which I offer to her, first taking a taste myself. Her mouth sucks my fingers again, giving me an inkling of her talents. I pull back again and return to her pussy, letting my fingers slip over her clit, my nail scratching it gently. This is as much torture for me as for her. I don’t know how much longer I will be able to resist. My cock is leaking little drops.

Part two cumming shortly.




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