Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Outdoor sex

It's such nice weather and I was out around midnight staring at the sky hoping for decent meteorites to produce shooting stars, when it brought to mind how exciting outdoor sex can be. Sneaking out from a tent in the middle of a park, naked under the stars, perhaps a fullish moon, no one too near, but still a risk you might get seen, just to add that extra thrill to the moment. The sounds of loons over the lake, as skin slides against skin, nipples rub against nipples, mouths reach, legs entwine, wetness meeting hardness, capturing, trapping, engulfing. Driving hard together, teeth digging into shoulders, sucking on hard chest muscles, on soft breast flesh, marking each other, knowing in the morning they would show and produce little sly grins, remembering the passion. Wrists held as bodies clash, as first one then the other is toppled onto their back, never losing that link, grass staining knees,elbows, as tendons strain, pushing, squeezing, clinging together. then pulling off and turning so mouths begin their play, each sucking in turn, warm mouth engulfing, tongue penetrating, lips caressing, stroking, drawing in those moist droplets, each tasting both, scents mingled as breathing becomes harder. Hard suction forcing the swelling, the pulsing, the spurting. Hard suction triggering the spasms, the cries, then cuddling under the moon, soft kisses, quiet words, fingers gently caressing, calming.


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