Tuesday, August 21, 2007

morning pressures

Waking to the sun in your eyes, trying to turn over to find your arms and legs are tied. Blankets tossed off the bed and a warm body sitting astride, rubbing against a cock turned hard by a full bladder. Nipples dangling just out of reach, long, extended, enticing, teasing. Wetness sliding over stomach as it moves upward to smother your mouth, dripping, offered to a tongue. Sweetness and heat forcing you deep inside, tracing lips, searching, striving to touch, to tickle, to provoke, to explode. Needing the release, the bladder pressure growing, hardness pushing up into the air, so full, so wanting, so ready. Feeling the wetness spill over cheeks, down throat, hearing the soft sounds, feeling the tight thighs pressing, then dragged over nipples, spread over chest, before sucking you inside, so hot, so wet, so deep, pressing and sucking, nipples pinched, neck bitten, cock teased. Wanting, but distracted, bladder calling, on and on, ridden, used, building and building, teeth on nipples, biting harder , forcing, sweet pain, sweet pressure, sweet scent, sweet ecstacy. Please, please, i need, i want, take me, i am yours.


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