Sunday, June 12, 2011


Her smooth silky legs stretching up and up as i look lying on my back waiting for her, waiting to lick, her smell drifting down, teasing my nostrils, her pussy wet, her thighs glistening, her scent sending shivers through me, the memory of her taste exciting, my mouth watering, my tongue reaching, flexing, waiting, needing. Her thighs,warm against my head, so soft and smooth, gripping and controlling, her fingers stroking through around my temples, my eyes focussed on her pussy, her ass, the cheeks above me, will she let me, her pussy so wet, her ass so inviting, my tongue ready to tease either, to slide inside, to taste, to twist and please, her pleasure my pleasure. Slowly she pulls my head closer, my tongue closer, my lips, her wetness on my nose, my cheeks, filling my senses, the feel, the scent, the taste engulfing me. Lick me, and my tongue reaches and touches, so warm, so wet, juices sliding into my mouth, my nose sliding over her clit, so hard as my tongue spreads her lips, tracing each slowly, little circles,up and down, slowly moving deeper. curling inside, reaching for that rough spot, pushing harder as my nose presses into her clit, then she moves forward offering her cute ass, my kisses, my little bites, my tongue probing, her wetness dripping on my chin, as i push gently deeper, opening her, as she rides my face, my cock so hard, my body trembling, the throbbing so strong, needing her to come, needing her to moan, needing her to sigh, needing her. The feel of her muscles tightening around my tongue, pulsing, before she moves to direct my mouth to her clit, to suck, harder and harder, to slide my teeth over, to lick around and around, driving her higher and higher as i go deeper and deeper, until she spills onto me,leaving me gasping, smiling, pleased, It feels so good.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sun bathing

She's lying out in her backyard tanning naked of course. How else to ensure that her tiny bikini shows no lines when she finally displays it on the beach. Her front door was open, and despite knocking she had not lifted her head, So here I was with a perfect view of her new tattoo, her smooth silky back and tight cheeks. Knowing I could be in trouble I decided to make the most of the opportunity, stripping off and crawling slowly out the patio door, growing hard as I anticipated running my tongue down her spine and over her slightly damp skin. As my tongue touched the back of her neck, she started up, pressing back into me, before allowing me to continue. As I reached her cheeks a soft moan escaped, and her legs slipped slightly apart ,giving me a glimpse of her waxed and ever so tasty lower lips. Fingertips slid down her back tracing soft patterns, goosebumps rising in response as a little shiver rushes through her. As my tongue works down the back of her thighs, I let my fingers tighten on her cheeks, pulling her legs further open, trailing down between to press briefly on her puckered hole before dipping to test the wetness appearing. Her sweet smell reaches my nostrils and I continue down to her toes, sucking each into my mouth, in and out and in and out, feeling her body responding, her breathing become heavier, deeper. She turns over, and looks down at me, stay on your knees, you look good down there, not lick back up here and put your mouth and tongue where they belong, hands behind your back. My tongue tracks up her calf, slowly higher, tracing her muscles, up her inner thigh where it pauses to taste the wetness sliding from her, her lips parted softly, welcoming, swollen, glistening with moisture, as she pulls my head in with her thighs, her legs locking behind my head , my tongue firmly implanted in her and my mouth pressed tightly against her smooth skin, no hint of bristle, just smooth tasty sun warmed pleasure. My tongue curls up inside her, stroking and sucking, rubbing that rough area and feeling her tense up, her moans growing louder, as she urges me on, my cock dripping, hard, aching for her.

I pull back to allow my mouth to take her clit in, to suck hard on it, feeling it swell, I disobey and grab her tight cheeks, kneading the muscles, aware this could earn me punishment later, but the reward was well worth it. My teeth slide over her clit, and I look up to see her pinching her nipples, pulling them out and twisting, her back arching up as she strives for her first of the day.

Pulling me up and onto my back, she plunges down onto my cock, driving it deep inside her and she scratches, her teeth clamping on my shoulder, biting and chewing, marking my as hers, as least for today. Her breasts rubbing against me, the hard nipples scraping mine, my need for her fingers on them showing, please pinch them, bite me harder, feel me grow inside. My teeth on her neck now, returning her bites, as she opens her neck to me, her mouth taking mine, her tongue thrusting in, dragging my tongue in between her teeth, sucking, and dancing, as our breath intertwines. As she peaks she pushes me back down, suck it again, taste me as i cum, swallow me.

Go away now. I will be sunbathing tomorrow. Do you think you can be good?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

on edge

It's been hours since she had attention - not more than a day but already needy, wanting, the memory of his tongue licking, teasing, sliding in and out around, stoking has her on edge, wet, anticipating the next visit. Only a little while more before he walks through the door, but she has already removed her sopping panties and her fingers slide over her smooth skin, her scent wafting up into her nostrils. Will she sit on his face tonight, feel his nose pressing into her clit, his tongue reaching deep inside, or should she make him wait keep him on the edge and tease herself, make him watch as she played, his hard cock dripping, not allowed to touch. Her mouth remembering the feel of him smooth warm and sweet, pushing deep as her tongue swirled sucking him in, tasting herself mingled with his scent. Wetness sliding down her thigh, she decides on a shower, a quick one since he might be at the door any minute, and she wants to be fresh, naked and dripping for him when he walk in. Hard nipples feel the beating of the water, her fingers tugging and twisting causing slight moans as she tries to focus. Her cheeks clench as she runs her nails over her cute ass, knowing the attention it will receive tonight if she allows it, perhaps a few spanks, a flogging she wonders, or should she tie him to the bed, force him to give her everything having no control, on edge for hours, pushing him harder and harder, his tongue used, his face covered with her juices, her tongue sliding up between her cheeks, probing, testing, seeking, then slipping down to suck and nibble- her needy clit getting what it deserves, her body spasming in delight. The doorbell rings ... who will cave - who will last on edge the longest. Grin.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Different strokes

Her strokes , firm, controlling, pinching, pulling, squeezing, taking, such sweet torture, harsh spanks, sharp bites, her marks, his needs, then gliding down his firm chest, taking control, forcing him to turn, to offer his cheeks, his back, to her nails, lines forming down his back, over his ass, down his thighs, each tingling, one slow line after another, as his back arches, his cheeks wait, his thighs tighten, knowing, wanting her touch, legs spread, as fingers move up the inner thighs, closer, closer, tracing the edge of each sharply defined muscle, aching as she caresses, stoked between his cheeks, touching and probing, watching him, as she strokes his back with her hard nipples, her teeth reaching for his neck, his shoulder, anything to taste, to feel the firm flesh , to hear the sharp gasps, the sighs and moans as she strokes his skin, stroked his neck, the inside of his arms, her tongue tracing the welts left on his body, biting now into his hard nipples, ah yes, sucking and chewing, so responsive, so easy to control, taking him into her mouth, her tongue stroking around and around, tasting him, stroking his shaft, stroking his balls, squeezing him hard and then harder, pulling him, head trapped between her teeth, sliding down, deeper, her mouth stroking, as her hands glide over his ass, parting and probing, sliding slowly in, pressing him to her, pushing him closer, waiting for his spasms, knowing she owns him.


His hand sliding down her smooth curves, gently stroking her skin, tracing patterns as it edges ever lower, the tingle in the fingertips, the soft caress of wrists on skin, the tiny hairs erect and reaching,, down and down, flowing up and over, between, the firm muscles, soft moans, as the hands slide ever down, past , each toe stroked, pulled, massaged, ankles, calves and thighs all tenderly touched, loved, pleased, the soft scent of her arousal filling the air, as she is gently turned, fingers gliding upward, the front of her thighs, the soft swell of her belly, the firm peaks and tight nipples, each a focus, each stroked, each teased and toyed, the curve of her neck stretching upward , offered, open, vulnerable, trusted fingers gliding, around ears,, the back of the neck, circles on temples, cheeks brushed and fingers linger, lips parted and opened to allow entry, soft air escaping as she lies waiting, pulsing in tune with the fingers, guiding her higher, nipples pinched, twisted and pulled, moans becoming louder, and the fingers slide to her center, stroking, parting, dipping, in and under, stroking the roughness, pressing in and gliding out, again and again as she lift upward,, reaching while fingers curl into the sheets, needing his strokes, needing his feel, needing her release, his mouth, his tongue, his fingers, all stroking, caressing, arousing, her tongue licking her lips, her teeth biting, aching to chew, to mark, hard strokes to match his soft, hard bites to match his soft, her need, her wants, her right.His spanks on her ass,turning her red before he reaches between, stroking and pushing inside, each hole his is he wants it, each probed, her nipples twisted and turned, her moans louder, begging, needing, as he turns her, bites on her shoulder, her neck, teeth digging in, as she cries out for more, pushing inside her, hard, deep, her tongue captured in his mouth, taken and used, her pleasure his, as he thrusts in and out, deeper and harder, stroking her, forcing her to give, to respond, to open wider, her legs stretched as he grasps her arms and pulls them over her head, his fingers leaving marks on her wrists, as he drives into her, her bites egging him on, his nipples chewed as she demands more, and more, slamming into her, pushing her higher and higher, until she spasms under him, again and then again, used and pleasured, before he finishes. His to do as he wishes.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Lying there on his stomach, waiting for her touch, the feel of her nails sliding down his back, digging in, sweet pain, cheeks tightening in anticipation, the feel of her hand, the rush, the need, legs slightly spread,, open to her, waiting, willing, wishing. Skin touching skin, nipples drifting down as her lips, her teeth ,work their way down, teasing, nibbling, marking, each touch, each kiss, each bite, each moan, as he lies there, hands clenched into fists, as she toys, tortures, tests, as is her right. A hard spank, turning, offering nipples to her, his cock dripping, her fingers grasping, squeezing, pinching, mouth sucking, biting, licking, pussy oozing tongue searching, reaching, tasting, smothering, hot wetness on his face, such sweetness, demanding, taking him, using him for her pleasure, driving him higher, buried into her, his tongue seeking that roughness, her bites on his thighs throbbing, her nails grasping nipples, as she rides, so wet, so warm, so wanting, his tongue stretching, curling, pressing in, hers.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Back massage...

Not many people will turn down an offer of a massage, although there are some types of massages which may be more interesting than others. So when I offered a back massage to ease sore muscles, I was not surprised to have the offer seized upon, although I was surprised to see her removing all of her clothes, saying she did not want to get oil on them and hoped I did not mind. As I warmed the oil and set up the table, she chatted merrily about her day all the while stretching her back which had the effect of pushing her chest crowned with perky breasts and cute nipples out toward me. It seemed not to concern her that she was flashing her waxed pussy snuggled between her firm thighs.

She climbed onto the table lying on her stomach and when I offered a towel to cover her cheeks she assured me it was not necessary and if I wished to massage further down once her back was taken care of she would appreciate that since her thighs and gluts had also had quite a workout. Hmm. I pour some warm lavender scented oil onto her back and spread it slowly across her shoulder blades and up towards her neck. Feeling the tension in her shoulders I pressed my thumbs into the knots hearing her moan as I forced the knot to relax, Her moans turned to soft signs after the initial pressure and I continued on, working her neck muscles, my fingers gliding across the tendons in the back of her neck and stroking up around the sides, under her ears, feeling the muscles relax, as she turned her head, offering her smooth neck to my fingers, slowly softly I stroked, feeling her body begin to relax more and more, yet knowing there was still work to be done on her back and reluctantly, slid my palms down over her shoulder blades, probing for more tension, pressing and kneading at each tightness, then soothing and stroking, circling and caressing, tracing circles, the oil, sliding over her smooth skin, it’s scent filling the air, fingers dipping down her sides, to touch the outside edges of her breasts. Feeling no muscles tensing, I continue to spread the oil, stoking and teasing, then moving back onto her lower back, pressing into the muscles on each side of her spine, her cute cheeks begging for a touch, slightly flexing as I continued to work her back, slowing and stoking my fingers up her spine to the just under her hairline and then back down again to the top of the crease. More oil, sliding over her cheeks, the firm muscles kneaded, spread as I worked the inside of each, oil glistening as it slid down, offering my eyes a view of the smooth skin, the puckered opening, pulsing slightly, my hands sliding down now over the backs of her thighs, down her smooth legs, down to her toes, running oil, stroking each toe, under her feet, up her calves, legs spread so I can work the inside thighs. She turns over, asking for more, asking to be stroked and touched, rubbed and teased, her nipples hard, her mouth slightly open, her breathing soft,deep, my hands spreading oil over her breasts, pulling on nipples, twisting slightly, watching her eyes flutter, her neck stretch upward, her legs spreading wider, lips parted as her tongue peaked out, down over her firm tummy, down her legs, then up, her legs wider now, as my fingers spread oil over her waxed skin, lower lips glistening, clit firm, as my fingers massage, her wetness mingling with the oil, fingers slipping inside, stroking, reaching, roughness pressed as my tongue reaches out to lick her clit, tasting her, sucking her in, feeling it swell as she pushed up, demanding more, her hands taking my head and forcing me against her, tongue lashing, teeth nibbling, until she spasms, crying out, and falling back on the table, my tongue softly stroking now, licking gently, face wet with her juices, before lifting up to see a beautiful smile on her face.

You can give me a massage like that anytime she says, sliding off the table, and heading for a shower, leaving me standing, watching her firm cheeks flex, her scent filling my nostrils, her taste in my mouth.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good vibrations

When one does not have a motorcycle or a sybian what does one do? Why buy vibe panties with a remote which works from 12 meters away. Slip the bullet inside, pull up the lace panties to hold it tight and slide into tight jeans. A cool top, which shows off nipples when they harder completes the outfit. Only now you have to give the control to someone, knowing they will use it and you have no say in when or how.

Walking down the stairs it starts to gently tingle, not fast but there, enough so you start becoming wet, nipples tightening in response, and thighs clenching as the sensation starts to build, only to stop. You walk into the office, no longer sure who has the control. Suddenly an intense burst, your cheeks flex in reaction and you stumble as your clit feels the effect, your nipples becoming bullets, and your breathing ragged, before it stops, leaving you wet, on edge, wanting more, glad the moisture does not show through the jeans.

At your desk ,on the phone with a client and it happens again, so intense, you gasp and give a small moan, your client wondering what is going on. You slump back in your chair, fingers reaching for nipples, needing to pinch, looking to see if anyone notices, your thighs widening, pushing up, thrusting onto the bullet pressed tightly against your clit. Trapped by the panties and the jeans. You need more, you need to feel naked skin, and fingers drift down to slide under the jeans, down to curl inside, stroking in tune with the vibrations , the pulses on and off, controlling you, controlling your flexing,controlling your thrusting, eyes closing and cheeks clenching as you ride the sensations, the need to give in, to accept, overwhelming, waiting for permission waiting for his words in your ear, his mouth on your neck, his teeth biting softly then harder as he forces your orgasm , out of your control, a stream of moans signaling your need., until you finally give in and collapse onto your desk, open mouthed, flushed, jeans flooded, your scent filling the air.

The vibrations stop, but there are still 6 hours of worktime ahead . How will you manage?