Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer pleasure

Lying in the sun, relaxing letting your body soak in the warmth and working on that all over tan, a tiny thong is the only covering for your firm cheeks. Legs slightly spread, the string disappears between. A nail slides down your spine, tracing a line and then traces a path between your cheeks, lightly stroking as it continues down over to touch the back of your balls. 10 nails scratch down your back, pressing harder, marking and arousing, your cock starting to fill, but you know not to move. Smooth tanned skin slides over your thigh, parting your legs, pressing down to rub wetness above your knee, then hard nipples press into your back as she grinds against you, her tongue tracing patterns on the back of your neck , teeth gripping skin, sweet pain, as she presses you down harder into the beach towel, the sand yielding but firm under you. You lift up to allow her to pull off the thong, knowing no one else knows of this beach and you are safe from prying eyes.Fishing boats are on the distant horizon and well out of clear sight. A spank on each cheek leaves lingering handprints, as she tells you to turn over, your cock springs up from its trapped position, as she smiles and cups your face, her tongue pushing in to toy with yours. As she works her way down your body, nibbling on skin, pinching nipples and then sucking and biting, you want to reach and hold her working on them, each bite mirrored by a twitch of your cock. Please escapes from your mouth. Shhh, you hear, do not move, let me play. As she cups you in her hand, stroking and pulling, feeling the tension, the pulsing as she works, you feel her wetness dripping down onto you, her scent filling the air, sweetly mingling with the ocean breeze. Your moans grow as she reaches down under, wetting her fingers, then bringing them to coat you with her juices, to push in lubricating, preparing you.As her lips slide down your shaft, you feel her nails digging into your cheeks, separating them, fingers sliding down to probe and curl inside, as her mouth takes you in, her tongue hot and wet, swirling around the head, then releasing you, glistening with her moisture, before she finally sinks down onto you, taking you in, so wet, so warm, so smooth, riding you while her fingers search out your nipples once again, pulling and twisting as she takes you higher, riding harder, swallowing you completely, your gasps telling her when you are getting close. She presses a nipple against you mouth silencing you as you suck, her nipple stretching as she pulls away before pushing it back in. Taking it away, she presses into you, her teeth searching for that spot on your chest, seizing the muscle, savage in in her passion, triggering you, biting as you spurt, mixing pain and pleasure, her muscles spasming around you, her turn to moan and pant as her body clenches. She falls off leaving you to lie with the ocean breeze drying you, smiling in her control, and leaving you to wonder what will happen next.


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